Track Adsense Clicks via MyBlogLog

Track Adsense Clicks via MyBlogLog

I believe this is one of the oldest features on MyBlogLog (MBL). I remember seeing the old version of this when MBL was still just a click-tracking service.

Now, you can still check the outgoing and incoming links, only that, MBL also tracks the number of clicks on a per Adsense Channel basis.


MyBlogLog Adsense

This will give you an idea how many people are clicking on your ads and which ad channel is getting the most hits. Actually, you get the top 10 clicks out of your blog and to see those Adsense channels taking the top spots (it’s #1,#2,#4 & #7 for this blog) means that your ad positioning is already optimized.

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7 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    I’ve been doing this already, but to get up to date reports, you have to upgrade to a premium subscription, which is only $3.00, which is affordable.

    The problem, I have with sitemeter, which I also use, is that they don’t have daily rankings of referrals, outgoing clicks, and popular pages…

    Mybloglog is certainly doing a great job on this end..

  2. Brad says:

    I am seeing HUGE discepancies between mybloglog count of my google clicks and what i see when i log into google adsense. why is this? I am getting very frustrated.

    i’m talking seeing 10 -15 times more of mybloglog than google. i’ve heard other people who see differences but not this much.

    any insight?

  3. Dexter says:

    @ Brad

    I have experimeneted with this also and found out that there are lot of discrepancy on Mybloglog click and Adsense at my blog

  4. Brad says:


    I actually followed up with Google Adsense help and got some repsonses. They were at least willing to look into it and not give me any grief about using MyBlogLog.

  5. Eric N. says:

    With my blog we’d see 6000 clicks through MBL and then only 400 or so on AdSense reports.

    I don’t know who to believe, but after speaking to AdSense they won’t take the MBL data seriously.


  6. Thanks for sharing this tip. I checked into mybloglog stats and found some clicks on adsense ads, although when I checked in the adsense stats itself, it does not register… =(

  7. marcel says:

    Read my story about MyBlogLog. After removing all links to MyBlogLog (statistics and Widgets) Adsense income went up!

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