Giveway: Huawei E5151 Pocket WiFi

Giveway: Huawei E5151 Pocket WiFi

Last month, we featured Huawei’s new pocket WiFi — the E5151. The router supports up to 10 devices and has provisions for a LAN or ethernet port.

While most people would scoff at the LAN port, it’s actually very useful when you travel a lot and stay in hotels where they only have wired internet in the rooms (and I travel around a lot so this is what I often bring on trips).


You can check out more about this device here. It’s now available in stores with prices between Php3,500 to Php4,500.

If you still can’t afford one, we’ll just give away one of these, alright? So here you go.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Updated: Contest Winner — Pipo del Rosario. Congrats! Please email us for details on how to claim your prize.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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570 Responses

  1. Jep M. says:

    I really need this one!
    Good luck to everyone. ^^

  2. dayanatuna says:

    Yayy!! *fingers crossed*

  3. I’ll WI-GO, wifi on the go. I have some gadgets that I always bring with me and having this pocket wifi will let me do my usual thing online, as I need to be always connected.

  4. Ma Pagcaliwangan says:

    I’m going to win this! ;)

  5. norman gacias says:

    drone nofone

  6. dada says:

    i hope i win this.. ^_^

  7. norman gacias says:

    drone nofone wifi

  8. Adolf28 says:

    The best pocket wifi :D

  9. HMMMM says:

    I want to win ^_^

  10. Gideon says:

    I want this one. Hope I win. Wait, what are the mechanics for this?

  11. Francis Falucho says:

    The Walking Wifi

  12. Lovely Joy Merced says:

    On the go Wifi!

  13. Daniel says:

    I would name this wifi as “Virusito” lol.

  14. stark says:

    50php an hour

  15. Aaron Delapaz says:

    10th High Wifi!

  16. If I were to name the pocket WIFI ID, it would be “rjdexplorer” :D

  17. Nadine says:

    I would name it “Paradise” because I will be in paradise knowing I can go online anytime and anywhere with my gadgets with this pocket wifi!

  18. pink2graphy says:

    I’d call it Fifi the Pocket Wifi

  19. leo garcia says:

    hooray for Huawei my pcoket wifi

  20. Don says:

    Aim High Wifi.

  21. Pow says:

    Don’t be leeching my wifis

  22. Adrian Magtuto says:


  23. RoSe says:

    I’d name it Shmai Cookies. It’s a pet name that we plan to call out future business. :)

  24. Sancho Bacagan Jr says:



  25. Melit de Guzman says:

    Saya Huawei :D

  26. Spermin says:

    Pretty fly for a WiFi it is! :D

  27. Mark Anthony Tejada says:

    I want to win that.

  28. pocket WiFi’s ID: Way-Fi away

  29. ralph says:

    super wifi !!

  30. julius nunez says:

    sana ako manalo. hehe

  31. mang andhoy says:

    i hope i could win this one, wanting to have wifi in our home :)

  32. russ_85 says:

    i want it so badly! 0_0

  33. Jumar says:

    yes to free gadgets!

  34. Carolyn S says:

    I’d name it HuaWEI-TO-GO (like when you order to take out) because you can bring it anywhere with you hehe


  35. Kilbaine says:

    Me want!

  36. Crystal Kate Raymund says:


    – this is my super awesome trademark name hihi

  37. Marc Chua says:

    Wifi on the go

  38. Rowel says:

    I will set the ID to “TravelMateWifi”

  39. R. San Diego says:

    Kendrify- Kendra+wifi lolz

  40. pocket WiFi’s ID: mY Way-Fi OF mINE

  41. Jay Pee says:

    Wifi for Free! I hope i get this!

  42. Ella Dalistan says:

    i’ll name it “WHY_FI” hehehe

  43. huwaaaaawwww!!eei it’s sexy MY WIFI

  44. WIFI ID: “Too Fast Lane Wifi”

  45. Jonas Jamisola says:


  46. iamtonypet says:

    I’d call mine: NachoWifi (Not Your Wifi) :)

  47. Kevin Duenas says:

    Wifi ID: Pocket Rocket!!

  48. Mark Anthony Tejada says:

    Huawei of Life..

  49. frank says:

    i wonder if other models of this device cost a little bit less

  50. Kayziel Contreras says:

    Small but terrible!

  51. Joselma Rom Gumapac says:

    wifi on the go!

  52. Rene Gatdula says:

    ‘TeamTechSquad SurveillanceTeam’

  53. jdcastro says:


  54. sykes says:

    i’ll call it “TheDopeSpeed”

  55. paul e. says:

    pocket wifi ID: guess_what?

  56. jhoanne says:


  57. Mahlditality says:

    If you were to name this pocket WiFi’s ID, what would it be? “Get Your Own Wifi Bitch”

  58. Ronin says:

    I’ll name it alphanumericpassword, so those with logic can use jump in.

  59. Jayson Kho says:

    Imperial Walker

  60. Wanna go high?Beat this Pocket WIFI! (lol)

  61. christine batiller says:

    travel wi-fi

  62. ronald says:

    Lightning WiFi

  63. jerome pelayo says:

    baka dito manalo na ako ng malaki :D


  64. eman lacuata says:

    just what i needed.. :)

  65. nincompoop says:

    Where can I get one priced at 3,500?

  66. Ren Medina says:

    I’d name that as:

    The Walking Net

  67. Ric Michael says:

    Why oh wifi? Here’s why!

  68. Domdom Amarado says:

    Pocket Wifi For ME :D

  69. blast87 says:

    I will call it “MyWorld” :)

  70. gie cruz says:

    G-fly WiFi

  71. rider555 says:

    I’d name this MiniRider!

  72. Ronnie Cruz says:

    If you were to name this pocket WiFi’s ID, what would it be?

    I’d name it Friend WIth beneFIts :)

  73. Paulo ducut says:


  74. tonski says:


  75. Alfonso Torres says:


  76. mjworkz says:

    pocket WiFi’s ID: Sky Dragon’s Wifi ^_^

  77. wiel says:


  78. Edith says:

    Wifi ng ina mo!

  79. Mykatok says:

    This will save my life in the future. I know it. :)

  80. rodney valles says:

    wifi hurricane.

  81. Christian Agana says:

    I’d call it
    WLAn lang! haha

  82. Alex Castillo says:

    @ALEXccastillo E5151

  83. lorenz says:

    Paypay Wifi

  84. Neil Nyel says:

    nice to have for people who have several gadgets…err like me! hehe

  85. I’d name this awesome wifi:

    “Hide yo kids, hide yo wifi”

  86. rodney valles says:

    wifi hurricane

  87. Robert Jonathan Chan says:

    my peek a boo wifi

  88. carl says:

    Not a bad thing to always be connected.

  89. claire says:

    I am yours

  90. Jason Rey says:


  91. ishi says:

    i need this please come to me baby.

  92. Jose Alfonso says:

    ID: BukoFi :)

  93. Wil says:

    Hope I’ll win!

  94. Mitzi Villanueva says:

    Pocket Fi

  95. jeffrey says:

    huawifi hehe

  96. LunaTech says:

    i will name it “Free WiFi”

  97. Istin Dizon Paigna says:

    subukan mong kumonek, isusumbong kita sa kuya ko.

  98. bacud lerio says:

    yugapocket ^_^

  99. @iamsantelmo says:

    pocket WiFi’s ID: [email protected]

  100. KAREN BERNARTE says:

    “No password Wifi” ^_^

  101. Jelo Manongsong says:

    Wifi All You Can! :)

  102. Belinda Ibañez says:


  103. Gian L. Pacaña says:


  104. jon says:

    I will win this. :)

  105. Jay says:

    I got my EYE on this WIFI

  106. jon says:

    “I connect WiFi”

  107. april anne yanga says:

    Wifi for all

  108. jon says:

    “WiFi Go”

  109. bernard says:

    My Precious WIFI

  110. Corinne F. says:


  111. Rhozallino Ramones says:

    Its Good to Die WIFI!

  112. Steve del Castillo says:


  113. darenn r says:

    Free wifi, no internet:)

  114. jums says:

    “CIA Restricted Access”

  115. Laurence Beruin says:

    “Let’s Play the Guessing Game!”

  116. Mon says:

    FBI Surveillance Van #2.

  117. Susana Irenea Loyola says:

    “The Time Traveller’s WIFI”

  118. billy hung says:

    connect connect

  119. Melanie Esponilla says:

    “Twenty per Hour”

  120. peter says:


  121. ephsue says:

    I came to win. haha

  122. Biggs says:


  123. Uchiha Yueh says:


  124. Mj says:

    Wifi WiFi Huawei!

  125. techatbp says:

    we are also giving away nokia 206! click my name!

  126. Kim Simon says:

    “strictly for android”

  127. Marvin Rae says:


  128. Annabelle Pamisa says:


  129. engrjayze says:

    Mount Erebor

  130. zer0ice says:

    If I were to win this, I’d call this YugaWiFi! ^_^

  131. charlie says:

    The amazing wifi :)

  132. Jasper says:

    This is great!

  133. Russel says:

    If I were to win, I shall name it as: “Ready, Set, Connect!”

  134. mikibabs says:

    very useful for family outing with lots of wifi gadgets tagging along.

  135. JPBV says:

    I’d name her “prettify my wifi” :D

  136. Precious says:

    Only If You Help Me Pay For It

  137. Apollo says:

    I’d nme it as Yugawei Pocket Wifi

  138. Margaret S. Chan says:

    dependable wifi

  139. isleeve_PH says:

    Can’t wait to share the connection using this one!

  140. josie says:

    I need this pocket wifi

  141. s says:

    everyday huawei

  142. JP says:

    I was thinking of getting a Smart Bro Pocket Wi-Fi device, but if I win, I won’t need to buy anymore. This device has the features I need, and then some. Hehe. :)

  143. sarz49 says:


  144. Patrick says:

    I hope I win.

  145. Ton66 says:


  146. JP says:

    The ID would be: “Wi-Fi in my pocket!” (like the Alanis Morissette song). Hehe. :)

  147. josie says:

    super wifi

  148. nino says:

    “wifi buddy”.. i hope i can have this one:)

  149. Arvee Dagal says:


  150. gunz says:

    sna manalo ako..need it badly..

  151. I will name Huawei E5151 Pocket WiFi as “MyE5151”

  152. Robby says:

    wow! Ayos to ah..

  153. Mike says:

    A Pocket of Me, You, Us!

  154. Name: says:

    Nice Guy’s WiFi

  155. Harold Isaguirre says:

    Wififi :)

  156. JC says:

    SSID: Donations Accepted

  157. Elton says:

    “Whither Wifi.”

  158. cid says:

    NOT FREE Public Wi-Fi

  159. chrism says:

    I will name this device “unidentified network”

  160. Bryan says:

    *major droolage*
    must… have… e5151…

  161. Anthony Borlado says:

    Connect At Your Own Risk!

    Then enjoy!

  162. Jeffrey John Imutan says:

    G-Spot(Giveaway Hot-Spot)

  163. Bryan says:

    MYNT. Nothing special, no explanation needed.

  164. Jill Santos says:

    Rife Life Wifi

  165. zasam says:

    Free Virus

  166. Alfredo says:

    I want one!

  167. pakaulaw says:

    Bumili ka ng sarili mong internet

  168. Alfredo says:

    “BawalMakiConnectUnlessSinabiKo!!!!” for my SSID!

  169. roydelity says:

    sana manalo ako nito…

  170. mon says:

    “Free Hacked Wifi”

  171. cheviibato says:

    Ill name it: wififi

  172. Erwin V says:

    I would name it “Free SM Wifi” :P

  173. Raisa Aquino says:


  174. CliffRosario says:

    wifi id: “Made in China”
    *I used this name too before with an old huawei

  175. jorussic says:

    If you were to name this pocket WiFi’s ID, what would it be?

    I would name it SexyAbe. Or HuawAbe.

  176. CliffRosario says:

    wifi id: ” Akala mo lang meron pero wala wala”
    -yes I did used this too.. haha.. lol

  177. Ralp says:

    Free Malware Virus hehe.

  178. cirla09 says:

    wifi id: virus

  179. Vanessa Rose Palacio says:

    If I was to name this pocket WiFi’s ID, it would be named after my baby boy’s name, bbMiCoWiFi! <3

  180. I would name it tyler. After my favorite store line :D

  181. George Bryan Arrieta says:

    The name would be:

    “The Last Fast Wifi Portal”

  182. George Bryan Arrieta says:


  183. consumer says:

    I’ll name it HUAHUAWEE!

  184. Daz says:


  185. pfb says:

    “NBI Surveillance Team”

  186. Anju drew says:


  187. Michael says:

    “PW protected”

  188. JMataac says:

    I’ll name it: Huawei Wiwowu

  189. eJ says:

    wifi id: “LTE”

  190. JM Vergara says:

    Perfect partner to my new Nexus7!

  191. Rojean De Castro says:

    Wi-Fi ID: EdsaWiFi

  192. YvsRdn says:

    I will name it as Cosmological Constant. :)

  193. Jay Ermitano says:

    Bawal Magtether Dito!

  194. Aurio M. says:

    i’ll baptize it, ‘HackIfYouCan’

  195. JacQ says:

    Name: Huawei — The Dark Knight

  196. Mac Carlos De Luna says:


  197. albert says:

    WiFi for my wifey!

  198. superduperultramegamightyactiveeverlastingpowertothemaxvirus

    but for a short one, will use:

    “superduperultramegavirus” :p

  199. Warren SJ says:

    Unknown Network =)

  200. Jayvee says:

    Get HOOKED with the Huawei E5151

  201. mang andhoy says:

    the name would be “wifi weee free” :)

  202. rdjgonzales says:


  203. Paulo Feliciano says:

    Wifi ID: hide yo kids. Hide yo wifi

  204. emman says:

    virus found!!!

  205. Quincy says:

    maybe huawei nimbus.

  206. acecast says:

    Braking the 3G chain. Freedom.

  207. Sikwate says:

    Wee-Fee for Mee!

  208. Brent says:

    “Huawei E5151 Pocket WiFi”

  209. IANVARIVS says:

    “Good Luck Guessing”

  210. Blgr says:

    I’ll call it “Zimternet”

  211. John Ray Hernani says:


  212. Peejay says:

    I’ll call it “XXX”.

  213. arman says:

    kwek-kwek, password: bugok

  214. Mark says:

    “My Pocket WiFi”

  215. Annabelle Pamisa says:

    Dream On

  216. Benjamin Yap says:


  217. warfab says:

    I’d call mine MFABENET :D

  218. Sims says:

    Huawei E5151 Wifi

  219. Rodel Urot says:

    Up Up Up And HUAWEI!

  220. Jerry Culala says:

    i will call it wifi-ko-to :)

  221. yeye says:

    yeye2x = yeyeyeye hahaha

  222. Mila says:

    “No Internet Connection”

  223. hm… I think it would be “Dadodes”

  224. Alexander Genvarev says:


  225. jing says:

    virus alert :)

  226. Julio says:

    kunek aniwer

  227. Nora says:

    wei-fei :)

  228. HUA!!! Free WEIpay… :D

  229. iamlhuvz says:


  230. meh says:


  231. Hayatte says:

    PNP Surveillance Wifi

  232. niel says:

    “Good Guy Greg” …hahahha

  233. vince says:


  234. Welsh says:

    R2D2 or Welsh5

  235. Karissa Yu says:

    The MiniFi :D

  236. Oliver Yau says:

    Fly your WiFi

  237. Ron says:

    On the Fly Wifi

  238. PWYT

    Pocket Wifi Yugatech TeamTech

  239. We fly your WiFi connection

  240. TiBs says:

    Virus and Trojan

  241. Macky says:

    Wayfay! :)

  242. Nico Lagmay says:


  243. hikariGN says:

    I would name the ID: wantwifipay

  244. Maria veluz says:


  245. Bren Ebrada says:

    Pocket ROuter: Connect here, connect there!

  246. Dave Lu Chiu says:

    Free Public WIFI =))

  247. Smokescreen says:

    WiFi WiFu WiFi

  248. ChardsB says:

    surefi wifi

  249. byker says:

    hey i want this

  250. jaypheeslabog says:


  251. Lester Lim says:

    MyFi YourFi Wifi!

  252. Romar Cabinta says:

    “Subukan mong kumonek, uumbagan kita”

  253. tons says:

    I hope i win

  254. BeckMD says:


  255. Jerrick Sampang says:

    Wifey! :p

  256. Marvin says:

    I’m going to name it…. “JUAN”…. wala lang, trip ko e! :-)

  257. Sep Espiritu says:

    “Earth FlyBy”

  258. Nhoel says:

    letche ingay videoke nio
    -yan,para tamaan mga maiingay samin!

  259. freejosef says:

    “The best mifi device in the world!”

  260. evan says:


  261. pwdequina1 says:

    Twitter: pwdequina1

    “McDonalds Wifi” :)

  262. Rizza Licayan (@swee says:

    power wifi!

  263. allan poblete says:

    not your ordinary wifi

  264. Daniel Sandimas says:

    Mobile Wifi for Everyone!

  265. kris says:

    pocket wifi nano hahaha

  266. Leo Constantino says:

    If you were to name this pocket WiFi’s ID, what would it be? (Sample: “Pretty Fly for a WiFi)

    “Hooray for Huawei”

  267. Jerry Merced says:

    Web in my pants!

  268. Ryan says:

    “wifi on the go (anytime,anywhere)”

  269. Jay Soriano says:

    “FREE WIFI” –> password protected =))

  270. darryll angeles says:

    dota wifi incoming!

  271. Marizza Domingo says:

    WiFi Huawei Style :)

  272. I would name it: PokeWiFi

  273. damnvixen says:

    hahaha wifi name would be: asakapa

  274. seimon gaitos says:


  275. robert says:

    “Won this pocket WiFi”

  276. ChrisP says:

    The Walking Wi-Fi

  277. niel kangkangkoy says:

    “Free Wifi For Everyone”

  278. neilnocom says:

    Just give me this! I never won any raffle

  279. Earl Alcoseba says:

    i would name mine “HuaweiFei4Mei”

  280. tyn says:

    huawei pocket wifi = tech on my pocket

  281. Francis Javier says:

    Huawei Highway: Pay Toll!

  282. johnlee says:

    ill name it “niggga property”

  283. guccci says:

    name… uhhmm…. HUAWAI-FALAIFAI-WIFI! :))

    kidding… WirelessON

  284. April says:

    Will name it “IdiditHuawei!”

  285. js says:

    connectify. lol

  286. jemjem says:

    id: lord of wi-lan
    password: my precious

    because ill search the world just to have e5151

  287. Werdnazner says:


  288. Tim Lacbay says:

    I would name it “Internet Police Network”

  289. rafsison says:


  290. Alexis Bernard Batal says:

    free wifi!

  291. harayers says:


  292. Minxwin says:

    I’d name it… MinxWifi

  293. goodha says:

    pocket why-pay

  294. Vince says:

    Huawei Hooray!!!!

  295. As usual, I would name mine as “Itim na Lupa”.

  296. Edgar says:

    Ibigay mo na sa akin to Sir Yuga! Please?

  297. Ryan Mortiz says:


    Ang haba ang Name hahaha! Sipsip mode Ur Site and Ur name ^_~ Tribute to u :)

  298. Ryan Mortiz says:


    Ok din sya hahahaha ^_^ Alternate name :)

  299. Deliriumtrigger says:


  300. Edjie Apines says:

    Want it!!!

  301. dandy Fernandez says:


  302. Wendell Tan says:

    Y U have no internet

  303. Mikko says:


  304. Edward says:



    Wireless Fidelity OTG

  306. james says:

    i want! :)

  307. Chito Reyes says:


  308. Garrick says:


  309. darwinpogi says:

    Dada MyFi

  310. Ferdinand Angeles says:


  311. Jorge says:

    Free Wifi for A Month

  312. May Alcones says:

    HROBOT – (Huawei Robot)

  313. Alfonso says:


  314. Guimo Dela Cruz says:

    I want this device

  315. Rey says:

    This will be very helpful!

  316. Jose Jurado says:

    This Pocket Wifi will Self Destruct in 5 Seconds…

  317. jhuen ching says:


  318. Jason Bourne says:


  319. Edward Simtoco says:


  320. Ferdie dela Cruz says:


  321. daniel says:

    i’ll name it:


    because I love to share my stuffs haha :)

  322. Jenero de Guzman says:

    Free Public Wifi

  323. Elmyr Cruz says:

    I would name it “Sponsored by Yugatech”

  324. Agnes Dc says:

    FlyHigh my WiFi

  325. Wowie015 says:

    High Flyer

  326. rica says:

    amazing wifi

  327. exequieljohn says:

    Reach The Sky WIFI :D

  328. Redball says:

    Want one!

  329. Josephine Gregorio says:

    name would be:

    “Bawal kumonek, bukas pwede”

  330. Benmarlowe Obra says:

    HighFive WiFi

  331. Jelo says:

    “Bayad muna bago konek”

  332. Jelo says:

    “Bayad muna bago kabit”

  333. russell says:

    police precinct wifi

  334. BENCHMARK says:

    Why Fay Wifi

  335. Mara Mina says:

    Hmm… “Stairway to Heaven”

  336. Angelito says:


  337. Cha says:

    Pocket Buddy

  338. Cha says:

    Pocket Buddy Wifi

  339. Lee Ian Magpantay says:

    “Free Wifi yesterday”

  340. Carolyn Ong says:

    Mini wify

  341. Roy says:

    I would name this device “Wifi On The Go”

  342. Keizi Winn Igtiben says:

    Wifi for you and me

  343. Carlyle says:

    Wifi Thunder

  344. WEW! I want to win this for my hubby babe. he need this

  345. Say says:


    “jazzing wifi”

  346. lesleybrooke says:

    WiFry! :D

  347. Roland Savellano says:

    “No pay for WIFI”

  348. Ve del Rosario says:

    I’d name it VOLTES…..WI..FI!

  349. Jhayr Savellano says:

    shomai wifi…

  350. ariane dela cruz says:

    “Please insert coin wifi” :))
    or “no available free wifi, try again next time”

  351. NomFranc says:


  352. Andria de guzman says:


  353. Lester Balante says:


  354. Jonathan Lee says:

    pocket full of connection

  355. Mark Pablo says:


  356. Eds says:

    Ill name it Libre

  357. Glenn says:


  358. Marvin says:

    Amazing wifi

  359. paul says:


  360. melxan says:

    instant wifi under the sky

  361. Noel says:

    WiFi on the go!

  362. Emmalyn C. Salavaria says:

    S power wifi

  363. Abed M. says:

    Maybe I want too :)

  364. Phil says:

    I wanna win!

  365. Messie says:

    Wowee! Huawei Wi-fi!

  366. Mr. Chris says:

    Hoping to win this one to pair up with my Asus Nexus 7 wifi.

  367. dianne david says:

    techquie wei

  368. karen yau says:

    Powerful WiFi

  369. Lei says:

    Hmm.. since the example is a song title then I’ll probably name it as “drop it like its HOTspot” :P

  370. Faye says:

    Connect at your own risk

  371. Karen Ku says:

    Black Beauty

  372. BA says:

    No more ad-hoc! Hehehe

  373. Arra Odeza says:


  374. jason says:

    wifi party

  375. Awee Tallungan says:

    “hidden ssid” or “no access”

  376. chino says:

    Huawei to!

  377. kristina says:

    Wonder wifi!! I want this…..

  378. Jo Narca says:

    I’ll name it, “Mainit Dito”

  379. Kim Anthony Faderon says:

    Island Surfer

  380. Rainier Maquilan says:


  381. Dianne Genson says:

    Y U NO get your own wifi?!

  382. mark Pineda says:


  383. Gerald Sosa says:


  384. Eunice Cai says:


  385. Emmanuel says:

    Huawei BlackBox

  386. Elsie Sulapas says:

    wifi anywhere :)

  387. Francisco Reyes says:

    id name it “nice try” haha

  388. Francisco Reyes says:

    id name it “nice try” for those who try connecting to it haha

  389. Monnette U Lopez says:

    I would name it ” wii fee”. Sounds cute!

  390. Angela Santos says:

    “No pets allowed”

  391. clara reyes says:

    wifi for all

  392. Mark Kevin says:

    HuaweiFi! haha

  393. Charlz Vic Perez says:

    Fayfi, the amazing dala dalang wifi ni charlz

  394. Siegfred Correa says:

    I’d name mine Wanderlust.

  395. Sarah Mae Villarma says:

    Fly High with Wifi :)

  396. Rico says:

    Wi-Fi Everything

  397. I’d name it “T1-Internet”

  398. Noli says:

    greater high with portable wifi :)

  399. Camm says:

    Having a portable Wi-Fi router is awesome!

  400. Camm says:

    I’d name it Wifey!

  401. PaulC says:

    Black Mamba :)

  402. Elinor Semira says:

    WaFi – (Wa)lang Wi(Fi)

  403. Julie gOnzales says:

    the one

  404. Eloesita Valderama says:

    Hello Huawei-fi

  405. Timothy says:

    Wag nakaw WiFi

  406. Bernadith Villa says:

    hope to win

  407. mary jane quintana says:


  408. “Virus! No Connection!”

  409. Louie Tan says:

  410. Cesar says:

    I’d name it “OverLord”

  411. Mae says:

    Id name it di waley si huwaei

  412. Roy says:

    I’d name it “pocket friend”

  413. Jessamen Lopez says:

    I’d call it, “Huawei, Everyday Okay”

  414. kany vic perez says:


  415. zyra Anne says:

    hubby ;)

  416. Joehlyn Grace Bites says:


  417. Victoria Jose says:

    my fi hehe

  418. rv says:

    super wifi :)

  419. kuya charlz says:

    my love …

  420. Victor Perez says:


  421. Elton says:

    This is a baby!!!!!!!

  422. brian dy says:

    i’d call it “Good Guy Huawei”
    (from the meme “Good Guy Greg”) and share my connection to everyone.

  423. vincent says:

    damn huli ka.

  424. rc_kunoichi says:

    I’d name it: “One (Pocket) Wifi To Rule Them All”. Hahaha. Nerd. :p

  425. mj says:

    I’ll name it “Wifey” =)

  426. camz says:

    HUAWi-fi ;)

  427. Jacob Juanillo says:

    I’d name it “Wi-Fi High Detector”

  428. Alfred Gallegos says:

    I will name this router WeeFee!! This is what I planned to name my next wi-router. :D

  429. Elinor Semira says:

    Wafiya :)

  430. Soul Annihilator says:

    I’ll name it Smart Bro :-D

  431. Arjay says:

    ID name would be: HUAWEIYEHEI….

  432. Rho says:

    Huawie Pocket High Wifi

  433. Ken says:

    Huawaii Baby

  434. Peggy Humbracht says:

    Igo where yougo with wifi

  435. mary reana says:

    Huawei Yepey Wifi

  436. David Haug says:

    Hu Wi Fi for 10

  437. jenny p esplana says:


  438. Manilyn Narca says:


  439. lily says:

    It would be “Super Hu-wi-fi!”

  440. joshua paul perry says:

    cuttie pie huawei wifi

  441. Loreson says:

    Why 3.1416?

  442. Mark Que says:


  443. Jaemuel says:

    Huawei Love ?

  444. kenneth yau says:

    Kenneth Yau WiFi

  445. Gizette Cao says:


  446. Jerick McSnatch says:

    Kuya Jerick Wifi.


  447. Von F says:

    Ice Cream Truck

  448. abigail ong says:

    Wei Fai

  449. Don Refuerzo says:

    LANFi :P

  450. Miker says:


  451. Blue says:

    IP on walls

  452. vic rodriguez says:

    your very own wifi high!

  453. Adelle Santos says:


  454. Ivan says:

    No way, Huawei?? Yes please :D

  455. Pick me Pick me!!! This will help me so much

  456. Bern says:

    If you were to name this pocket WiFi’s ID, what would it be? Maybe Connectify Mobile

  457. Alben Matanguihan says:


  458. HubbyFi – it’s gonna be like my partner wherever I go :)

  459. Clifford M. says:

    I would name through a song… “Yugatech… Too legit to quit (huawei…) Yugatech… Too legit to quit…(huawei…)

    wifi… wifi… wifi… wifi… wifi (many times)”

  460. Carleen says:

    I’ll call it: Waypay. The Tagalog way of pronouncing it! Lol~

  461. Kenth says:

    My wife will love this wifi … :)

  462. I’ll name it “My H5151”

  463. I’d name the pocket Wifi — sam witWeeFee, because “WeeFee” is how I first learned to read the term “WiFi” and I name my gadgets after Transformers characters. This baby will fit right in. Please make me win :)

  464. Lorie says:

    Luv this megaFi Wifi. :)

  465. VE del Rosario says:

    No one can beat Voltes…Wi….Fi!
    Need this for our mobile devices! please please!

  466. Francis Falucho says:


  467. ricky says:


  468. Marc Damayo says:

    PortaFi- “Portable Wifi”

  469. sherry ann gole cruz says:


  470. Caleb Bañares says:

    High-Fi ?

  471. Mark says:

    I will name it, Wow-Fi!

  472. Ged says:

    it pronounce as Hu-wa-wey.
    So I would name it, HUAFI :)

  473. Adrian Calabano says:

    I will name it Wi-fly!

  474. Alston Cue says:

    I’d name it OhMyWiFi!

  475. Reymond says:

    Myfi wars

  476. Rainer Yabut says:

    Wifi Xpress

  477. Norika shayne says:

    why pay :)

  478. alfredo miguel cruz says:


  479. dioren jess says:

    i would name it Free Public Wifi

  480. Mayla Lagrimas says:

    Wi Fi if you can get it free! from just join the raffle for this Huawei e5151 pocket wifi!

  481. Jasper Santiago says:

    ” ThisIsNotYourWiFi “

  482. Vanessa Rose Palacio says:

    who won po here? ty! <3

  483. roy says:

    wala pang winner?

  484. superdan says:

    me want that wifi thingie :D


    sino pong nanalo?

  486. cocoie says:

    congrats.. hindi na naman ako… sino pa ibang nanalo… sabi and the winners are….??

  487. Lei says:

    @Roland & @Cocoie, Entry #160Pipo d.

    Updated: Contest Winner — Pipo del Rosario. Congrats! Please email us for details on how to claim your prize.


  488. Allen says:

    i found the site also selling this unit, i want to buy one, anybody who want to buy together?

  489. Julie Pena says:


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