iPad Mini now available in Apple PH Online Store

iPad Mini now available in Apple PH Online Store

So it looks like the iPad Mini just arrived in time for your last-minute Christmas shopping. The Apple Philippines Online Store has just put up the iPad Mini on sale with starting price of Php15,990.

This means you should be able to buy them in any Apple Reseller stores this week-end as well (the current shipping time indicated is 2 weeks though).

Here’s the official retail price of the iPad Mini:


16GB iPad Mini – Php15,990
32GB iPad Mini – Php20,990
64GB iPad Mini – Php25,990

The cellular version is also available but there is no mention of any LTE connectivity.

16GB iPad Mini (WiFi + Cellular) – Php21,990
32GB iPad Mini (WiFi + Cellular) – Php26,990
64GB iPad Mini (WiFi + Cellular) – Php31,990

Local store will probably have these as well starting this week-end but could be in limited stocks.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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35 Responses

  1. tarush says:


    With this price at installment, Apple products are now on top of Pinoys’ Christmas wishlist :)

  2. Stick says:

    Well, this should bring down the price of other stores… Still tad expensive

  3. parang medyo mahal? was hoping nasa around 14k lang

  4. Messie says:

    Take that overpriced gray market sellers!

  5. Sherwin says:

    Hmmmm ito or Nexus 7?

    Waaaa 13,995 vs 15,995 pero 32GB na yung Nexus 7 >..<

  6. foodtrekker says:

    Wahhhhhhh! nexus 7 is only 12k at 32gb, and better specs. lol

    • Ian says:

      Better soecs do nit translate to better performance. :) try using the nexus together with the mini then tell me if better specs is better. :)

    • Jeremy says:

      LOL. Sige go try to multitask on the ipad. Go and try watching video formats like .avi(xvid). Go and try downloading torrents. Go and try connecting USB OTG for extra storage. Go and try drop-dragging files on it. Pang facebook, twitter, instagram lang yan ng mga boploks. Kayang kaya yan ng Java phones na walang specs. lol.
      Ang iPad isa lang malaking laruan, pinalaking iPod Touch, wala ng iba pa.

    • LOL says:

      HAHAHA close minded iSHEEP

    • Ian says:

      Dude lahat naman ng bunaggit mo eh feature. I am talking about iver all experience in ralation to specs. Taas ng specs ng nexus 7 comoared to mini but how come the nexus 7 stutters sa simpleng pag scroll. Whatever happned to project butter? Nawala even with the latest jelly bean update. It is not as responsive as the mini na meron lang 512mb na rm. LOL try installing games as well. Naglalag mga games with nexus 7. I know because i have one. Dead trigger lang nag crash na agad. :). Be objective, hindi porket i say mini as giving better exoerience eh masama at boplaks na ako. Lol. Ano ba kotse mo? Lol

    • tarush says:

      …as usual, the famous Android trash talk

      Luckily, the Apple users have other better things to do

    • User1 says:

      Just use your Nexus and stop whining. Why mareklamo, hindi mo naman gagamitin ang iPad. Duhh!!

  7. Name: raffy says:

    Hi Sir Abe,

    I just want to know if there’s an option for personal hotspot for ipad mini 4g, that was bought here in the philippines?


    • Ian says:

      The hotspot feature is network dependent.not ipad mini dependent. If you have a globe postpaid data only pan, hotspot works.

    • XTN says:

      @Ian – Its not a network service provider feature man. Its in the software and hardware part of the device though the data you need to use that is provided by the carrier

  8. antux says:

    Mag Nexus 7 ka na lang. No reason to get an iPad Mini.

  9. Jay says:

    They’re already on display at official apple resellers. It certain looks good – thin and light. Quite gorgeous actually. It is a bit wide. I have big hands and while I can hold it one-handed, it won’t be comfortable for more than 5 minutes. The display is not that crappy but also not quite as nice as the nexus 7. While operating is as smooth as ever it’s not as snappy as the iPad 3 and certainly not on the same level as the iPad 4. I think I’ll wait for the 2nd gen iPad mini.

  10. Kami says:

    i say,

    when i saw the ipad mini earlier today at Power Mac festival. i fell in luv. HARD. despite the not so sharp screen. everything seems to be perfect (for me po ha!)

    the PREMIUM built. the size. the simple elegant design. even the isight cam.

    i actually sold my ipad3 so i am planning to buy the 64GB…

    but the nexus 7 is also very tempting.

  11. thecorrescode says:

    Kala ko ba dead on arrival ang 7inches tablet according to steve jobs.

    Anyway, iPad mini is just iPad2 na pinaliit. I’d rather go for Nexus 7 which has better specs and multitasking capable. At 17K na price, 3G capable na.

  12. foodtrekker says:

    way to go iSheeps. hahaha. Before ayaw nila 7inch tablets or bigger sizes na phone. Ayan humahabol pala sila tuloy sa competition kasi one step behind sila sa innovation.

  13. Ivan says:

    With that kind of screen display, only diehard apple fanboys and other isheep will buy this gadget.

  14. Ivan says:

    CNET, the #1 tech blog, declared the nexus 7 the winner when they matched it against the iPad mini


    The nexus 7 has a clear edge over the iPad mini when it comes to features and value.

  15. Lezure2010 says:

    The iPad mini at 15k is actually a pretty good deal. One of the Nexus 7’s biggest advantage was its price and despite the lackluster hardware compared to the Nexus 7, I believe the OS would make up for it.:) I would still consider both though.:)

  16. Lezure2010 says:

    The iPad mini at 15k is actually a pretty good deal. One of the Nexus 7‘s biggest advantage was its price and despite the iPad mini’s lackluster hardware compared to the Nexus 7, I believe the OS would make up for it.:) I would still consider both though.:)

  17. Sean says:

    If you’re an apple fan, go for iPad Mini. Otherwise, go for Nexus 7. No need to argue who’s who. depende lang sa taste mo. Now, if you’re whining about the price, deal with it. ;)


  18. Joel says:

    Anyone knows how many days it takes to have the iPad mini delivered? I placed my order this morning, and I’m thinking it should be less than 2 weeks.

  19. James says:

    Do you think it would be better kung antayin nalang if ever magkabas ng ipad mini2?

  20. Cedric says:

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  21. Alexandria says:

    the main thing is this: whether you go with nexus or ipad mini, it wont matter much. but the thing is, apple will always improve itself, and sooner or later apple will release its 2nd gen ipad mini; for me it wont matter if you will choose between the two. its by your own discretion. but i have my ipad mini wifi-3g mainly for internet and ebooks, and i must rate it 9/10 for the experience. as per my friends with nexus, if you are a gamer, you better go with nexus. i mean that’s as per their opinion. its still up to you in the end where to go and what to buy.

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