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Anybody biting into that cheaper iPhone Mini?

There’s been a lot of rumors surrounding what supposedly is a less expensive iPhone Mini. The same reason that Apple decided to make a more affordable iPad Mini, the iPhone Mini could also be a move to gain more market share. The question is — will people bite into that Apple idea?

In a previous article, we shared with you why we think the iPhone Mini makes a lot of sense for Apple

So we thought we’d put it to a test — here’ what we think an iPhone Mini would look like.

It will come in a smaller screen, just like the old iPhone 4. Here’s the possible specs:

iPhone Mini specs:
3.5-inch Retina Display @ 960×640 pixels
Apple 1.0GHz A5 dual-core chip
8GB, 16GB internal storage
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0
GPS w/ aGPS support
5MP rear camera with LED flash
2nd front-facing camera
iOS 6

It will be around 9.3mm thin. By this time, Apple would have announced the iPhone 5s (or possibly the iPhone 6) and will try to build NFC around the app ecosystem.

The other question is how will Apple sell this, if ever they will? First, we believe that a $99 price tag (with contract) will be the selling point when they announce it with US carriers. In other countries like the Philippines, it could be in the $499 to $549 price range.

So, if the iPhone Mini will ever be true, it’s like Apple is selling you a re-designed iPhone 4/4S. Will you bite?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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36 Responses

  1. Davidson says:

    I heard that Apple might not be investing in an iPhone mini. But if ever they did, I’d just get an older iPhone. :)

  2. di says:

    why would you get a smaller iphone if iphone is already small(iphone5 is just tall)?

  3. thejorlanb says:

    with the nfc, yes. at last, if this be it, then i could develop nfc apps for ios.

    • lolwut says:

      Quite impossible for this mini version to have NFC. If the iPhone 5 didn’t get it, putting it to the mini will just make this phone better than it. And Apple doesn’t wanna do that. This news, for me sounds like one of Apple’s gimmick to stay relevant though.

    • thejorlanb says:

      @lolwut, i just based my answer from the article.

  4. Alwin says:

    for the right price, why not? why not an older iPhone? because of the likelihood that it’ll end up at the bottom of Apple’s hierarchy as far as support is concerned. also, it’s not about the size, but the price.

  5. Noir says:

    I dont think will ever make an iphone mini if they ever will their brand will take a hit.

    They are adored by a lot because they are the “HIGH END”

    of course this will most likely make people choose other brands since apple will now be “affordable”

    • jose procopio says:

      nahh.. di binibili nang nakararaming tao ang iphone kasi “HIGH-END” (di naman talaga both specs and os) pero dahil “SOSYAL” ka pag naka iPhone ka.. Pag nakaandroid ka kahit anong taas ng specs or kahit sobrang feature rich na ang os.. cheap parin.. why? kasi di kabilang sa “SOSYAL” na bagay.. MAGDEDENY PA??

    • Banana says:

      Jose Procopio,

      Hindi lahat ng bumibili ng Apple products ay “NAGPAPASOSYAL”.

      Dalawang halimbawa ng mga nagpapasosyal :
      1) Mga teenager na nagpapabili sa magulang ng iphone para lang “in” sila, kahit na di CALL/TEXT at CHAT lang naman ang gagawin sa iphone. (sige na nga music na din)

      2) Mga di naman talaga kaya bumili ng iphone pero gagawa ng paraan para lang masabing ‘apple user’ pero wala naman talagang alam sa “SMART PHONE”.

      PS : Maraming dahilan bakit may mga bumibili ng iphone – STYLE/SPECS/USER PREFERENCE.

  6. wis says:

    Definitely no…still too expensive for that specs…why get an iphone if you can have an s3 for that price…making a cheaper down specs iphone doesn’t make sense since the iphone 5 itself is not up to par with the competition…iphone needs a better iphone 6 asap and iphone 5 will be the cheaper phone…

  7. pabs says:

    Am not biting. Ever since I left Nokia for Android, there’s no turning back,Androids just keep on getting better and better and also more affordable and with a lot brands to choose from…

  8. ronjiedotcom says:

    talaga, nakalimutan niyo na? Apple had a redesigned iphone 4 nung lumabas yung iphone 4s. wala dating 8gb na iphone 4, pero gumawa sila na kasabay lumabas ng iphone 4. bukod sa new storage capacity, may kaunting binago din sila sa loob. so, yes, pwede nilang gawin ito dahil ginawa na nila to dati. pero… iphone mini na 3.5 inch? sounds more like “old” iphone to me than iphone “mini.” ergo, palagay ko lang na hindi tatawagin ng apple na “mini” ang luma nilang 3.5 inch. if ever maglalabas sila ng “mini” na mas maliit sa 4″ ang screen, 16:9 aspect ratio malamang para madali sa developers. ang tanong din diyan is kikita ba sila tulad ng kinikita nila sa ipad at iphone, kasi kung hindi, malamang na hindi nila gagawin.

  9. rose tattoo says:

    Apple is reportedly making a less expensive version of the iPhone. They’re calling it the Samsung. – Conan O’brien

    • jose procopio says:

      Utot mo pink.. :D

      iPad = Apple Tablet
      iPod = Apple Media Player
      iPhone = Apple (NOT THAT) Smartphone
      iDiot = Apple (SOCIAL CLIMBING) Users

  10. ChrisP says:


    If I want an iOS experience, I would like to have the ipad mini or an ipod touch instead.(personal preference)

    Aside from that, iphone5 is not that big to have a smaller version. Maybe if iphone 5s/6 would grow to 4.3″-5″.lol

  11. anOnymous says:

    aPPLe should follow SamSung

  12. jeykoy says:

    i will buy one if it cost 15k below, which will be impossible

  13. RedSimba says:

    Meron pa pla i mi mini yung iphone . Kala ko mini na yung iphone ngayon. Bagong design na lang sana.

  14. Mica says:

    My theory is people who get this, will get this for the sole reason that they want a cheaper version of the iPhone – which is perceived as a symbol of status.

    This could either be a big hit or a big flop.

  15. edisson says:

    Smaller than 3.5? No thanks. I had enough suffering from galaxy mini. iPhone mini will still be more expensive than other better low-end smartphones.

  16. Justin says:

    Q: Anybody biting into that cheaper iPhone Mini?
    A: Yes. Pa-proma consumers who don’t know that there are tons of better options out there and who have money to burn.

  17. garz says:

    I don’t think it will have NFC. If Apple were to include it, it would have to be on the 5S or the 6th.

  18. iSheep says:

    Baaaaaa baaaaaaaa baaaaaaeeeeeest phone evur!

  19. Name: Ghost Riley says:

    Why the NFC? Having it will just drive the cost up.

    The iPhone Mini is already here. It’s the iPhone 4.

  20. Kel says:

    No, the keyboard might be too small or too uncomfy to type in if they reduce the screen size to help save on expense.

  21. kend says:

    If it’s 20k+ , no thanks. They’re just copying BB’s trick to recon their parts to sell it as new model with the same specs as their not-so-older model/s. If it’s “cheaper” iphone then it should be aroung 15-20k range.

  22. Tolits says:

    No I want IP5 with mini price xd

  23. Joseph says:

    I still vote for 4s, for me its more user friendly.

  24. fat internet guy says:

    Me me!! I’ve always wanted an iPhone but could never afford one. :( I hope this comes soon so I can finally have an iphone too!

  25. EG says:

    please don’t :O Steve Jobs wouldnt like it. :))

  26. shitotaku says:

    the only reason why apple is doing it is to compete in the “low-end phone” market. apple is doing shitty products now. and steve jobs always go for maximizing the quality of the product, not the profit.

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