1st-gen iPod Nano Owners get $25 Settlement

1st-gen iPod Nano Owners get $25 Settlement

Owners of the first generation iPod Nano will receive settlement from Apple amounting to $25 each after winning the class-action lawsuit for the faulty (heavily-scratched) units.

According to the settlement website, US customers will get $25 for each iPod Nano without the leather slip-overs and $15 for those with one. Back in 2005, a huge number of customers discovered their newly-bought iPod Nano was so scratch-friendly, you can’t leave them with a bunch of keys in your pocket and not get bruised up easily.


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I bought one of these 1st-gen Nano back in 2006 from my trip to Taiwan but didn’t notice the heavy scratches later on. It’s possible the unit I had was from a later batch Apple fixed with scratch-proof coating.

There’s no word on how much the total settlement amount yet but it’s only limited to the US. Who knows, maybe someone (or some other group) from another country would file the same lawsuit against Apple for a similar case.

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