Apple introduces 11.6" Macbook Air

Apple introduces 11.6″ Macbook Air

Apple today unveiled their smallest notebook so far — an 11.6″ Macbook Air weighing in at only 2.3lbs (1.05kg).

It’s much lighter and thinner this time — between 17mm to 30mm on the side — and since it’s just 11.6″ diagonally, this new Macbook Air is bordering into the netbook space.

Apple’s $999 introductory price point targets students the same way as they positioned the white Macbook (also priced at $999).


11-inch Macbook Air
11.6″ display @ 1366×768 pixels
Intel Core 2 Duo 1.4GHz
NVidia GeForce 320M
64GB and 128GB SSD storage
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
2 x USB 2.0 ports
1 x mini display port
64GB – Php51,990 ($999 in the US) inclusive of 12% VAT
128GB – Php61,990 ($1,199 in the US) inclusive of 12% VAT

The Intel Core 2 Duo 1.4GHz chip they installed in here is most probably the Intel Core 2 Duo SU9400 (very close to the SU7300 1.3GHz used on the Sony Vaio Y and the Dell Alienware MX11).

Of course, there’s the usual 13.3″ Macbook Air that’s also been refreshed with the new unibody design and components. Apple claims up to 5 hours with WiFi on for the 11.6″ model and 7 hours on the 13.3″ model. Standby time for both models go up to 30 days.

When you order the new Macbook Air 11-inch at the Apple Philippines online store, you are also given the option to upgrade up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM. The Apple website indicates there’s a 1.6GHz CPU option but it’s not included in the cart. Expect shipment within 6 days or ordering.

On a related note, a previous survey here indicated that the most preferred screen size is 13.3″ with the 11.6″ the least preferred among laptop users. Would be interesting to see responses from people regarding the smaller form factor.

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50 Responses

  1. jay says:

    yey! order na ako online! super excited!

  2. jay says:

    there’s also a 13 inch version with higher specs and at a higher price of course

  3. LunaTech says:

    wow! a good replacement for my wife. my wife’s 13.3 macbook white is getting kind of sick… maganda yung 11.6 para parehas na kami ng size ng m11x ko… heheheheh

  4. Joseph says:

    ok ako dyan kapag zacate powered.

  5. Im planning to replace my Macbook Pro with this. Since im not using the DVD Drive very often in my MacBook Pro.

  6. Paul says:


    For a moment I thought you were replacing your wife with the Air :P

  7. razorous says:

    Netbook with the apple sticker at the back nalang muna ako.. lol

  8. Kiko says:

    $999 for specs that are what, top of the line 3 years ago? apple distortion field at its finest. i’ll pass

  9. manaka_junpei says:

    sobrang nipis, napakamahal…

  10. Eason says:

    Now that’s just plain junk. Too expensive and unpractical.

  11. LunaTech says:


    hehehe hindi naman. replacement ng macbook white nya.. medyo luma na kac at may trackpad problems na

  12. Drey says:

    what made me open my eyes and just made me immobile (while watching yesterday’s keynote) was how Apple designed the INSIDE of that freakingly thin macbook air! One Word: BRILLIANT! – the flash drive!

  13. Ethan says:

    Instant-on, nice. Buying one doesn’t make sense but I still want it. lol

  14. Fleeb says:

    @Paul, was gonna say the same thing. Replacement for LunaTech’s wife. LOL. :D “Replacement for my wife’s”, I guess that is what he meant.

  15. mpst says:

    Still pricing makes no sense at all compared to the actual hardware spec, the ip4 is fairly priced but i have never seen an apple computer priced properly in relation to hardware, same story with alienware, all for the name. Has anyone heard of msi gt660x look at the specs and the price and youll see how OP dell alienware is.

  16. Teknisyan says:

    @Echo natawa ako dun… lols..

    Yeah the new MBA looks better then is predecessor!

  17. LunaTech says:

    pasensya na po kung kinulang ng “‘s” yung sentence. heheheheh wawa naman wife ko. heheheheh

  18. Manny says:

    im a fan of Mac, but after comparing specs (on the 13-inch model), the new one is just slightly better in screen resolution, the use of flash drive, and the thinness of course–but with a large price increase.

    cant justify getting this especially after just getting the macbook (which got a faster processor) this year.

    and the iPad, at least gives you the 3G option if there isnt wifi around.

    but that’s what a luxury item is. very cool toy indeed!

  19. Manny says:

    on the form factor (assuming i still have funds to burn), i like the 11-inch.

    the Apple PH price is surprisingly good, not far away from the Apple SG quote.

  20. jay says:

    time to sell my old iMac and some gears for this :)

  21. winner says:

    “it’s all a question of what you want, what you’re willing to pay to get it, and if it isn’t worth it to you then don’t buy it. The point is that if this isn’t something you’d buy, don’t worry about it move on, and don’t complain. The only reason I can see why someone would ever complain is if it was truly what they wanted, and they couldn’t afford it. And really that says more about their own income earning ability vs their wants than it does about the product and its pricing”

    a comment from gizmodo, pardon the grammar, pero point well taken

  22. The only missing is 3G option. I hate USB dongle sticking in my MacBook Pro.

  23. Karl Mac says:

    Perfect form factor for me. Though, I will pass on this one. Next year, may i3 or i5 na yan. Acer can do it in its timeline series. I can’t see why apple cannot.

  24. peepee says:

    This is a very good explanation why Apple decided to stick with Core2Duo with NVIDIA 320M.

    Bottomline: Apple traded portability and battery life over maximum performance. Unless Nvidia and Intel patched their licensing spat over Intel’s sucky graphics chip, don’t expect Apple to update the MBA with ”i” series. Intel’s insistence to use their crappy graphic chips in the same die with the
    processor, while not properly supporting OpenCL sucks!

  25. Chester says:

    Ok sana wala naman Wifi!

  26. LunaTech says:


    baka ibig mong sabihin eh wlang 3g

    eto wifi nya o… WiFi 802.11 b/g/n

  27. Opium Opinion says:

    Was watching back to mac event and then they reveal this mba, buti na lang they release a preview of os x lion or else na waste lang yung time ko for watching

  28. Wacko says:

    I agree with winner

  29. mpst says:

    Hmm ima techie, and most certainly money aint the problem for me, im just tryng to open eyes of people, hmmm im just politically sound, ive got razer products cause no manufacturer can match them, but for this, there is a wide range of options, people like us exist to help other people make sound decisions, in my case, computers. I like that comment of people unable afford such, but it is just too narrow

  30. mpst says:

    “unable to afford such” and believe me mate, i know tons of bloody enthusiasts that could more than afford such, but then again, the word enthusiast justifies how they/we think. Ive got an ip4 cause its competetive and the best in the market when it comes to specs and by recommendation of yuga. Lets just try to tickle those brain cells and read about psychology -)

  31. nexusboy says:

    wow, Core 2 Duo? year 2007 pa yan ah! out-dated technology. LOL

  32. Matt0-kun says:

    wew.. Light and thinner lappy = Fragile.

  33. lolipown says:

    @nexusboy and @Matto-kun
    welcome to the niche market

  34. Chester says:

    @ luna tech…oo may wifi..sorry..what’s ethernet?

  35. Chester says:

    Ah ok…LAN!

  36. Drey says:

    3days after its launching.. The new baby from Apple gets a software update :D

  37. Purchasing a Macbook Air must be done out of purpose. Frankly, it’s not for everyone. And with the price it has, just add a few more pesos and you can get a full-pledged Macbook complete with the DVD drive and Hard Drive space.

    Of course, those who will be buying this new product will be the mobile users who do not want to carry around a power charger. Consider it a compromise between an iPad and a Macbook.

    Will I buy it? Unlikely. I’m happy with my Macbook already. Perhaps, an iPad or maybe the next generation one.

  38. sylv3rblade says:

    I agree with you Rodney, the Air models are really niche products.

  39. Dr. Bishop says:

    didn’t know how fast is fast with these 11 inchers until i read this:

    Holy Mackerel this thing is fast! 46 tabs in Safari and 21 in Chrome; 18 open applications, including hogs like Safari, Mail and iTunes.

    No spinning beachballs!

    There’s no slowdown whatsoever. It’s amazing. This thing flies. It’s the $999 11-inch MacBook with only 2GBytes of RAM — the machine people said would be underpowered. But it’s not. Not by a long shot.

    It’s the fastest laptop I’ve used in years, and Apple is going to sell boatloads of them. It’s very exciting.

    I’ve got to go on a scout trip with my son. Full review on Monday, and more pictures after the jump.

  40. alix says:

    this notebook is overprice. well what do you expect from apple.. at least boost the ram its 2010 the minimum ram is 4gb in a standard notebook what the hell apple.. i’ll just wait for the new OSX LION and the new mac next year.. buying a new mac now is a waste of money.. XD

  41. imagineer312 says:

    i like it pero maganda lang ‘to kc apple.

    specs and price? not practical.

  42. warrph says:

    aside from the apple phils online store, where can I buy this now? :)

  43. alix says:

    @warrph only in the apple online store for now. maybe by november it will be available in the powermac.. XD

  44. Opium Opinion says:

    A benchmark was done to compare performance speed of MBA 13″ and Macbook and the Macbook Pro 13″. And the result was not I was expecting. The MBA is way above the Macbook and tied with MB Pro. The slow processor is well compensated by the SSD.

  45. Alex says:

    I needed a back up laptop because my Windows desktop (Gateway) was giving up on me (it died on me twice). Good thing it’s just one year old and the warranty still covers it. I’m new with Macs and I decided to give these computers a try. (By the way, I already have the iPhone4 and iPad.)

    I went to the Apple store (here at the East coast) and I was contemplating on whether to get a Macbook Air, Macbook pro 13, or MB 15. I ended up with a Macbook pro 13. The Macbook pro 15 is just way too expensive for a backup computer and too heavy to be carrying around on my backpack all day. I had a Nokia booklet 3G and ended up giving it my sister. Aside from the fact that it was darn too slow, it had no CD/DVD drive. Sometimes, no matter how much I justify or convince myself that I do not need a DVD drive, I end up needing one. So, I ended up buying an external DVD drive for the Nokia.

    I’ve played with the MB Air (the $999) at the Apple store and personally didn’t find it that appealing (no offense to anyone’s preference). Most people that I’ve encountered liking it were businessmen and students who use it for work purposes (but not as their main computer). It is way too underpowered and expensive. The fact that I already have the iPad made me shake my head in disagreement that this was not the backup computer for me. So, I ended up with the Macbook pro 13.

    Trust me, it’s just a smaller Macbook pro 13. In my opinion, if you have the iPad, there’s no need for this. Most Americans (as I was asking around) still don’t find the need for this as they would rather have a larger Macbook pro with better specs, or even prefer a Windows laptop (that is about $700) with better specs, say those with Core i7s.

    My co-workers who have macbooks and macbook pros have had their laptops for 3 – 5 years on the average. Damn! The longest time that I have had a PC laptop was 2 years before it died on me. I guess ayaw sa akin nang PC. Hehehehehe….

    Hopefully, this Mac will last me at least 3 years. And if that’s the case, It would be much cheaper owning a Mac considering I buy a new laptop practically every year. As of now, I have installed Windows 7 on it. I had to buy the (expensive) operating system for $199. So far, Macs have been treating me very well.

    I guess if anyone really wants a MB Air, just be prepared for an external hard drive. Build quality for the MB Air is excellent just like the MB Pro. (Trust me, it I was playing with the for an hour).

    Cost for the MB Air depends from State to State. In my area, the tax is at 6%. So, the price would be 999 x 1.06 = go figure.

    I got mine from a military post so I saved (together with the discount and no tax) about $100. I guess regardless of whether you’re getting a MB Air or any Mac, rest assured your paying for a quality gadgetry. Good luck to all buyers!

  46. Law_ren22 says:

    does anyone know where I can buy a silicon keyboard protector for my MacBook air 11in? Badly need one asap..

  47. yehaa! got mine yesterday :) .. Im pretty impressed however I dont quite feel that everything I need is being satisfied by this quite amazing little thing.. I miss bigger screen, some windows applications, sufficient number of usb ports and cd-rom. Btw, it doesnt have ethernet port for your rj45.. so there, you might wanna consider those things first.

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