Contest: YugaTech-Creative Wordplay Online Contest

Contest: YugaTech-Creative Wordplay Online Contest

Our friends from Creative are back and wanted to do another giveaway to our readers. This time, let’s try how good you guys are with words. Check out the details below on how you can win these speakers from Creative.

This is a word-puzzle game. All you need to do is list of all words you can come up with from the letters of this phrase — “Creative ZiiSound Wireless Bluetooth Speakers“. The assembled words must be at least 5 letters or more.


Don’t forget to email your entries to [email protected] and then leave a comment below that you have sent an email entry so we can verify/confirm.

Our Prizes.
1 Creative D200 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers
1 Creative Inspire T6160
3 Consolation Prizes (Tactics Alpha, WP350, HQ1600)

Update: In case of a tie, Creative will randomly pick the winners. They will then have to attend the awarding ceremony as stated above.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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68 Responses

  1. uhmmmm any example of WORDPLAY?
    uhmmmmmmm gonna join this contest RIGHT NOW!

  2. Ramon says:

    most words wins?

    I’m not sure but I think you can find a code/program or even a website that can generate words for this, right? :P

    just sayin… XD

  3. Romar Cabinta says:

    Sent an entry from [email protected] :))

  4. Enzo says:

    Done sending my entry! :)

  5. already sent….hopes i win this contest

  6. tama si Ramon. Pede i-automate to XD

  7. john eduard Carino says:

    Hi, I already sent my entries.. please check it out.. :)

  8. al says:

    sent an entry :D

  9. horlan says:

    Email Sent!
    Entry Sent!

  10. Sanctuarian06 says:

    So the faster sender wins? Or should I say the faster cheater wins?

  11. Jelo Manongsong says:

    email sent! thanks. :)

  12. Allen says:

    A little out of topic but does anyone if creative are still selling their sound cards here and where?

  13. John R says:

    email sent!

  14. Sims says:

    email sent!

  15. srxt says:

    i have sent mine, hehe i have counted the words that i have made out of the phrase. hehe :)

  16. Calvin says:

    i mentioned this sa FB page… i don’t know if Creative thought really hard on the mechanic for this. i mean how will they validate the entries for this? manually? you can easily get 2000 different words out of all the letters. and if there are just 50 entries, that’s a lot of words to look at. Good luck sa mag vavalidate.
    And yes, because of the online apps to solve these things, malamang more than 3 ang mag-tie sa most number of words.

    • Messie says:

      Yes, maybe the people who came with this contest are not very tech savvy. It could have been an awesome contest if done live, but over the internet, it just won’t be fair.

  17. Jam says:

    I think this is beyond optimistical fraudulence.

  18. Nelma R says:

    entry sent!! ^^,

  19. Shanelle says:

    Email sent!

    Though I do wonder how they’re going to resolve the contest’s loophole. I’d be game to a live word listing contest instead. Anyway, goodluck to everybody!

  20. Seimon Gaitos says:

    DONE!!! :)

  21. albert d says:

    email sent. thanks

  22. tristan james says:

    Email sent.. Thanks Yugatech! :)

  23. Janardan das Ladyong says:

    I was excited at first to join the contest, but then I found out that one can easily cheat. I got overwhelmed by how easy it is to cheat, and the thousands of words you can get from the statement, that I dropped joining altogether. Btw, here’s the word generator website for those who still want to join. (You can generate more than 50,000 words) :D

    • Kups says:

      Paano naging cheating yan? Lahat naman ng sasali may Internet access. Mahina lang dumiskarte ang mga hindi marunong gumamit ng technology, pero hindi cheaters ang mga gumamit ng software.

  24. Marlon So says:

    Email sent! I hope I win! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  25. @SomewhereTarly says:

    it would have been better nga kung live contest na lang ‘to, sa day ng awarding. tapos may time limit. with the number of word generators online, sobrang maaabuse talaga tong contest na ‘to. good luck na lang sa kung sino man ang magvavalidate ng words :D

  26. wewe says:

    sent my entry

  27. mike says:

    goodluck talaga hehehe madaming words macrecreate sa anagram and scrabble solver hehehe

  28. Romeo Uy says:

    words assembled sent, I wish to win…

  29. Jeffrey John Imutan says:

    email sent. thanks
    kindly confirm nalang.
    thanks sir Abe

  30. Christian says:

    Entry Sent!
    There are thousands of words there. I hope they are all legit words/ terms and will qualify. Thanks!

  31. mark says:

    yey,,, sana manalo ako!!!

  32. mark says:

    entry sent…

  33. michael dg says:

    Email sent.

  34. Chard B says:

    Sir Yuga, email sent:) good luck to all the entries :)

  35. Jomer Cabrera says:

    email sent! pa verify nalang po :D thanks !~


  37. John Alarcon says:

    Done . sana manalo ako .. :)

  38. Miguel Carlo Ruiz says:

    Just sent my entry

  39. alainL says:

    Foul and offensive words are kinda vague. How do we know if the word offends? Is there a list of words for that?

  40. nemia cabrera says:

    Entry sent.

  41. vincent says:

    email sent!

  42. Sent email for my entry :) Thanks for the opportunity to have have fun with words!

  43. John Carlo G. Carpio says:

    Email sent! Thanks :)

  44. Karen says:

    Entry Sent

  45. Baltazar Mangaliman says:

    Sent mine. Hope everyone would be fair with this contest. Though we know that there is a cheat, don’t be tempted to at least look to it. Its unfair for those people who think it for hours or nights. I hope the admin can resolve it and give the best verdict.

  46. KraM says:

    Entry sent . . . :D

  47. Philsen Padilla says:

    email sent!

  48. Ariel says:

    emails sent, good luck to all of you..

  49. danz says:

    Email Sent Sir!

    Note: sa mga nagtatanong actually madali pa rin itong ivalidate kahit thousands pa ang entries, a workaround would be:
    1. Copy + paste the entries in MS Word.
    2. Delete the words that will be underlined w red/green.
    3. Copy + paste the words in excel.
    4. Go to the end of excel(end of the list).
    5. Check the number and that’s it.

    medyo mahaba pa din pero workable. sayang entry ko feeling ko talo ko 700+ lang nagawa ko, malay ko bang may mga online automation.

  50. diabelle says:

    email sent!

  51. czarina says:

    email sent :)

  52. Pauline Flores says:

    email sent!

  53. Jasper Miguel says:

    Email Sent! :D

  54. vic kristoffer po says:

    sent mine

  55. Ariel says:

    cno po ang winners?

  56. karen says:

    email sent.

  57. aixirt says:

    sino nanalo?

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