Auction.PH Giveaway Updates

Auction.PH Giveaway Updates

As many of you may have noticed, I haven’t been blogging much this week. I don’t have enough time online because of too many stuff that needed immediate attention. No need to worry, the contest is still on its way.
I promised to make the announcements of the winners yesterday but failed to do so. I have already raffled the winners and the list has been submitted to Auction.PH for final verification. They should be able to launch the Results Page on their site within the day.

Good news is that those who blogged about the give-away and linked to this page are sure winners. I tracked about 11 blogs but there could be more, please notify me. There’s supposed to be 25 winners for that one but only 11 participated. I’ll talk to the guys at Auction and maybe extend that one (not a guarantee though). So if you have a blog, just mention this Auction.PH give-away and you can still win the Php300 eMoney until the 25th (more blogs you own, the better).


For everyone else who joined, here’s what you need to claim your Auction.PH eMoney Prize:

1. Winners will be notified thru their email addresses they indicated when they submitted their entry in
2. Winners will have to reply via return email, indicating their user name. this is where the electronic money will be credited.
3. In the event the winner is not a registered member, he/she must first sign in and register as member otherwise the electronic money will be forfeited.
4. As soon as the user name is verified in the action database, we will credit your electronic money in your MyAuction account.
You can check your My Auction account to verify the electronic money.
5. Please allot 3 working days (from the time of email confirmation) for the electronic money to be credited in your MyAuction account.
6. Electronic money is non transferable and not convertible to cash.
7. Prizes of the winners who fail to confirm via return email within 30 days from the time the email was sent, will be forfeited.

Will update this page or post a new entry within the day once everything has been confirmed from Auction.PH’s end. Merry Christmas to everyone!

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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13 Responses

  1. hmmm thanks for the update yuga…. im a sure winner..=)

  2. Wow. So not everyone took the time to make a post about the contest. ^_^ Now i am a sure winner for the first raffle. Hope I could win on the other raffles, I want to buy that cute little “pillow massager” that I saw at :3

    Happy blogging!

  3. Finish posting it into my blog. Is my entry still valid for the contest?

    Might be too late. But who knows…the contest might get extended.

    Thanks Sir Yuga!


  4. Jan Alvin says:

    Can I still join in this??

  5. Jan Alvin says:

    I forgot I already posted it in my blog…

    ([email protected])

  6. Carl says:

    Hi Abe! Thanks for the quick reply! Happy holidays to all!

  7. Chuching says:

    Wow! That’s cool! I’ll try to check out now!

  8. L.A says:

    Yehey! I won on the 2nd and 3rd Raffle but still don’t have my confirmation email.

    I just join the 1st raffle too pede pa pala…

  9. hi, hope will continue what their doing now, and more power to you too… xoxo…

  10. btw, if pwede pa sa 1st raffle count me in… tnx

  11. manu says:

    To all Winning Bloggers!(for raffle #1) Please email me your Auction.Ph username at [email protected] to get your prizes.Congratulations and Merry Christmas!

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