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Contest: Last Minute Online Shopping with GCash AMEX

Everyone’s rushing for their last minute shopping and a lot of people are doing it online. I still have some funds left in my GCash AMEX Virtual Card after Black Friday and Cyber Monday a few weeks back so I used it to purchase 3 Google Chromecast that we can give away to our readers.

We’re giving these away to 3 lucky GCash AMEX users (if you’re not enrolled yet, it’s free to register and get one AMEX Virtual Card here).

Here’s how to win one of these:

1) Just share the last 4 digits of your Globe number on Twitter or FB and complete this line — “I’m a #GCashAMEX user and my last 4 digits are 1234. You too can win a Google Chromecast here http://yugatech.ph/gcashamex

2) We will randomly generate 4 numbers and anyone who gets matched with those digits will win. That easy.

Of course, we’ll call or text you based on the last 4 digits you shared.

Once the Google Chromecast arrives from Amazon, we’ll hand them over to you!

John Ray Yucor
Chino Yabut
Emiliana Sison

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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13 Responses

  1. Meril Feliz says:

    I’ll just buy one myself, naka Globe Gcash Amex din naman ako, hahaha

  2. Aryton says:

    Sa apps and games ko lang nagagamit GCASH AMEX ko. Madami deals sa Google Play. Di ko pa na-try ipangbili sa Amazon then ship here in the Philippines.

    How curious…

    • Lon says:

      Same Here. Di pa ako palagay sa international shipping although ok ung mga nabasa ko na feedbacks sa AMEX at My-Shoppingbox ba un?!

  3. Roland Savellano says:

    Twitter : lahn69
    My last numbers are 9659

  4. benchmark says:

    done :)

  5. Benchmark says:

    May nanalo na po ba dito? Baka kasi ako nanalo! Heheheh nangangarap ng gising….

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