Giveaway: LUV Powerland Portable Battery & Charger

Giveaway: LUV Powerland Portable Battery & Charger

We featured the LUV Powerland All-in-One AC Power Charger a few weeks ago had a couple of extra packs left in the HQ to give away. So here’s your chance to have one of these as well (updated: scroll down to the bottom for the list of winners).

If you’re not yet familiar with the LUV Powerland Battery & Charger, check out our initial impressions here.

So here you go! Jump right in!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’d also like to take this chance to introduce our new podcast, Team TechSquad. It’s more about PC, gaming, modding, overclocking and more.


We start accepting entries now and end on Friday. Winners will be announced Saturday.

Updated. Here are our winners!

Congratulations to the two winners of our Battery Pack.

Michelle Talavera

Ryan Brania

Please email us with your complete name, address and contact information so we can give you instructions on how to claim and pick-up your prizes.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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416 Responses

  1. JMBalicano says:

    I currently own a CM Blaze. I’ll be selling it soon though, but I’d still need that charger for the phone that replaces it!

  2. blah says:

    Need it for our iPhone4s and Galaxy Note as my kid is playing those all day…

  3. Stephen says:

    I own a HTC One X which only has a 1800mAh battery. It needs a battery pack! :(

  4. Shirley S. Lim says:

    Which power-hungry gadget that you own badly needs this portable charger?

    My Blackberry phone needs this portable charger badly! :)

  5. Miguel says:

    I really need one of these :)

  6. Ems says:

    my cherry mobile flare.. :)

  7. Exchan says:

    Sali sali rin :D

  8. I’m a techie and a social media addict and as such, I use my iPhone to be able to do my things on different social media sites. I normally charge my iPhone 4s twice or thrice daily. Thus, I badly need this portable battery.

  9. Lindsey says:

    This would work great with my iPhone5. It’s battery is sadly my least favorite part.

  10. Hope i win this! for my CM flare ^^

  11. Exchan says:

    My Galaxy Tab 2

  12. wiel says:

    ipod touch 4

  13. bigmikeMeMe says:

    My up and coming :) Alcatel t10 touch tab which has reviewed by mr. yuga :)

  14. Marc says:

    I think My Xperia P need this one badly. Only low for me on my device is the battery life. :(

  15. Patrick Noel Genio says:

    My power hungry iPod needs this after hours of game play use.

  16. dada says:

    Which power-hungry gadget that you own badly needs this portable charger? My cherry mobile flare ^_^

  17. gherhald says:

    I want this for my iPad :)

  18. dRe says:

    I want this! I always forget to charge my powerbank

  19. doreen says:

    hope I can win this!

  20. council says:

    My iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 could sure need help from these portable battery chargers.

  21. Jor Atienza says:

    Which power-hungry gadget that you own badly needs this portable charger? CM Flare:)

  22. Jay says:

    My really need this charger! My phone only has 1500 mAh so this would come in handy :)

  23. Jep Magpantay says:

    Need it for my S3. ^^

  24. ej gialogo says:

    my nexus 7 and galaxy note need this!

  25. Mac says:

    I need this for my ipad and my nexus phone. Hehe

  26. Istin Dizon Paigna says:

    My CM Flare

  27. Jonathan Lee says:

    Im always on the go with business meetings, and each different countries has their own outlet, with this i can just bring 1 charger with me for my blackberry, iphone and galaxy tab.

  28. Jelo Manongsong says:

    i need it in my blackberry bold 9790! huhu

  29. michaelngo says:

    perfect for my xperia s, ipod touch 5g, nexus 6, and my 3ds xl :(

  30. carl saquitan says:

    Really a must if you are always on the go. Need more power!

  31. al says:

    for my nexus 7

  32. Rene Gatdula says:

    My iPod Touch 4g..

  33. Ralph says:

    I own a universal charger but so far this one is the best I’ve seen. I need this for my Samsung Galaxy SIII and sometimes for my friends that need to recharge.

  34. Alexis says:

    I need it for my Galaxy Note 2 :))

  35. Arthur says:

    My iPhone and my iPad Mini!
    This portable battery and charger will enable me to play Temple Run 2 and Zombie Tsunami all day long while I’m on my trips

  36. Sylvester Jalnaiz says:

    I need it for my only mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy Y) which won’t last a half day of usage.

  37. April Galea says:

    i own iPhone 4s. i need it badly.

  38. Francis Falucho says:

    I need this for my battery hungry Samsung S3.

  39. drew says:

    I own a MyPhone a878 duo. It’s not actually power-hungry but because I always connect it to WiFi to read the latest feeds(especially YUGATECH) and emails that forces me to charge everyday.

  40. Ren Medina says:

    this thing sure is handy with my iPodTouch 4th gen because it easily gets drained now a days. :)

  41. anjorafael says:

    I need this for my Samsung Galaxy S3… :)

  42. Dazed_32 says:

    Ha-ha! Another giveaway promo. Kaya pala andami na namang replies. This is nice. :-D

  43. Carlo says:

    Nexus 7 !!!

  44. Margaret S. Chan says:

    My samsung cellphone because if I have nothing to do I play with it and it consume the battery is just one sitting

  45. jhepoyski says:

    Samsung Galaxy S 3 and my Sony Erricson xperia neo V

  46. Jaybee says:

    My Ipod Touch and my pocket wifi :D

  47. Nico Lagmay says:

    Hehe, hi Yuga. As you know, I have this power hungry S3 by my side… so I would be glad if I can receive this 2nd life :)

  48. Ben M. says:

    My Coby 7042-4 tablet, my Cherry Mobile MF1 and my MyPhone A848 phone. All need portable juice.

  49. Welsh says:

    I need this for my wife’s Ace 2 =)
    She plays a lot of apps and the battery cant catch up

  50. RaffyTan says:

    My iPhone4s needs it badly when I Travel.

  51. jessamer abing says:

    I badly need this portable charger with my iphone5. I’m a nursing student with an indefinite time in the hospital and I really find a hard time to charge my phone at home and sometimes when I badly need the battery it is always empty. That’s why this will help my life!

  52. Leo Rances Garcia says:

    i need this for my iphone4s and my ipad mini

  53. Angel says:

    samsung galaxy tablet

  54. joszef says:

    I want this innovative power bank for my mobile devices..

  55. Arvin says:

    I need this portable charger for my android phone and to power my portable speakers. :)

  56. I want it for my Table and Smartphones !!! Yeah !!!

  57. Digest says:

    My iTouch 4th gen.

  58. Maria veluz says:

    my ipad mini deserves this luv powerland portable battery. Perfect for valntines day. Ipad mini + luv portable battery chrger= kaboom

  59. Jek Inocencio says:

    My iPhone 5, iPod Touch and iPhone 4

  60. quick brown fox says:

    I charge my S3, Nano 4th Gen, Asha 200, and Fiio E07K on a regular basis. Man, do I need this!

  61. Bryan Delos Santos says:

    I Need this for my GS3 and my E-vic (Personal Vaper)!!

  62. Mark Paigna says:

    my CM Flare (s100) that i use to check my emails and notifications throughout the day.

  63. Lei De Guzman says:

    Xperia Acro S and iPod Touch. :)

  64. Princess Snow says:

    i need this for my iphone:)

  65. Tae says:

    Being an inspector by profession, this will really be handy when doing field work reports.

  66. mikcab says:

    Needed for S3 and Note 10.1

  67. mikibabs says:

    this is useful for those who travel frequently =)

  68. Daniel says:

    I need this charger for my Iphone 3gs, Galaxy note and Ipad 4 sana swertehin ako :)

  69. Maria corazon veluz says:

    Meant for my ipad mini. Ipad mini + luv powerland portable battery charger = couldnt as for more HEAVENLY

  70. Allan says:

    Need this for iphone5, galaxy tab2 and htc incredible s. gadgets are useless without power.=)

  71. Gelo says:

    I need this for my ipad mini, and iphone 5.

  72. yazzie19 says:

    i need this for my s3, samsung galaxy chat and for my ipad mini ^_^

  73. kai says:

    I need this for my ipod touch and my portable wifi :)

  74. wilmer says:

    I want to win for my sony phone..

  75. jordan says:

    I need this for my samsung galaxy s3! More power to you guys at yugatech!

  76. I think all my gadgets are power hungry. Anyway, I’m going to use it the following:

    Cherry Mobile Flare
    Onda VI30
    iPod Touch 4th Gen.

  77. al says:

    i need this for my friggin nexus 4!!!!! and ipad 3!!!!!!!!! Huhuhu

  78. Ron says:

    I need this for may Ipad 2 and Iphone 4s.

  79. ching says:

    i wish. :)

  80. Neilbert G says:

    for my Galaxy S3, iTouch4th gen. This is great giveaway. GL to all participants

  81. Mikko says:

    For any powerful Android device, a must have! For my mobile wifi too! <3

  82. JPBV says:

    I need this for my ipod touch and xperia sola!

  83. Erwin V says:

    I would use this to charge my phone, while doing crucial Android development, I fixed battery issues in the kernel at the cost of my phone’s battery, so external juice would really help.

  84. I badly needed one for travel.

  85. brad loo says:

    i want this!

  86. Phil says:

    I need this for my iPhone 4s

  87. Patrick Hernandez says:

    Need this for iPhone 5

  88. Jan says:

    This will be perfect for my gadgets.

  89. Richard says:

    I need this for my nokia 701 and ipod touch.

  90. I need this for Xperia SL..

  91. Jack says:

    I badly need this for my galaxy note

  92. dinno go cedenio says:

    i need this for my nexus 7 and galaxy nexus ;)

  93. Karissa Yu says:

    I need this portable battery charger for my iPad 2, Sony Live with Walkman and Alcatel Glory 2…

  94. Need this for our HTC Desire

  95. Yves says:

    for my phone. power glutony

  96. rye says:

    i need it for my BB 9220 sobrang matakaw sa battery juice. lol

  97. Name: says:

    i need this for my s2, tablet, lgp500, itouch 4th gen

  98. shiela marie fillart says:


  99. Jodel Intrepido says:

    i badly need this gadget since my Samsung Galaxy S3 battery drains out easily

  100. John Abela says:

    could really use this in the fish farm where brownouts are an every day reality.

  101. Need this for my GF’s Ipod Touch 5th gen!!! It would be a nice Valentine’s Gift :)

  102. I need this for various gadgets. Trust me, there are a lot. It’ll be handy too since we travel a lot together, our family.

  103. Mark Pablo says:

    It’s my wife’S iPad 3 32 GB 3G!

  104. ewancoo says:

    i need this for my iphone and android phone

  105. ferdinand sayson says:

    xperia ray

  106. Marco Contiga says:

    My Iphone! I’m on the road all the time :-)

  107. Bjorn says:

    I need this for my iPad mini! :)

  108. Arvee Dagal says:

    Nexus 4

  109. deuts says:

    Of course, the iPhone!

  110. jhayjhay06 says:

    i need this for my LG E739 and Samsung Jet S8000 :)

  111. Definitely need this for my iPhone 5. It died on me after 4:30 hours of running during a full marathon and I was just on my 33rd KM mark!!!! If I had this, I would have been able to record my run using a Nike app where all my runs are recorded. I really felt bad and lost my bragging rights.

  112. ronald says:

    Torque Droidz Portal

  113. Ar-Ar says:

    I need this for my iPod touch, Nokia Phone and for my wife’s sony ericsson phone..hiyaaaah!

  114. peter says:

    Alcatel OT-995 Sapphire. Need ko talaga ito, medyo mabilis maubos yung battery ng phone ko ^^

  115. Julius Delos Reyes says:

    Xperia Arc S

  116. andhoy says:

    would love to win this gadget!!

  117. Jason says:

    Gimme this one.

  118. chrism says:

    I badly need this for my galaxy s3 as its battery drains fast and for my nexus 7 especially when travelling this summer.

  119. Ryan says:

    I need this for my iTouch 4, iPad 3 and iPhone 5.

  120. daniel says:

    my Xperia neo! i need this because summer is coming and i dont want to get empty during the point we arrive at the end of somewhere!

  121. Shakey says:

    For my ipod touch 5! :D

  122. gizette says:

    for my dad’s iPhone!

  123. Leo says:

    I need this for my Samsung Galaxy Tab

  124. jimmz says:

    Nice for my phone

  125. timlacbay says:

    this gadget is a welcome sight for my Huawei E355

  126. ChristianP says:

    It’s for my trusty old S2 :D

  127. arvin says:

    I would really love to have one of these. would be great for my iphone and ipad

  128. dale says:

    for my sister’s s3

  129. lawrence says:

    I need this for my frequent travels! :)

  130. I need this for my iPhone and Huawei E5832! :)

  131. ajdorkee says:

    my dad’s birthday girt to me, S2 :)

  132. epi cent says:

    perfect partner of my HTC desire s :)

  133. Agnes DC says:

    My Globe SuperStick

  134. isleeve_PH says:

    I want one of this for our out-of-town trips for power hungry 3G devices!

  135. Will says:

    I want this for my phone.

  136. Alexis says:

    for my ipad

  137. Lora Esguerra says:

    Smartphone’s greatest disadvantage is it’s short battery life, and I would make good use of this portable charger both for my iPhone5 and android phone.

  138. Philipp says:

    Need this for my iPhone 5. My phone’s juice won’t even last a full day when I’m running on 3G.

  139. Lovely Joy Merced says:

    My iPad

  140. June Justine says:

    I’ll be using this on my CM Flare. At least I won’t be running out of juice whenever I need it.

  141. James says:

    I wanna win this :D

  142. AJ Concepcion says:

    I want this! Please give it to me!

  143. AJ Concepcion says:

    I want this! Please give it to me. My iPhone5 & iPad2 needs some extra juice to last my very busy social life.

  144. vin says:

    galaxy note

  145. ebanrebjr says:

    Galaxy note

  146. Alexis says:

    For my Xperia TX with the huge, juice-gulping screen!

  147. sedfrey says:

    need this so bad for my ace2..

  148. Sep Espiritu says:

    This would be good to my to-be-delivered Samsung S3 mini!

  149. Denzle Miralles says:

    iPhone 4.

  150. Kany Vic Perez says:

    My iPAD

  151. JV S says:

    Playing games/watching videos just zaps the life away of my iPod Touch 5th Gen.

  152. ian says:

    i badly need this for my sgs1 and note1 and ainol tablet. plzzz i really want this!

  153. SeanneY says:

    My Galaxy Nexus and my Nexus 7! Power-user to the max.

  154. Zyra Anne says:

    My Samsung galaxy Cellphone

  155. jeff espe says:

    need this for my one X

  156. joseph lopez says:

    this looks tough enough for my outdoor adventures

  157. Arlie says:

    My new iPad

  158. Aaron says:

    Need this for my IP5!

  159. Garrick says:

    Love the color Orange LUV Powerland Battery & Charger just perfect for my Xperia Pro. :)

  160. Jerrick V. Sampang says:

    I really LUV my Xperia P except for the battery. So I really need and LUV to have this one.

  161. Goerge Arrieta says:

    My only mobile phone.

  162. Victoria Jose says:

    My smartphone

  163. Darren says:

    My Nokia Lumia 820.

  164. Dave Lu Chiu says:

    MY nexus 7! :)

  165. JP says:

    my pocket wifi.

  166. freejosef says:

    Please let me win this awesome gadget for my ipad2!

  167. Raphael says:

    I need this for my Samsung Galaxy Note and its 2500mah battery will also love this. I play games and surf the web most of the time so this will be so useful for my phone. :D

  168. Lea says:

    my tablet :)

  169. Daniel Juarez says:

    for my iPhone and iPad.

  170. Kuya Charlz says:

    My ipod touch

  171. meh says:

    I want to win!

  172. Victor Perez says:

    SAmsung galaxy tab

  173. Ericka Piñon says:

    My Samsung Wave 525

  174. superduperRIEN says:

    My phone, SG-fit

  175. gunz says:

    for my galaxy tab plus..

  176. Ferdinand Angeles says:

    My laptop

  177. Timothy Tan says:

    my nexus 4

  178. Clarence says:

    I want to win :(( :)

  179. arjay says:

    Kailangang kailangan ko ito para sa cherry mobile flare ko na may 1480/1500maH lang. :)

  180. anon says:

    Fingers Crossed

  181. Julie Gonzales says:


  182. Lordan Carreon says:

    my ipad :)

  183. Alexander says:

    my nexus 7 badly needs this!

  184. Jerry Culala says:

    ipad3, iphone4s, ipod touch!

  185. adrian trovela says:

    My flare

  186. jing says:

    my iphone 4s

  187. Biggs says:

    Bumigay na power bank ko. Kailangang-kailangan ko na ito, papi!!!

  188. Biggs says:

    Siyanga pala, para sa Nexus 4 ko ito, papi.

  189. Mary Ann Cuer says:

    for my galaxy tab plus!

  190. Arlene says:

    my iphone 5

  191. Mary Ann Cuer says:

    for my galaxy tab plus

  192. Julio says:

    my galaxy tab 7.0 plus

  193. Chard B says:

    my ipod touch

  194. Mae says:

    my cellphones

  195. Nora says:

    my netphone 701

  196. maryun says:

    this will be best for my s2

  197. niel says:

    I need this for my smartphone :)

  198. Eleu Bolinao says:

    My BlackBerry 8520, coz it consumes more battery power when the Mobile Data Services is on. :)

  199. Chester A. says:

    My galaxy tab 2! so i can play more :))

  200. camz says:

    my O+ 8.5 phone! i literally charge it every night!

  201. edson igloria says:

    bb bold 9000

  202. Rmil Chua says:

    best with my GS2

  203. emmanuel says:

    I need it for my galaxy s3

  204. Lev says:

    Need it for my nexus 4

  205. Ben Astorga says:

    I need it for my power hungry iPhone 4! Please!

  206. rollie says:

    awesome charger battery charger..i need that for my cm flare.

  207. rca says:

    I want this for my nokia n8!!

  208. Seimon Gaitos says:

    My samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 and my LG Prada! Power hungry little monsters!

  209. April says:

    I need this for my note 2 and blackberry! :)

  210. ryan says:

    my sony xperia P and my iPad.. :)

  211. jasonrey says:

    I want this for my HTC One X!

  212. Ced says:

    for my cellphones :)

  213. Bryan Salud says:

    Perfect for my Nokia 3110c. I hope I win this.

  214. Lendel Kenrick Bea says:

    The Ipad.

  215. Charissa says:

    Galaxy S3

  216. Al says:

    Need one for my cellphones! xD

  217. Von Francisco says:

    My smartphone and my itouch

  218. edriangelo paule says:

    i really need one.

  219. Norman Gacias says:

    My galaxy sIII

  220. anthonette clerigo says:

    I need this one for my HK Trip on sat for my iphone and ipad :)

  221. Jan Karen Ku says:

    Galaxy Note 2 :)

  222. I badly need this for my Iphone 4 and Blackberry 9320 especially that i often go out and venture with my friends and blockmates. Often coming from school; meaning i do not have the chance to charge my phones and they’re always connected to FB and twitter (+BBM) 24/7

  223. erwin dhan ladan says:

    perfect for nexus 7 and to my phone = ) .. tacloban

  224. Marc de Dios says:

    Iphone 4s definitely!!!

  225. Reinier Quiambao says:

    My Samsung Galaxy S3 badly needs more juice!

  226. Lester Quindipan says:

    iPad 2!=)

  227. dioren jess says:

    my ITOUCH!!!

  228. Melit de Guzman says:

    Galaxy s2

  229. Andro says:

    perfect for my android phone

  230. Susana Ortiz says:

    my android phone.

  231. markdecastro says:


  232. Angela Fernandez says:

    My android devices! Nexus 7 and Desire HD :)

  233. i need one for my iphone 4s and asus tf201 tablet :P battery guzzlers :P

  234. Joseph Brian Rosauro says:


  235. Edjie says:

    Want One :D

  236. Kweku Clyde says:

    I need this for my Xperia S, it’s a battery hog and doesn’t last a day with radios on.

  237. Kristine says:

    My S3 badly needs this, as well as my pocket wifi!

  238. Cokie Anbochi says:

    My Blackberry is a power hog. I need this to make it last beyond a normal day. It will really help cope as I wait for the next big thing before an upgrade.:D

    And this would really help me be more mobile.:D

  239. Marlon So says:

    my BlackBerry 9900

  240. will use this device with my ipad3 and nokia asha 302 :)

  241. Wendell Tan says:

    I need this for my pocket WIFI

  242. Jovz Salla says:

    My LTE enabled iPhone 5 badly needa this!

  243. Jenny So says:

    my iPhone 5

  244. Carl L says:

    My Galaxy Y and a low-end extra phone! I constantly use them everyday due to my school/work activity so I ought to need extra power juice whenever my phones start to hit on critical battery levels! :)

  245. Manuel So says:

    my Samsung Galaxy S3

  246. Lilia So says:

    my Samsung Galaxy Note 2

  247. Michael So says:

    my Samsung Galaxy S3

  248. Noel says:

    My Xperia Arc S badly need this it always run out of juice quickly whenever I play games or browse the net. Specially during long travels, I use my phone to let time goes by.

  249. Inna says:

    My android phone which has a capacity of only 1400 mAh so I wont have to turn of data to save battery :D

  250. Exequiel John says:

    Will surely be needing this for my upcoming android phone :D *crossfingers* :)

  251. Rey says:

    My daughter’s IPod needs this very badly!

  252. Carlo Mercado says:

    Nexus 7 !

  253. ryan says:

    my sony xperia phone definitely needs this…

  254. my sony xperia p badly need this

  255. Ged says:

    My Nokia phone in case for long brown-out

  256. Rigor Impossible says:

    My Nokia Lumia 620 is so power-hungry, it only lasts for a day or less.

  257. Guillermo Dela Cruz says:

    My Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo needs this portable charger

  258. Sancho Bacagan Jr says:

    my Samsung Galaxy S3 needs that extra battery power! :)

  259. Joseph M. B. Villena says:

    This will quench the thirst for power of my Huawei Honor’s big battery! Looking forward to even longer anime, series, and gaming marathons on it!

  260. Darelle Andrade says:

    I badly need this Portable Charger for my super power eater Cherry Mobile Flare and Nexus 4.

  261. Dexter says:

    My CM Flare needs this!

  262. joevin says:

    luv powerland. the best!

  263. Gilbert Arqueza says:

    I need this portable charger for my iPhone that easily get drained because of my frequent usage of LTE..also for my mediaPad that I’m using during business presentation! Thank you

  264. Laurence Beruin says:

    My Samsung Galaxy Note would gladly want this guy to be her companion!

  265. Rye Ricablanca says:

    For my Samsung Galaxy S3!

  266. Ivy Tolentino-Enriqu says:

    my li’l toby’s huawei tab would like to have this LUV Powerland All-in-One AC Power Charger.

  267. My Samsung Galaxy Note and Blackberry Curve 9220 would totally need this!

  268. yan says:

    i need this for my android! nuff said >XD

  269. ChrisP says:

    for ipad and xperia mini which easily drains battery.

  270. jesse navarro says:

    this is a good product! hope i’ll win it!

  271. Nies says:

    For my iP5 =)

  272. My tab would be happy to get a buddy like this while I travel. Recent travel made me scout for power packs that would be handy on the road!

  273. Andro Umali says:

    My iPhone 5 which I use for surfing, email, work, and music

  274. Gerald Sosa says:

    My IPad badly need this :)

  275. Jowell Javellana says:

    for my HTC One X+, Blackberry, and Ipod

  276. Erika Reyes says:

    My Blackberry needs this. It sucks that I always have to find an electrical outlet every afternoon.

  277. Rob Villa says:

    Daddy needs a new charger!!

  278. lydia says:

    I really need this for my phones!! :)

  279. Michelle Ma says:

    My iPhone4 badly needs a portable charger! It only lasts half of the day even if I get it charged to 100% before leaving the house. I don’t want to run to payphones anymore everytime my batt empties so please let me have this portable charger!!!

  280. joey_don't_knowie says:

    Why do I bother to enter??

  281. Apollo David says:

    for my lumia 900

  282. Sid says:

    I need one of these for my iPhone 4S! Or my Nexus S! Or my iPad 2! Or one of my various iPods!

  283. Howell P. Lucillo says:

    I need this for my Asus Transformer TF300

  284. Alben Matanguihan says:

    I need this for my nokia asha phone

  285. Ariel C says:

    As an outdoor enthusiast, mapping the Cordillera Mountains needs all the technology I can get my hands into including my trusty LG-P500 for it’s amazing GPS capability and select GPS mapping software. Unfortunately, pulsing info from GPS satellites drains twice as much as a regular idle phone waiting for a telco signal. So a LUV Powerland Portable Battery & Charger would make a great difference experience by successfully completing a mapping expedition outdoors w/o lugging too many batteries. Thanks for this opportunity! More power (to us all too, literally…)

  286. My phones will need this lalo na kapag brownout sa amin…

  287. John Santillana says:

    For my Galaxy S3

  288. Patrick says:

    fingers crossed!

  289. jomer cabrera says:

    CM flare

  290. Alwin says:

    I would love to have this LUV Powerland Portable Battery Charger for my smartphone and digicam which always ran out of battery whenever I cover events for my blog

  291. candy says:

    I can use this for my nexus 7 :-)

  292. charles says:

    this would be a great travel companion! :) hope i win!

  293. sahleeh says:

    this will be my new digital lifesaver once my device/s ran out of juice.

  294. Hope O. says:

    I’ll use this to charge my One X.

  295. drumad says:

    Well, if my chances would get me this, it would be an awesome win! But nonetheless, I think it’s nice you’re giving away such nice things :)

  296. Vern says:

    My Kata i1 needs a spare battery pack.

  297. rv nucs says:

    I regularly visit this site on my Nexus 7. I freakin need this gadget!

  298. nemia cabrera says:

    My old nokia phone really needs that!

  299. engelbert cabrera says:

    My samsung galaxy ace!

  300. lei rances says:

    i need this for my iphone 5

  301. Markiii says:

    For my S3

  302. macquinz says:

    xperia V

  303. Marvin says:

    For my Samsung galaxy s3

  304. Rome says:

    CM Flare…

  305. Rome says:

    For CM Flare…

  306. vricafrente says:

    for my S3 while traveling.

  307. Pat says:

    My husband’s galaxy y. He needs it for work, and it’s very power hungry especially when it’s on wifi the whole day.

  308. Denman says:

    I need this portable charger for my iPhone 5, which seems to be power-hungry, especially when cellular data is turned on. I like instantly sharing moments to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, especially when traveling. My friends and I will be going to Coron very soon and this would really be helpful to keep my phone alive.

  309. bariles says:

    My Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy s3

  310. benchmark33 says:

    my power hungry motorola droid razr need this so badly

  311. jp Luna says:

    for my iphone5

  312. starvi12 says:

    for my nexus 7

  313. emignatius says:

    The iPhone 5 definitely needs this especially with LTE already enabled.

  314. Amiel says:

    I’ll use it for my Blackberry. 3G gadgets’ batteries easily get drained. Tsk.

  315. iSSa says:

    my Nexus 4 has serious battery drain issue and this portable battery would help me last the day w/o charging my Nexus

  316. Albert De Silva says:

    I do need this as my battery is not enough for me :(

  317. Vincent says:

    I can use this to power any gadget that can be charged/powered via USB!

  318. Norjhun Garingo says:

    I need this one for my Samsung Galaxy SIII! :D

  319. My iPhone 4 rocks, so many apps, but needs some sort of magic, and here comes LUV Powerland Portable Battery & Charger to make it happen. Roll out the energy to our smartphones! Yeeahh

  320. Chino says:

    My LG optimus LTE2 needs this so badly! Using LTE really drains my battery fast! :(

  321. Louie says:

    i need this for my nokia symbian phone!!!! ahehehe!

  322. Will need this for my hubby’s iPod Touch

  323. Rachelle F. Gonzales says:

    I need this for my Ipad

  324. Migs says:

    I’d use it for my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7.

  325. Christopher Paulin says:

    It’s for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

  326. MJ says:

    use it for my Sony Xperia Ion .. Cherry Mobile Advance and Alcatel Glory X :)

  327. bensy says:

    Excellent for my samsung galaxy note and necus 7

  328. bensy says:

    Excellent for my samsung galaxy note and nexus7

  329. Louis says:

    I need this awesome charger for my smartphone so I can be ready whenever I go out!

  330. Inez Celestino says:

    I need this for my iPhone 5. Haha.

  331. StepSpin says:

    This heavy data user needs all the power he can get!

  332. vic rodriguez says:

    these would be useful for my smartphone!

  333. Jerico M. says:

    i need this for my galaxy 5! :)

  334. wonderful partner to my phone!

  335. Marizza Domingo says:

    This is what my iPhone needs.

  336. John Keanu says:

    I’ve always wanted one of these…

  337. Francis says:

    imma use it for our iPhone 4S, Ainol Novo 7 Aurora and Alcatel OT-995 Sapphire HD.

  338. Franc Loise Ido says:

    I really badly need it. :(

  339. goreshi says:

    my htc desire needs it @[email protected]

  340. k3146045 says:

    my iPad would want one =)

  341. It will be helpful to me if I have these giveaway.

  342. deca says:

    whre cn i buy this??

  343. John Vincent says:

    More power, more yugatech!

  344. Patrick says:

    I’ll use this for my Meizu :D

  345. Mayla Lagrimas says:

    My two android phones,my son loves to play games that’s why I bring 3 phones when we go out.

  346. Leon Victor Uy says:

    Need this for my iPhone 4S and Google Nexus.

  347. My iPod Touch 5 and iPad 4 needs it badly most especially I use these devices for work when I teach and train athletes.

    [email protected]

  348. jenero de guzman says:

    my phone– I use it everywhere I go.

  349. Jirbie Go says:

    my iPhone!

  350. My S3 is a hogger power. Dead bat as early as 2PM. I badly need this power charger.

  351. Harold Isaguirre says:

    my android phone

  352. slither1004 says:

    My phone.

  353. I need this for my phone

  354. jaysan says:

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 NT-7105!

  355. Rhozallino Ramones says:

    Which power-hungry gadget that you own badly needs this portable charger?

    The power-hungry gadget that badly needs this portable charger is my Smartphone, Ipod Touch and PSP.

  356. JC Maala says:

    This will be a good partner for my ipad mini :)

  357. Lester Balante says:

    will use it for IPAD

  358. Rod says:

    You can never have enough battery life.

  359. Allen says:

    This would add juice to my devices whenever I’m on the go. :)

  360. regulus crisostomo says:

    i need this for my xperia p :(
    to play and to watch movies more!

  361. Paulo Bombarda says:

    I need it for my ipad

  362. Carolyn Ong says:

    I need for for my Samsung Tab

  363. CR says:

    My HD7 windows phone does not last a day on a single charge…

  364. Aleya Albert B. Rama says:

    I have a hand-me-down iPad 2 that had a battery inefficiency recently. It gets drained off after appx. 6hrs even on stand-by. I tried to look for portable battery and chargers but they are quite expensive. I’ll try my luck here.

  365. Marjay says:

    Nice power bank!
    I really need something like this for my outdoor trips.

  366. Lorena Vicedo says:

    For my iPad! Badly need it!

  367. Elton P. Quiamco says:

    My BB 9700 and E71

  368. Froilan says:

    Sana LUV, ika’y mapasa-akin. Ito’y isang simpleng wish sa aking darating na kaarawan. Sakto ito sa aking iPhone 4S. Salamat po. =)

  369. Rowen Bombarda says:

    I need for for my Samsung Tab

  370. Jovany Bombarda says:

    I need it badly for my laptop :)

  371. Jun Peralta says:

    Need this for my iphone5!

  372. Mikee Garcia says:

    I really need this portable charger for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus. It was very convenient for me in my studies, socialization and most especially on our out of town trips that’s why when there are no electrical outlets to plug a charger, a portable charger is very helpful.

  373. Nforcr says:

    For my Nexus 4

  374. Ace Mendoza says:

    For my phone :)

  375. Denmark says:

    For my Xperia Sola, cant last for one whole day. I need LUV Powerland Portable Battery & Charger badly!

  376. jcrico says:

    My Blackberry needs a portable battery and charger! :)

  377. Don says:

    My Blackberry Playbook and iPhone 4S, but I don’t want to carry 2 different chargers all the time..

  378. Vanessa Rose Palacio says:

    The power-hungry gadget that I own badly needs this portable charger is my laptop! <3

  379. Alex Ku says:

    My Samsung Note’s GPS is always on the go and has been hippo hungry!

  380. Marni says:

    This would be perfect for my iPad 2 and Note 2. :)

  381. Rachel Anne Del Rosa says:

    For my son’s 2nd hand Ipad.

  382. I desperately need this for my iPhone! Y’all know how the iPhone sucks power fast! Ha ha!

  383. Lendel Kenrick Bea says:

    The Ipad

  384. Lourdes Bea says:

    Ipad 2

  385. Leonard Kerwin Bea says:


  386. Marc says:

    I will used it in charging my phone

  387. Vincent says:

    I am using a Samsung Ace for more than a year now, battery is always running low. Have a work that always demand out of the office and this will really help me a lot.

  388. My cell phone need it bad.

  389. Stephen Marin says:

    I will use this to power my Ainol Novo 7 Advanced II tablet.

  390. Mitchie Talavera says:

    My phone

  391. I’m going to give it to my sister who is timing, cause her laptop —which an Acer notebook— ac charger is broken.

  392. rdjgonzales says:

    my cellphone

  393. Jaycellmae Penados A says:

    i need it so bad..

  394. Alexis David says:

    I need this for my Note 2 :)

  395. darren philip mozo says:

    Congrats po.

  396. ryan brania says:

    OMG!! first time manalo sa online raffle.. sobrang salamat yugatech. number 1 talaga kayo sakin. araw-araw kong binibisita site niyo for tech news.. :)

  397. As the admin of this website is working, nno uncertainty very shortly itt will be well-known, due to its feature contents.

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