Introducing Technorati Mini

Introducing Technorati Mini

Technorati Mini is your out-of-the-pocket blog search in a small pop-up window that tracks your keyword or URL eveyr 60 seconds. Yes, pretty cool. It automatically refreshes the search to check for new updates.

Ever since Technorati got a lot of flak about the service downtimes, it has greatly improved in the past month. Although David Sifry mentions Technorati has 100% uptime last month (October), I surely did catch an instance of the “service unavailable” just last week. Well, that’s just one in the hundreds of searches I do on Technorati everyday so it’s pretty much negligible.


He added that the Technorati index is over 3 years old, currently tracks over 21.5 million blogs, over 280 million unique posts and over 1.7 billion links are indexed. We are tracking over 60,000 new blogs each day, and over 700,000 new posts per day. Our median time to index is now under 3 minutes from the moment a blog post is created.

Whoa, 180 seconds from a blog is posted to the time it’s indexed and become searchable? Great improvements indeed!

I wonder if Seth Godin will come back and use Technorati again?

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