iPhone 6 already out of stock from pre-orders

iPhone 6 already out of stock from pre-orders

After Apple and other service providers started accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus it’s been reported that a huge number of buyers have already placed their orders, calling it the biggest iPhone pre-order batch ever. It resulted to long queuing and even stocks running out.

iphone 6_6plus_1

Apple’s online store is already out of stock for both variants of the iPhone 6. America’s major retailers like Verizon and AT&T that also accept pre-orders still have a few, but are also nearing depletion. AT&T CEO has commented on the matter saying, “This is our biggest iPhone, pre-order launch day ever.” With congested servers left and right due to people wanting to be one of the first to have the latest iPhone.


“Response to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been incredible, with a record number of pre-orders overnight,” Apple said.

According to some unsuccessful buyers the Apple Store website was down in a lot of regions for two hours after the announced product kick-off. The company’s text-chat support was also non-functional and calling them on their hotlines lead them to an automated message without any representatives present. In addition, those who ordered the bigger 6 Plus is likely looking at 3-4 weeks before it ships, while the 4.7-inch variant is reported to arrive two weeks late according to US carriers.

Who said people are unimpressed with the new iPhones?

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29 Responses

  1. boybato says:

    i wonder what apple haters will say about this. He he he. :-)

  2. Droidpple says:

    Brace yourselves magcocomment nanaman ang mga hampaslupa na walang pambili ng iphone…. Baka nga wala din kayo pambili ng note4, z3, at htc one na puro flagship android phone… ang problema sa inyo naninira kayo kasi wala kayo pambili (karamihan ng hater mga naka mid range phone lang).. ANG MAGANDA NYAN MAGSIPAG KAYO PARA MAGKACELLPHONE KAYO NG MAGANDA… Pansamantala sa mumurahing cherry, star, torque, myphone at d-pad nokia phone muna kayo magtiis… Lol

    • Jane says:

      Pag walang pambili ng iphone hampaslupa kaagad? Sakit ha. Yabang.

    • disnoted 4 says:

      i see you enjoy mocking a pheasant. you are a racist discriminating the majority who has a low income is the worst human being that walk in this fallen land. probably you have fine lineage from a reputable nobly family such as the napoles. which is probably your “iphone” of yours comes from the taxes of low wages family that lurks in the squatters area. expect some bashers from the net. ADDICT!!!!

    • Droidpple says:

      2 butthurt individuals…!!! Lol #truthhurts…. Di ko kailangan na maging napoles o si jinggoy para magka iphone… Masipag lang ako kaya ako meron…stupid argument of yours!!! At ang iphone hindi pang yabang, its all about experience and easy to use… TEKA MAY BAGO AKONG SOFTWARE UPDATE, YANG ANDROID NYONG KITKAT KAILAN MAUUPGRADE TO ANDROID L (lion)??? PAG DUMATING ANG ANDROID M???? (Next year pa darating yun *toink*)… Teka nga muna bakit ka umaasa ng update ehh midrange phone ka lang… Hindi nauupdate ang midrange…. Trololol…..

  3. Raphiduz says:

    Where are the iPhone bashers? This never happened to any Android flagship phones! Haters will never like this news. But they need to accept that Apple devices are far more being in demand than what they think are superior in specs phones.

  4. carloxy says:

    kelan kaya release nito dito sa aten or kahit sa mga online stores sa aten? cant wait to have one! bored na ako sa windows phone e :(

  5. Miss Call says:

    To think that many of my friends in the US who preordered are the same one who refused to buy 4.7″ phone before because they were too big. I called them out on it and did say nothing. They are still buying despite owning fully functional 5s.

    • fce says:

      The ‘NFC Apple Pay Feature’ in the Iphone6 maybe the biggest attractions for Apple users in the U.S.
      NFC in the phone is cool, I used it to transfer photos and pay for my coffee. Glad that Apple is catching up to what we had for years.
      From BB Z10/Q5 user.

  6. Awtsutsu says:

    Naghhanap pa mga bashers ng spec sheet para icompare at mag whine hahahaa! Hirap tlga pag sa spec sheet lang nakafocus – napaghahalataang kulang sa neurons. Mga bashers tlga parang binabash na rin nila sarili nila dahil lumalabas level of thinking eh. Ika nga ni tata Lino “ang tangang isda, nahhuli sa bibig”

  7. mga lokos says:

    Wow kung maka generelize kayo na walang pambili… ang sabihin nyo makabili lang kayo ng iphone, kala nyo sobrang mayaman na kayo at sikat? Utak ipis nga naman, pinakita nyo lang na mayabang kayo haha. Mas maganda pa android flagship phone sa sinasamba nyong iphone 6 na pang 2012 pa ang specs? Burn baby burn=3

    Btw meron ako note 3 at iphone 5s para hindi nyo ako laitin na wala ako pambili.

  8. doha says:

    kaya b ng android to? hahahah mga bashers bkit naglalaho kayo?

    • ice says:

      android phones will not do this because androids are not attention whores. Papansin lang apple kunyari out-of-stuck. Come on, ganito ka ba kabilis ma-uto ng marketing strategy?

    • testUser says:

      out-of-stuck nga kasi.. natanggal sa pagkakabara.. blessing in the skies yan..

  9. Lon says:

    sa mga nagtatanong kung kaya ng android to. paki search ung google nexus 4. at paki check kung ano nangyari nung release nya. salamat.

  10. backstabbd88 says:

    kulang lang siguro ng mga chinese slaves sa factory ng foxconn kaya konti lang din supply.

  11. Justin says:

    Haha.. Lazada-style marketing. Kunwari daw out of stock para masabing mabenta. :P

  12. ice says:

    Boom edi tahimik kayo ngayon apple fanboys and girls. “Out of stock” na nga maipagmamamalaki nyo mukhang niloloko pa kau ng apple. Out of stock daw… haha…

    • Apple Fanboy says:

      Oo nga eh, niloloko tayo parang Xiaomi. 5 million units sold-out lang naman, niloloko nga talaga tayo. Tsk tsk. 5 million units sold-out in 24hours nakakaloko talaga o.

    • ice says:

      malamang kahit ung balita na un naloko ka…apple fanboy ka kahit anong hype madali ka mauto…

  13. Spectator says:

    I see a lot of fanboys of apple defending and boasting about the sold out and bragging about how android devices can’t replicate such. They cannot seem to understand that they’re both marketed differently, the very simple fact that Apple is only Apple and Android has many manufacturers. Yet they boast about pre selling more? How ’bout you combine all the pre sold Android devices during their pre selling period vs that of Apple, I’m sure it’ll be down right lopsided in terms of sheer numbers, of course Android winning that one. Oh and no, not all who prefer Android phones don’t have the capability to buy Iphones, don’t generalize. In reality I see more people who buys Iphone just to have something to brag about not caring if they break their bank, just so only they can brag about owning an Iphone, social climbers perhaps?

  14. Can Afford says:

    Mga Hampaslupang Patay-Gutom nasaan na kayo? Huwag kasi utak talangka. Huwag ipahalata na nakatira kayo sa squatters.

  15. Chandria says:

    I had my first taste of a real smartphone with my almost 2 yr old galaxy note 2. I like it and its android OS as i can do whatever i want with it whenever i feel bored with my phone. When iphone 5S came out with the gold option I opted immediately to buy it though I know I have been loving android ever since. I got mine in 32gb coz 16gb is not enough for me. You have to take note of its storage coz its not expandable. For a week I had a weird feeling with iOS its just you cant do many things with it but it became my everyday phone as I started to love how simple and responsive the phone is. Now i understand why my iphone friends do not complain a thing about their iphones. Maybe just the battery, but there’s powerbank so no worries. I used to brag about how amazing my samsung note 2 was and how cool it was.. hahah but now I know why they don’t care and just laugh about it. Yeah android is the best OS its not boring but with iOS it may be strict on how you use it but it will guarantee you a long lasting excellent user experience. Lag and apps crashing on my note 2 is already normal and when I upgraded to kitkat. Things started to get worse and its irritating. My iphone 5s is almost a year now but its as if you just brought it yesterday. And when you took it out from its case, its simply gorgeous and beautiful. And here’s a plus.. I noticed that every time I go out and socialize, i got a lot of compliments how ‘sosyal’ and ‘gorgeous’ my iphone is. Which i did not get from my note 2.. :(
    Well yeah I think its about preference, for me I like android but i cant deny the fact that I’m hooked up with using an iPhone as its apps are really designed for its OS. There are so many features with other phones but you’ll enjoy it maybe just a month or two and you’ll forget it anyway. I’ll get an iPhone 6 plus this year coz i miss that big screen on my note 2 & i think the camera will be more awesome than the 5S. Expensive it is but with the experience I had with my iphone, i think its worth it. I feel a bit sad coz really the size of 5S is just perfect. #iPhoneFromNowOn

  16. Gie says:

    Well im gonna buy this phone once it will be available here in the philippines.

  17. FANDROID says:

    I don’t understand why a phone needs to be so complicated anyway?
    isa lng nmn sagot dyan eh. kung may pera kang pambili ng iphone edi bumili ka.. at kung nka android ka tumahimik k nlng. tutal hnd mo nmn pera ung ginamit pambili eh.

  18. cherry says:

    I just pre ordered 3 units of iphone 6 plus for my driver and two yayas…..#angmagreactpikon

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