How to fix a warped Macbook Air?

How to fix a warped Macbook Air?

So I accidentally dropped my Macbook Air the other day and while catching it mid-air, I banged it against the side table. It resulted in some dents and bruises. When I closed the lid, the edges are already un-even.

So this is what I did to fix the dent.


The solid, aluminum unibody of the Macbook Air is pretty tough. However, since the edges are very thin, a concentrated impact can leave some bruises.

And, after banging it again against the dashboard of my car, it actually made several cuts into the dashboard. Still, the Macbook Air lives!

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19 Responses

  1. Yuya says:

    An actual drop test. Good thing its still alive. :)

  2. Taz says:

    akin na lang Sir Abe hehehe…

  3. mary says:

    :) May typo po sa post:

    …aluminum unibody fot he Macbook air is…

    Wala lang.

    As for your fix… o_O haha

  4. justified says:

    adik ka abe….hehe
    merry xmas sau..namamasko po :)

  5. scorer says:

    cool but if everything fails
    you can try this at home Sir Yuga:

    in the end Macbook Air can handle dynamite explosion so wickedly awesome hehehe

  6. @ mary mkpag comment akalo mo perfect sha. Tau din po si sir yuga.

  7. No Name says:


    New MacBook Air is Unibody

  8. No Name says:


    Latest MacBook Air is Unibody

  9. NemOry says:

    sayang po na sa warp ang macb0ok. Hehe . . .ung medicine jan ay gagamitan ph0t0sh0p at iwawarp. .jwk. .hehe

  10. mary says:

    @[email protected]

    :) I think sir yuga appreciates the corrections. Ginagawa ng ibang regular readers niya yung pag-point out ng small errors… ginaya ko lang kasi I think it’s a good way of helping out the blog owner, as long as we don’t say it in a nasty way, diba?

    Kasi busy si sir yuga para i-double or triple-check yung post kaya na-appreciate niya kung may ibang mag-p-point-out nung errors sa post. :) Para pwede niya i-edit and ayusin. Don’t you agree?

  11. yuga says:

    Hi guys! Appreciate the corrections! =)

  12. Kim says:

    Hey, Soul Sister! :D

  13. garz says:

    wow. i never thought a macbook could be fixed that way. :)

  14. Eason says:

    I’m sorry for being a newbie / noob but what does the word “warped” technically mean?

  15. Jaims says:

    warped = dented

  16. Teknisyan says:

    Nice work around!!!!

    Parang drag and drop lang yan!!

  17. Ferdinand Angeles says:

    May kilala akong latero sa talyer who can really fix dents

  18. Benchmark33 says:

    Hehehe iba iba din pala meaning ng warped…I thought the unit is “twisted” (the way I understand warped)…it was “dented” pala meaning in terms of gadgets….now i know. Thanks everybody! :-)

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