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ABS-CBN features Fashion Blogs

ANC, the ABS-CBN News Channel, recently featured Filipino fashion blogger Bryanboy on their Talk Metro show last Saturday evening. (Since I didn’t watch the 20-minute interview, I really don’t know what transpired.)

Braynboy’s blog is at bryanboy.com (formerly typepad.bryanboy.com) and describes his online journal as an adventures of the new-moneyed classless bitch from hell. Vulgarity is the new discreet. Trash is the new exclusivity. Third world has never been this *burp* chic. His blog is currently #3 on my Pinoy Top Blogs (and to think he only signed up his blog late this January) and #9 on the Philippine Top 100 list.

You will have to visit and read his blog to really get to know what he blogs about. If the Singapore blogosphere has Xiaxue, then the Philippine blogosphere could very well have Bryanboy in that arena. What’s that IS a blog niche!

He’s actually having trouble keeping up with the bandwidth right now. Having been hosted with TypePad for for years, he’s now churning out 815 GB (that’s 815,000 MB) of bandwidth a month. Blogging fame can really cost you a lot.

Oh, and I thought ABS-CBN don’t think blogs are cool?

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7 Responses

  1. Alwell says:

    I was able to watch the interview. He mentioned he was earning from his blog too. About the bandwidth thats soo big. Sikat eh!!. He needs a dedicated server.

    Anyone here knows the blog site of the other guest on that interview?

  2. Kates says:

    So, that’s him. His blog kept on showing up on blogexplosion when I was still starting to blog last year.

    Good for him to have found a niche.

  3. The Ca t says:

    oh yeah, that’s the blog that is so vulgar that it shows him sucking the organ of a young boy and the
    Virgin Lady replaced with his face.

  4. minor says:

    diba gays go to hell?

  5. jodi says:

    So very cool format. The posts on this blog are right on target. Make sure you keep the blog going.Keep it real :-).

  6. roanne says:

    i think the niche is not merely focused on philippine fashion, but rather, the way he writes “edgy” and “titillating” writeups. :P that’s what people mostly buy. ;)

    as for me, i believe he has a good fashion sense. and he’s rich coz he can hoard louis vuitton like tootsie rolls. :P

  7. MARGARET says:

    gusto ko lang malaman namin dito sa san diego california kung kailan uli mag-concert si Jerome Sala.. maganda kasi ang boses … at malambing na bata, the last time we saw him was october 2005, at saka nawala na rin siya sa ASAP–wala na ba siyang contract? – sana makapunta muli siya dito sa san diego, california.. gusto namin siya..good luck Jerome Sala–kung nasaan ka man ay –magtatagumpay ka…kahit na nawala ka sa television….

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