Blogging with the iPad

Blogging with the iPad

[ Updated: Read our full iPad Review ] I am writing this blog entry with the iPad as a testament that this device can also be a content-creation device.

I un-boxed the iPad last night and downloaded some free iPad apps as well as the paid apps I bought for my iPhone.

Here’s the short clip I uploaded on YouTube.


So I’m doing this entry purely with the iPad. So far it’s pretty doable and comfortable for short entries like this. I had a bit of a hard time switching between tabs and copying the YouTube codes. I also used Safari instead of the WordPress app and the iFrames aren’t working.

So far, I think it’s very doable for light blogging.

[ Updated: Read our full iPad Review ]

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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33 Responses

  1. unknown3gs says:

    was the ipad worth the price? i heard it shuts down by itself when it gets too hot..

    i can also post a blog entry thru my iphone conveniently :)

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  2. mcv says:

    No one ever said it CAN’T be a content creation device. It was just better at content consumption, and your post, in which you mention that it’s good for “light blogging”, is a testament to the aforementioned assertion.

  3. Nelson says:

    The iPad runs very cool. Don’t believe everything you read. The battery lasts a long time too! Yes it’s worth the money.

  4. joshua says:

    Wow cool stay uo to be a blooger anytime of the day.
    More support to the community

  5. Manny Viloria says:

    Light blogging is good enough, Abe, specially for on to go blogging. :-)

    Good to see you!

  6. unknown3gs says:

    i also heard its more of a pambahay gadget, living room in particular. and wud it feel awkward and out of place taking this thing out in the public rather than cool?

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  7. unknown3gs says:

    wait a minute, the iPad has no clock and no calculator? hmmmmmmm….. i dont get it.

  8. Jay says:

    It is very handy and portable, sa garden, sa terrace, sa toilet doing my morning ritual, cafe, bar, anywhere. What i like also is the instant boot (with just one press) whenever i want to make a quick entry or check my email or even check updates on facebook. For sure this will be another thing to follow for other manufacturers and most if not all iPad haters will eventually embrace and say “WTF! been missing a lot!” :-)

  9. jab says:

    got a chance to hold the ipad at iblog… thanks Abe… now I’m sure I can’t sleep until i get one…

  10. I think as much as I want to get one.. I think I’ll wait for the 2nd gen and see what improvement they do with the iPad.

    Cool Device!!

  11. chris says:

    by the way whats your background theme song

  12. MB says:

    i love ipod touch 2nd gen hehehe… wala lang parang hindi worth to buy an ipad in its 1st gen release.

  13. Arnold says:

    I’ve tried blogging using my iPad. While it’s good for mostly text post, I find it hard to add hyperlinks and images. In fact, I wasn’t able to link anything.

    For quick, mobile blogging, I would have to say that the iPad is pretty useful.

    @unknown3gs – it’s not really a pambahay gadget. Especially right now that very few people have it here in Manila. I’ve gotten several “oh” and “ah” everytime I pull out my iPad and start using it in Starbuko and other public places.

  14. Almost Techie says:

    Had fun using my iPad, playing need for speed was a blast. I’m a bit disappointed, however, with the apps store for the iPad. My account is restricted with the iTunes Philippines, so I can’t download all the good stuff for the iPad. Any way to go around the restriction guys?

    BTW, I have problems with the Yugatech apps with the iPad, it keeps exiting whenever I use it.

  15. James says:

    Sir Yuga, what’s the name of the song? :)

  16. Calvin says:

    now how much would the screen protector for the iPad cost? lalo na yung matte type if you don’t want it to glare too much?

  17. Marvin Paul Catalan says:

    Just a question… Why cant i download the free ipad apps? Whenever i go to the app store.. There is a message that it is not supprted in my country.. Di komtuloy ma enjoy ung ipad experience.. Para lang akong may Giant ipod touch…

  18. unknown3gs says:

    ipad is affordable but not meant to replace your smartphone nor your netbook =)

  19. Ernie says:

    But if you were to choose Abe, between an ipad and a netbook in doing ‘light blogging’, which is better?

  20. yuga says:

    @Chris – I only used the YouTube audio swap feature to add the song.

    @calvin – there’s no available screen protector yet

    @Marvin – you need to have a US iTunes account to download iPad apps.

    @ernie – still need the netbook since I do some photoediting sometimes.

  21. revx says:

    Dealextreme has accessories already for iPad

    and I think the best way to blog quickly is with a mobile [qwerty] phone :)

    iPad is still great though.. I hope price drops at 15k in December :D

  22. bodysummit says:

    Hi guys,

    Did you buy your iPad here in the Philippines? Where did you buy your iPads and How much does it cost?


  23. I tried blogging with the iPad yesterday and all I can say is that using the virtual keyboard needs getting used to. Holding the unit with one hand and typing with the other was a struggle, for someone with sweaty hands like me.

    For those who have problems downloading some iPad applications, because of some account/ country restrictions, there are some iPhone applications compatible with the iPad, just search the iTunes apps store for them. Or you can check the philmug forum site on iPad apps, they posted a link there for available iPad apps in the Philippines. The link will open your iTunes and proceed with the apps store. I was able to download some fantastic apps, but I wasn’t able to find the iBook and other goodies for the iPad.

    Be happy!

  24. Hi sir abe,

    thanks for the info. i’ve always wanted to have iPad. did you buy that here in the phil?

    Louie Sison

  25. I just want to share an experience & a discovery. After my failed attempts to connect to the web by trying to tether thru Bluetooth my iPhone 3G with the iPad, I think I was able to find a way to connect to the web.

    I was tinkering with my Nokia E71 phone, and I noticed an application I once downloaded – Joikuspot. Well, I tried the application and, voilà, I was able to use the iPad to surf the web. No need for me to pay wifi access when I go out.

    I hope the OS 4 would resolve the tethering issue also.

  26. Ceejay says:

    How much do you think will the ipad cost here in the
    phil? For the 16 32 64 gb?

  27. I never thought I will agree with this opinion, but you know… I agree partially now…

  28. Alain says:

    hey i’m also selling ipad for 33thou only! 16GB wifi model.

    contact: Alain

  29. Wreek says:

    There are a lot of ipad being sold at greenhills , and you can have it jailbreak too. I bought my 16 gb wifi at 30k.

  30. MJ says:

    I got an iPad last week. Supposed to be a Christmas gift for myself but I sneak it out at times to play with it ;-)

    Must say, it’s been great so far! I spent a lot of time arguing with myself earlier, whether to buy it or not, then finally decided to get one para matahimik lang ang kaluluwa ko. Now I don’t regret that decision at all.

    The ipad’s no replacement for a netbook, but it provides a different experience. It’s like a toy :-) Works excellently for browsing the Net. I downloaded a lot of free apps; they’re all working smoothly. Just had some trouble with very slow syncing one time with iTunes, but found a way around that from a forum.

    If anyone’s still undecided about getting an iPad, just go, get one na. Life is short, hehe :-D

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