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Encyclopodia – encyclopedia on your iPod

Get the whole Wikipedia into your iPod!

Wiki on iPod

Encyclopodia is a free software project that brings the Wikipedia, which is one of the largest encyclopedias on the world, on the Apple iPod MP3-Player. It has been successfully tested on a third-generation iPod and on an iPod mini, but it should also work on other iPod generations.


The Installation Wizard works just fine with my 4th gen iPod Photo. The encyclopedia library though was a huge download — 753MB.

Navigation is a little hard since you’re stuck with the click wheel to select each letter of the word you’re searching for. Then, there’s no backlight.

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9 Responses

  1. rain says:

    Ows? Gumana sa 4G? What’s your firmware version?

  2. yuga says:

    Without a hitch. I use the latest firmware from Apple.

  3. noemid says:

    I wonder how much space it can consume. Mine is a mini.

  4. yuga says:

    About 800MB including the encyclopedia library.

  5. mp3 player says:

    Ipod Freedom release Date July 4th, 2006

    New hot rumor, guys ;)

    The new Ipod has no buttons, no scroll wheel, no headphone jack, no dock connector. In other words freedom from everything. The most aesthetic piece of technology ever conceived.

    1. Power Supply through SplashPower. Similar to those toothbrushes and razors that charge through there plastics with magnetic fields.(strange they haven’t updated there site since September 05…did Apple acquire them?)

    2. Transfer of songs…Wireless USB

    3. Headphone jack…Bluetooth

    4. Navigation…virtual touchless/touch screen. As your finger moves over the ipods screen a virtual scrolling interface pops up allowing for more screen real-estate. fingerprints?? not to worry you don’t actually have to touch the screen, embedded in/behind the lcd are capacitors that can tell, which direction your fingers are going.

    5. Hold Button/Power On fingerprint screen identification(great for if your ipod is stolen)

    So, there you have it a completely enclosed ipod, so elegant as not to have a single button or port opening or anything but a beautiful screen… Apple will release the Ipod July 4th 2006… Independence Day… free your self from everything.

    *ipod Nano will still have dock connector for now.

  6. zeta says:

    A wee bit of info on the nu ipod.. Found this on the splashpower site:

    Mobile Accessories: These add-on accessories enable existing mobile devices to be powered by a SplashPad. A range of accessories for popular devices such as NTT DoCoMo’s FOMA 3G phones and the Apple iPod will be demonstrated at the show.


    fun times.

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