What we think of the iPhone 5S & 5C

What we think of the iPhone 5S & 5C

Apple’s new products are bound to arrive before Christmas and a lot of eyes are over it. We’ve been receiving a lot of questions and arguments if one should get the iPhone 5S, the 5C (especially), or something else. Well, here’s our take; this is what we think of the iPhone 5S & 5C.

iphone 5s 5c

Abe: The biggest question that needed to be answered is — why a 5S and 5C at the same time?

  1. Is it an economics play? Considering they phased out the iPhone 5 yet retained the production of iPhone 4S, it looks like Apple is putting a significant gap between the models — 4S, 5C, 5S — and as such, can also put a significant price gap among the three.
  2. Is it product positioning? The growth and fierce competition coming from Android manufacturers could be pressuring iPhone to create a more affordable or competitive product in the mid-segment market.
  3. Is it market expansion? Apple doesn’t seem to be bothered by Android and has always been eyeing other market segments. The introduction of the iPhone 5C could be the first step to encroach on markets that has been dominated by Android for a long time.

The introduction of the iPhone 5C alongside the 5S will probably create some sort of feature fragmentation. The separation has been clearly created by the fingerprint sensor present on the 5S and absent on the 5C. This could mean one device has biometric security while another does not. It could introduce a dis-connect in the user experience, usability and security of the iPhone line-up.

Imaging has been one of Apple’s biggest feature offering. While majority of manufacturers are moving towards the megapixel route, Apple went the opposite way following the route that HTC has touted as the better position — bigger pixel sensor.

It is also interesting to note that Apple’s selection of colors for the iPhone 5C seemed to be marketed towards the teens and females, as evident in their colors of choice.

Me: The iPhone 5S, for me, really does pack some important & useful features. Slow motion video at 120fps is a neat trick and I’d take it over 4K video anytime, improving the optics and the flash is a nice move, and the fingerprint scanner, while not really needed, is an elegant touch. The gold color option is just a bonus.

But come on. The iPhone 5 looks a lot better than the 5C; it’s thinner and lighter too. I absolutely see no reason why you should get the 5C considering the price tag. 5C certainly doesn’t mean cheap, it’s color – and I don’t think anyone would get a phone just because of the color… or would they?

iphone 5c

Dan: Even though I don’t have an iPhone (and not planning to get one, file sharing with different devices is a must for me), I felt bad about Apple’s decision to “answer the need” of having a “cheaper” iPhone by using plastic. I won’t take the plastic as an excuse to have a colorful product. They did well in that department with the 5th generation iPod Touch, why can’t they do the same for their most glorified product? And to take the iPhone 5 off the market for the iPhone 5C to replace is silly.

As for the iPhone 5S, I am not surprised. Everything about the performance is doubled, even the camera got upgraded, they made the sensor bigger – all for the reason of updating it. But what caught my attention is the 64-bit iOS 7, yet I am not that sure how that will greatly change the way you use the iPhone.


The Touch ID is rather a gimmick for me and quite unsafe based on how I know how fingerprint scanners work. It would be easier to unlock the phone by placing your finger, but it would make it easier for hackers or culprits too. The issue about NSA is not out of the question, but I am not that bothered about it unless I am going to commit a serious crime. Either way, I am not afraid of how this will turn for Apple.

My concerns go to the consumers who will be lured into this, and I am specifically pertaining to the 5C. The simplicity of iDevices is what makes Apple a genius no doubt about it, but maybe it’s time to come up with something better and more intuitive rather than making consumers believe it is something new. Personally, I would rather buy the upcoming 6th generation iPod touch and have a basic phone, unless of course you want to show off.

iphone 5s 5c

Louie: It’s a good step for Apple to introduce something new on the iPhone 5S with the 64-bit iOS 7 and inclusion of new hardware (Touch ID) rather than just upgrading the specs from the iPhone 5. However, I don’t think the new features is significant enough to encourage current iPhone 5 users to upgrade or for long-time Android users to switch.

As for the 5C, obviously it’s Apple’s attempt to bring a “cheaper” iPhone into the market. The plastic build and new color options has its advantages but some might still prefer a year-old but premium-looking iPhone 5 than this.

Ron: Since the launch of the first iPhone, Apple has been at the forefront of the smartphone revolution and they seem to be always a step ahead of their competition. But the times have changed since then. Thanks to the ever evolving smartphones, most consumers have become number-crunching sheep lured by bigger screens and “faster” processors, making the iPhone, with its minimalist design and straightforward UI, less and less appealing.

But the thing is, iPhones have always been about substance over style. Apple may have altered the form factor a bit to make it more visually attractive, but each of their creations still follows the aforementioned credo which, in the process, has allowed them to carve their own niche in the market. This still holds true for the new iPhones. The only significant difference now is that the Apple has opened itself up to the concept of diversity through a deeper understanding of the current market demographics.

The way I see it, teens will prefer having flashy color options to choose from instead of having a biometric scanner which they probably won’t have any use for anyway. Inversely, professionals are more security-oriented and are less likely to be attracted to the hip colors of the 5C. Moreover, younger people are less picky with the build of their handsets as compared to older and more demanding crowd.

Here are some of the other factors to consider to help you decide which of the new iPhone is right for you:

1. Assuming that you still want to use an iPhone and you’re coming off a two-year plan with an iPhone 4/4S, both the 5S and 5C is a worthy upgrade.

2. If you’re currently using an iPhone 5, then there’s really no need to upgrade to either of the new handsets unless:

  • a. You want a more vibrant-looking iPhone, minus the aluminum body.
  • b. You’re health-conscious and need that M7’s motion-tracking prowess.
  • c. You’re OC about security.
  • d. You really need that extra bump in imaging performance that the 5S promises to bring.
  • e. You’re one hella rich dude/gal who wants the latest and greatest.

The most important thing to note here is that the new iPhones are meant to cater to different types of consumers. Thus it only makes sense for Apple to not only diversify the color choices of the 5C, but also create a slight distinction between the two handsets in terms of feature set.

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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25 Responses

  1. Justin says:

    iPhone 5S and 5C. Here’s what I think about it… *yawn!*

  2. Janet Lim Napoles says:

    Opinyon ko lang naman. Unless you’re a DIE-HARD Apple fan, then there’s really no need to buy these phones..

    Yes, Apple will have the upper hand in substance>style, pero lately they have been lacking in one significant quality: innovation..

    Yung mga updates nila in terms of hardware are really minor.. They just tweak this and that, over-exaggerate it, and sell it. But they do that selling part good.

    Still, plastic? There are so many phones out there made of the same material, maybe not at-par specs-wise with the iphone, but still capable. And a WHOLE LOT CHEAPER.

    Colors? Ganun na ba kababaw mga consumers ngayon? I bet you you will see people cover those “5c”s with so many back-covers and cases anyway.

    Ganito lang naman yan, they removed the iphone 5 coz they knew people will buy it because its price will go down, thus making the new iphones seem irrelevant. So they replaced the premium and beautiful iphone 5 with a lame plastic one and they say its “more affordable”.. really?!

    If you people will buy the new iphones, go ahead. For me, im sticking to android, and waiting for thoese new ipads instead.

  3. tarush says:

    As an Apple users, there are two things that will a back up Android phone:

    Screen size
    Torrent download

    But after hearing the rumors of a 6″ iPhone next year, I’d rather choose the iPhone 5S than to experiment with Android phones.

    And the iOS 7 is a very good OS…

  4. NIka Limpauco says:

    Still don’t like the fact that apple discontinued my ipohne5 and replaced it with a plastic version. parang nilaglag lang sa ere yung iphone 5 users. to think na ang 4s is still available

    • Appleseed says:

      Pano nilaglag? E naging rare pa nga yung iphone 5 kung tutuuisn. And from iphone 4 to iphone 5 e supported ng upcoming ios 7. Ano laglag dun? Isip isip din pag may time ha :)

    • Apple seed says:

      Basta ang alam ko e, from iphone 4 to iphone 5. Ipads 2,3,mini. and ipods 5th gen , e supported ng IOS 7. Di man kami bumili ng bagong phine/gadget e parang may bago na din kasi bagong experience :) amen.

      Ps: nabasa ko sa isang blog na next model ng mga ibang smartphones e 64bit na din ang gagawing processors. #noInnovation daw ang apple. Baka pati yung concept ng m7chip e gayahin na din. And yung NCF chip, mukang di maka take off e, baka gayahin din yung iBeacon ng apple.

      Ang apple kasi , maliliit na bagay ang improvements but long term and may patutunguhan. Madali naman magpaka bongga ng specs. You guys think apple cant do that? Pero lahat yan may dahilan, balikan nyo itong comment ko 3 years from now and ma realize nyo, integrated na lahat ng mga plano ng apple sa everyday lives natin. Trust me i know *wink* peace

  5. simultaneous says:

    what I thinj about Iphone 5s & 5c? f*ck!!!!!!

  6. simultaneous says:

    what I think about Iphone 5s & 5c? f*ck!!!!!!

  7. abuzalzal says:

    They’re still too dumb (and stubborn) to adhere to Steve Jobs’ ”One-handed Operation” principle

    2013 na, wala pa ring large-screen iPhone???

    They could have made a 5-inch variant and seized the opportunity to redeem their lost glory when 5-inch phones were a hot commodity

  8. Pining G. Ercia says:


  9. THE ROCK says:


  10. JB says:

    The purpose of the 5C is to reduce production costs. The aluminum body of the iPhone 5 is more expensive to make giving them production constraints. With the 5C they will be able to produce more phones thus resulting into more sales and with the cheaper plastic back used it will give a much bigger profit. In the end Apple is still a company and they need profit.

  11. Jay says:

    What is it about Yuga and anything deemed “girly”? I keep reading about how colors and patterns on certain gadgets are described as “ladylike” but in a slightly condescending manner. It’s off-topic but it’s something that’s also outputting.

  12. to be honest lang, in my opinion, mas maganda pa ata ung original na iPhone 5 kaysa sa 5C. Ginawa lang plastic yung back cover. Yun lang… pero if you look at it in a more broader perspective, may additional features ang 5C na wala ng 5. Makulay lang ang 5C. 5S naman, ok lang siya. pero in my opinion, I still prefer the original iPhone 5. I was thinking of buying the 5C in SG but seeing its full specs and features, eh~ wala na. Bumili na lang ako ng iPhone 5 at i-update ko ung iOS 6 to 7 or stick to the 6.

  13. Janet Lim Napoles says:

    Sir will iphone 5S open line from USA will be compatible for SMART LTE here? Hoping for your reply. Thanks

  14. dyimmy says:

    Pinakagusto ko yung answer ni Louie. Yung iba andami pa sinabi. Just saying.

    I’d still get the 5s when it comes out, simply because miss ko na ang iOs and sakto retention ko January next year. But I’d still use my Note 2, andun lahat ng books and music ko kasi. :)

  15. Milhouse says:

    i don’t like mobile phones with microscopic screens.

  16. PNoy Love Napoles says:

    Other than pa pogi or pa sosyal I see no point in buying these iphone models. these apple fans are dumb as hell

  17. anabanana says:

    Who is that Ron guy anyway? One of Apple’s fan boys eh?

    “The most important thing to note here is that the new iPhones are meant to cater to different types of consumers. Thus it only makes sense for Apple to not only diversify the color choices of the 5C, but also create a slight distinction between the two handsets in terms of feature set.”

    — I DONT THINK DIVERSITY IN COLOR CHOICES AND A “SLIGHT” DISTINCTION IN TERMS OF FEATURES JUSTIFY YOUR SO-CALLED APPLE’S CATERING TO DIFFERENT TYPES OF CONSUMERS. Yun na yun? Kuntento na ang “different types of consumers” sa iba-ibang kulay at konting security ek ek? Tapos ano? Halos magkapresyo lang. YOU PEOPLE ARE DELUSIONAL.

  18. banana republic says:

    Basta ako this christmas bibili ako ng apple. Maraming apple, carton carton na apple. Mura lang nman ang apple eh. So what. Papamigay ko sa mga mahihirap sa daan.

    Fuji, beijing, california apples.

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