Biogesic-YugaTech Contest Winners

Biogesic-YugaTech Contest Winners

Thanks to all those who joined our Biogesic give-away, we had a bit of a hard time sifting thru all the entries and picking all the winners. Check out if you’re one of the lucky ones after the break.

1st Prize Winner: Shirley Samonte Lim

2nd Prize Winners: Cristina Angeles & Maryjade Manzanero


Consolation Prizes: Sally Encarnacion, Michelle Ame, Jonathan Rojas

Congrats to all! And thanks to Biogesic.

How to claim your prize.

You may claim your prize between now and 6pm this afternoon at SM Megamall Cinema 10. Please bring one valid ID and look for Trixie Esguerra or Anne Franco (of NuffNang Philippines). The premiere starts at 6-9pm tonight. Bring a date!

For questions and additional instructions, email me at abeolandres {at}

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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10 Responses

  1. Thank you so much Yugatech & Biogesic!

  2. Sally Encarnacion says:

    Hello po. I tried to claim my prize yesterday at SM Megamall Cinema 10 and arrived there around 3:30pm. I asked the guards there for Trixie Esguerra or Anne Franco (of NuffNang Philippines)but I was told they don’t know these people. I advised them that I will claim prize from Biogesic/Yugatech and I was only told that the Biogesic people already left. I waited until 6pm but still no one arrived. I came all the way from Bulacan just to claim my prize yet no one there could even assist me. Paano po yan I wasn’t able to claim my prize how else can I use it tapos na po ang premiere showing?

  3. Trixie Esguerra says:

    Hi Sally!

    We were distributing the prizes at Cinema 10 at around 5.45 pm. The guards who were manning the Cinema 10 entrance know us, and where to direct the winners to claim the prizes. There were a total of 18 winners and most of them claimed their prizes at the Cinema 10 area.

    Please provide your mailing address so that we can ship the product pack to you.


  4. Sally Encarnacion says:

    Hi Ms. Esguerra I checked with the Cinema 10 guards, even from the guards of ABS CBN manning the premiere and waited until 6pm. Nobody could give me any direction as to where to claim the prize and they even said they don’t know the people from Nuffnang. What will happen po to the premiere movie tickets that I was entitled to. It’s not my fault that I wasn’t able to claim the prize — your advise is that the prizes can be claimed from the time the announcement was posted until 6pm. I came all the way from Bulacan and arrived there 3:30pm but no one is there — you didn’t say that claiming of prizes is just from 5:45 onwards. I am grateful for being one of the winners but it’s unfair naman po to me if I am not able to enjoy the prize that I am entitled to. Hoping for your action on this. Regarding the gift pack — you may send it to Block 5 Lot 6 Magallanes St. Villa Grande Subd. Lambakin Marilao Bulacan. Thanks and God Bless

  5. Sally Encarnacion says:

    Hi Ms. Esguerra– is there any update on my complain regarding unclaimed prize? You didn’t reply anymore. I’m thankful for your promise to send the Biogesic gift pack (which so far I still haven’t received)but what will happen po to the premiere ticket which I will no longer be able to use? Hope you can answer my queries. If not I will just inquire with DTI to understand if any of my rights have been violated and will just file a formal complain if necessary. I know the prize is just a small amount but I just don’t like to be victim of unfair practices. I’m sure if you were in my shoes you also wouldn’t want to be shortchanged. Hope you understand. Thank you

  6. Trixie says:

    Hello Sally!
    We will be sending you the prize as soon as we process everything. Yugatech will be the one to send all the details. Apologies for the delay. We just do not want to divulge information that is not final yet.

    Thank you!

  7. Anne Franco says:

    Dear Ms Encarnacion:

    We will send you the Biogesic gift pack and movie passes (to any movie of your choice) on the week of December 5-9 via LBC. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

    Just to share what transpired on February 14:

    1. We arrived at 5:45 pm (We were on time. The distribution of prizes was at 6:00 pm) and began distributing the prizes.
    2. We were awarding just on the other side of the steel barricade; the crowd were on the other side.
    3. We were flashing our 9inches x 12inches Nuffnang envelope to the crowd, for the winners to see our logo.
    4. We asked the guards to refer to us the people who will say they will claim their prizes. The guards lined up the winners as we took photos of the winners with their prizes.
    5. 13 of the 18 winners were able to claim their prizes that night.
    6. I stayed until 11:00 pm.

    Best regards,
    Anne Franco

  8. Anne Franco says:

    I meant week of March 5-9.

  9. Sally Encarnacion says:

    Hi Anne,

    Again I’d like to argue that you’re being there by 5:45 makes you “on time” as your announcement states “You may claim your prize between now (message was posted around noon time) and 6pm…” Besides the Feb 14 announcement was also late since you committed Feb 13 — this alone is an inconvenience already given that the prize may only be consumend on the same day. Lastly, I guess the guards were only informed upon your arrival but prior to that they were not equipped to assist the winners who arrived earlier.

    Anyway this is all water under the bridge and I just hope we all learn from this experience. I am grateful for your efforts to address my concerns and will just wait for the gift pack and movie passes on the week of March 5-9.

    Again may I request you to just send it to this address : Block 5 Lot 6 Magallanes St. Villa Grande Subdivision Lambakin Marilao Bulacan and look for my son-in-law Dindo Moreno. Kindly advise if he still needs to present an authorization letter or his ID will suffice.

    Thank you very much and God bless.

  10. Anne Franco says:

    Dear Ms Encarnacion:

    We apologize for the miscommunication.

    We sent last March 2, 2012 via LBC the Biogesic gift pack and (3) movie passes to the address you stated. May you confirm receipt of the package?

    Best regards,

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