The YugaTech Great Gadget Giveaway

The YugaTech Great Gadget Giveaway

As promised — YugaTech is giving away tons, I mean hundreds, of gadgets starting this New Year.

We’ve got truckloads of stuff to hand out to our regular readers here. A dozen of these cool Modu phones, a couple of 3G-capable MSI Wind netbooks, hundreds of 3G dongles and Php120,000 worth of pre-paid load cards.

All in all, we have over Php300,000 of prizes to give away. That doesn’t end there. We’ll be having some more mystery prizes along the way too.


I’d like to thank Globe Telecom, our sponsor for the give-aways. They’ve been very supportive and wanted to reach out to fans of YugaTech so think of this as their little way of saying “Hello!”.

Contest starts this Monday. So, who wants to win some stuff???

Hint: Don’t blink and check YugaTech as often as you can for these surprises. Follow me on Twitter, add us on Facebook, or subscribe to the feeds and daily email subscription. If you have an iPod Touch or an iPhone, download the YugaTech iPhone App.

Here are the list of contests:

Round #1: Merry Tweetmas
Round #2: Coming soon…

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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217 Responses

  1. Raou says:

    YAY!!! :-)

  2. josie says:

    wow sana manalo ko diyan kahit ano man lang

  3. Reuben says:

    This is what should we call CHRISTMAS!

  4. Patrick says:

    What a great way to celebrate the holidays sir Abe! I hope to win the netbook! Haha!

  5. Meynard says:

    wow.. that’s very cool.. I want one.. ^_^

  6. Gary says:

    Wow! I wanna join! Hehehe! :p

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  7. chris says:

    Woooooww. That’s a lot of 3g dongle. Thank you globe and Yugatech. Mystery price?hope that a DSLR. I will definitely subscribe to all of your feeds. How can I claim my price?lol.. includes free shipping?lols…

    Tnx Yuga.

  8. Carl says:

    You’re the best Yuga! Hope I win! :)

  9. Jam. says:

    I want that netbook!~

  10. frocks says:

    gaaaame! :D

  11. Wow! Now that’s what I call a giveaway! Hope I could win one of those MSI netbooks

  12. petken says:

    Game! I want that netbook.

  13. dongv says:

    wow! waiting for my prizeS, hehe!

  14. petken says:

    24/7 monitoring ba to? walang tulugan para manalo… exciting!!!

  15. Edgar says:

    Thanks for sharing the spirit, cheers to all. Merry Christmas, sir Abe!!

  16. Daniel Tan says:

    cool. me want those ;)

  17. Edgar says:

    And oh, some of the prizes are from Globe. Watch out Globe bashers! Haha!!

  18. Jes says:

    Me want! :D Merry Christmas, Abe :D

  19. petken says:

    I must admit napakagenerous ng prizes.

  20. whaâ„¢ says:

    hahaha… hephep… hurray!!! can’t wait sir yuga.

  21. deric says:

    eto na pinakahihintay ko wahhhhhhhh

  22. rsa1 says:

    gusto ko nito kahit inaaway kita sir hahaha

  23. Hans says:

    Globe Tattoo hahahahahahaha

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  24. Trying my luck this year! haha :) bad trip at naka-leave ako next week and won’t have internet access. Waaaah!

  25. dante says:

    weeeeeeeeeeee…. netbook lng sana.. can’t wait :)

  26. Eizan says:

    Wow! Thanks! Sasali talaga ako. ;)

  27. Spidey says:

    Whoaaa! Sana yung plate no. mapanalunan ko!

  28. sprakanitezz says:

    panu po sumali…

  29. Mikhail says:

    Wow! An MSI netbook!

  30. skargad says:

    …anything but the gadgets…esp 3G netbooks for people on the go..any rocket launcher for NEW YEAR with a BANG!

  31. Me! Me! I want one! Kahit ano! Hahaha…

  32. rbsoriano says:

    USB Dongles would be ok for me :D pwede panregalo.

  33. Vlad says:

    Nice and exciting contest.
    Subscribe on your email update and added you in FB

  34. Brian_B says:

    Want one of the Modu phones.

  35. Dan The Beast says:

    MODU ok na! Thanks Sir Abe!

  36. Brian_B says:

    Ay oo nga pala parang hindi ako pwede.

  37. RJ says:

    Waw! I like this! :) gusto ko mapanalunan ung m0du ph0ne! Kapag nangyari y0n, sobrang saya ko na! :) o, diba ang babaw ng kaligayahan ko? Hehehe!

  38. Melford says:

    Manalo sana ako,kahit cp lang or digicam

  39. Calvin says:

    wow globe really wants to clog its bandwidth this holiday season by giving away those tattoos. :)


    eligible pa ba ako sumali dito?

  40. moimoi says:

    pano mechanics hindi ko magetz?

  41. Chris says:

    The “merry” in christmas! sana manalo! hehe

  42. itechme says:

    yes netbooks!

  43. marvin says:

    I am very unlucky when it comes to raffles. How could I win? I have never won any raffles since childhood.

  44. Been waiting for this :D

  45. Joan says:

    i want that netbook!
    i hope i win!

  46. Dami na reply ah… he he he… Everybody is eager for the contest. Or should I say contests? Sana pwede ang lahat sumali Santa Yuga…

    …kahit naughty sa boong 2009! He he he…

  47. daddy joey says:

    lahat daw ng nagcomment sure win na, ung distribution ng prize top-down din. lol!

  48. Tin says:

    Hope I win :)

  49. wayne G. says:

    wow! very exciting! i wish to have a netbook this chistmas…

  50. Robert says:

    Been a valuable reader of YugaTech but rarely comments on the articles.

    But fortunately, I am now because I am really interested in grabbing one of these cool items!

    Looking forward for more info about this!


  51. Rene Gatdula says:

    Aga ng Christmas ajijiji…

  52. fernand says:

    sweeeeeeeeet…been reading yugatech for a while now. hope i win..:)

  53. Ian says:

    wooh may chance na ako magkaroon ng globe tattoo hehe

  54. bing says:

    wow great!

  55. alvin says:

    wow!!! no.1 on my wishlist is a canon dslr. d1000 at the least! hehehe! more blessings to the yugatech family! cheers!

  56. carloxy says: stoked for this!!!!

  57. Andrew says:

    astig to..pano ba manalo? ahehe

  58. ed says:

    Masaya to. :-)

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  59. hutch21 says:

    hey yuga how can i join tje promo haha id love to win one of the modu lol or any of the gadgets ull be giving away

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  60. hutch21 says:

    hey yuga how can i join tje promo haha id love to win one of the modu lol or any of the gadgets ull be giving away

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  61. hutch21 says:

    hey yuga how can i join the promo haha id love to win one of the modu lol or any of the gadgets you will be giving away

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  62. hutch21 says:

    hey yuga how can i join the promo haha id love to
    win one of the modu lol or any of the gadgets you will be giving

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  63. hutch21 says:

    hey yuga how can i join the promo
    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  64. hutch says:

    i want one
    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  65. Rye says:

    nice…… :D

  66. ilakosigladz says:

    i just want the globe tattoo

  67. asda says:

    hahah sa lunes ang start nito get ready mga pinoys

  68. rApz says:

    kahit yung globe tatoo lng okie na sa akin.hhehee

  69. Patrick Oliveros says:

    Unfair sa office workers! Blocked ang social networking sites! Ha ha ha!

  70. Jinn Elvyn says:

    Wow this is a whole lot stuff! Cheers

  71. frozenpyro says:

    wow, sana manalo ako nung netbook.

  72. Jon says:

    Wow, a netbook! Want~~

  73. terriblebuSH says:

    Merry Christmas ! ahahaha
    feel na feel nyo po talaga ang diwa ng pasko..
    sana manalo ako kahit anu lang basta manalo hehe
    GooD luck idolz!

  74. Mike Wagan says:

    wow big contest! sana maka-chamba sa netbook, or even ung modu phone, haha!

  75. @hutch21 – Default na raw mga spammer! he he he…

    Just kidding!

  76. drew says:

    eto na. hinihintay ko talaga to. hehehehe :D tnx santa yuga! :D

  77. Vance says:

    wooohoo… Netbooks!

  78. Ejan says:

    sana maka isa!! kht anu! pede na yan!

  79. Prosti says:

    Wow! Gotta keep my eyes peeled. :)

  80. Hint: Don’t blink and check YugaTech as often as you can for these surprises. Follow me on Twitter, add us on Facebook, or subscribe to the feeds and daily email subscription. If you have an iPod Touch or an iPhone, download the YugaTech iPhone App.

    —done. (except feeds cause I don’t use a reader)

    Hehehe sasali ako dito!

  81. Jhay says:

    Now this would be awesome!

  82. cebucuber says:

    I just hope that whoever wins got to get his prize… baka hanggang announcement lang…

  83. Slymedia says:

    Yeeebaahh!!! Galing nito boss Yuga!!! ^_^ \m/

  84. Edward says:

    Now this really is worth waiting for!

  85. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    I wonder if you can slap multiple globe Tattoo on a single pc to achieve higher bandwidth (ala Channel bonding)

  86. 1timnatupa says:

    nice naman yuga! can’t wait for it to start on monday (sakto, birthday ko pa!) hahaha!

    i hope i win something!

  87. P300,000 worth of prizes to be given away, huwah! sali ako jan! go Abe haha! :D

  88. mark lovitos says:

    nice! i love to win the net book! i badly need it! what is the mechanic to join?

  89. petken says:

    hindi naman masyado halata na marami ang nagcomment naun ah… matindi ang mga pangangailangan nating lahat… hehe… =)

  90. iLove says:

    Wow. Informative na, may pang giveaway pa. Tamad actually ako maglagay ng panibagong apps sa iphone ko at maging fan sa facebook but this site made me do all of those things in just one seating. Have one comment with the iPhone app though, mukhang ayaw nya na magscrolll down pag mahaba yung comment kaya di ko nakikita itong bamdang baba ng comment ko and I’m just hoping I’m pressing the right keys. Here we go.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  91. Pedro says:

    sir, something more to look forward everytime I access Yugatech…thank you sir…

  92. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR SIR! Sana manalo rin ako.

  93. gio says:

    wow i’m in

  94. eman says:

    netbook or globe tattoo! or sana parehas! heheh!

  95. anonymous says:

    oh i want some of those! it’s just now that ive used yugatech mobile to make sure i get hooked as often as possible! it’s much easier pala. hehe

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  96. lemonoid says:

    The msi wind is the replacement of my stolen netbook. I believe i would win this one.

  97. ron says:

    Binibisita ko sa blog mo religiously, Sana mapili ako! :-)

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  98. wow….. ang dami naman nyan….sana kahit globe tattoo man lang mapunta sa akin…heheheh!

  99. Lil says:

    I’m so cheap, I’d be happy to have a tattoo :))

    but modu won’t hurt

    how egziting!! :)))

  100. jojo says:

    i love it! Dslr or netbook for me

  101. rbsoriano says:

    Always checking this blog post for updates :P

  102. alfred says:

    Wow nman panu kaya ko manalo dito?? Anywayz more power…great info’s.
    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  103. daryl says:

    wow.. sana po manalo.. IT student po kac kailangan pc.. ehehe

  104. raldy says:

    oo nga sir yuga panu manalo? araw-araw ako ditong bumibisita di lang ako nag cocomment..

  105. Doc Harry says:

    Salute to you Abe! Thanks for spreading the blessings. More power to Yugatech!

  106. wong says:

    wow!! astig!! sana mkakuha ako ng xmas gift from yuga!!

  107. jojo says:

    Yay! Sali din ako dyan!

  108. Di pa ako nanalo dito ah.. manalo kaya ako ngayon ?

  109. Danesa Viado says:

    I want to join and win! This is the spirit of Christmas! Gift-giving!

  110. jun says:

    ayus na ayus ito..

  111. AdRian says:

    nice one!

    bring it on! :D

  112. Lezuric says:

    This is gonna be so cool!

  113. chardsnet says:

    buti nalang nagsubscribe ako sa yugatech feeds. ehehehe. wait ko ‘to.

  114. paynjo says:

    yey! exciting!!

  115. ralph says:

    sana hindi na tshirt mapapalunan ko from yuga,,,

    net book naman…heheheh merry christmas!

  116. engelbert says:

    pano makasali d2?

  117. Niel says:

    Sali ako dyan… Net Book sana makuha ko hehhe

  118. engelbert says:

    sana manalo khit torotot lang..

  119. Ardz says:

    sali rin ako! kahit ano ok lang hahaha!

  120. sherwin says:

    ok na sa akin globe tattoo! =)

  121. anonymous says:

    wow, yuga 3G Netbook lang okay na ko! weeeeehehehe

  122. Ryan says:

    Yey! Santa Yuga this is what I’ve been waiting for! hehe :)

  123. BernilB says:

    Hi Sir Yuga,

    What is the criteria of the contest? First to comment? Best comment?

  124. Wow! Truckloads! Christmas is here.

  125. Maki says:

    This has got me very excited! :D Go Yugatech!

  126. Charry says:

    sana manalo ako…cha from Sultan Kudarat
    Mery Christmas & hapy new yr.

  127. Muslimen says:

    Paano sumali, i want to join also.

  128. Melvin says:

    wow! nice! sana manalo ako :)

  129. Eric says:

    Wow. Exciting to. Congrats sa mga mananalo :D

  130. Dennis Dan says:

    Whoa! This is great, sana manalo ako wohohoho….

  131. karissa says:

    KEWL! wanna join! ^_^

  132. iamupset says:

    sali ako dyan =) merry xmas sir abe

  133. gcol says:

    Yay….sali ako. Pasko na, hehhe Pasko na. Kahit load nalang, OK na.

  134. gcol says:

    An daming tattoo, one for me please. Pasko naman eh..

  135. mark says:

    sali ako sir yuga sana manalo nice gifts to xmas season sir yuga thanks god bless more power

  136. faust says:

    can i just simply win? pls?

  137. Noel says:

    kahit ano pwede sa akin!

  138. josephpchan says:

    Wow napaka generous nyo po talaga.:D sana lalo pa dumami ang sponsors nyo:D

    and you can also depend on us to continue supporting you.

    mabuhay po kayo:D

  139. jhaylogs says:

    Wow na wow talaga, netbook with 3G dongle is a great prize heheheh, Merry Christmas po.

  140. tak says:

    OH WOW can’t wait!

  141. Dy says:

    Happy holidays! My favorite time of the year indeed!.. Netbuk lng akn a.. hehe.. More power Sir Abe!

  142. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Wow. Santa Yuga kaw po ba yan? Wala po bang star jan? Hehe, ang great naman niyan, may mga giveaways for regular visitors ng website mo, More power pa abe, hehe.. Godbless! Sana maambunan ako ng mga papremyo with your signature sana para remembrance

  143. alfred says:

    hehe could’t resist na magcomment!!! Sana ako manalo!! Ang gaganda ng pinamimigay weeeh….gusto ko ng netbook.

  144. jayb says:

    haha… ang haba ng nag comments…. gusto ko rin… hehe

  145. ROSS says:

    Santa Yuga, nagsabit na ako ng medyas sa sala namin. Sakto na yung laki para sa msi netbook. May extra pocket pa para sa 3g dongle. Hindi ka mahihirapan pagdating mo sa house namin. :)

    Good Luck to everyone! Just don’t forget na si BRO ang star ng pasko!

  146. incredibleDNA says:

    sali ako jan!haha

  147. romy says:

    sali ako dyan, araw araw ko binibisita itong blog mo :)

  148. Patric Lee says:

    sali din ako. kung ganyan eh every minute mag refresh ako ng page hahaha!

  149. Noel says:

    Wow Cool Prizes… i can win also net book will help me alot in studying ..

  150. Rodney Garcia says:

    Wow! Great! I hope I can win prizes for the church I am planting. I am sure we will be able to use it.

  151. superjj says:

    sana manalo ako :)

  152. 1timnatupa says:

    yahoo! start na ang contest kasi december 14 na!

  153. ewancoo says:

    thanks abe! more power to yugatech! :)

  154. Oliver Viray says:

    i hope i will win yehey!

  155. GRB says:

    hoping to win as well!

    advanced merry christmas to all!

  156. DYOS says:

    uy ayus toh ahh!

  157. ivy says:

    wahhh,,,,,,wow excited,

  158. Andrew says:

    Wooot! Bring it on. so excited.

  159. Advance Merry Xmas sir Yuga, thanks sa matatanggap kong regalo galing sa inyo.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  160. melvin says:


    Advance Merry Christmas.

    Sir, since the 1st day I visited your site, it’s became my fav site to visit everytime I boot up my PC and my laptop. :)

  161. E says:

    wow… galing… kahit anu mapanalunan ko ok na sakin… hehehe

  162. mhon says:

    sali ako….


  163. dindo says:

    count me in. sana manalo then ako :-)

  164. Leo says:

    sir yuga, pano po sumali?

  165. simplynice93 says:

    Daming prizes!
    Sana lahat kami manalo para walang luhaan. More power Yugatech!

  166. domob says:

    Thank you Sir Yuga!

    This contest is just a proof you’ve listened to us when we commented on your post that you must do a gadget giveaway :D :D :D … hehehe

    My ancient phone badly needs a replacement :)
    Its funny to think how my classmates react when I’m much familiar with their gadgets than them, eh wala naman akong mga ganun. Like one of my friend has an iPhone, minsan sakin pa sya nagaask ng help to work things out. Information absorber lang ako, gusto lang malaman how things work. Yugatech’s one of the sites I go to where I learn lots of info pagdating sa electronics. Para if I have one, alam ko na gamitin! hahaha…

    I’m also eyeing for the MSI netbook ;)

    Advanced Merry X’mas Sir Yuga!

  167. rbsoriano says:

    Its Monday, the contest starts today. :)

  168. rbsoriano says:

    Btw, its good na Globe and sponsor at Tattoo ang ipamimigay. Bagal kasi ng BRO dito sa area namin :P Thanks GLOBE.

  169. Leo says:

    Are there any rules to join?

  170. konzenber says:

    harhar!! sana manalo! haha! I want netbook!!!

  171. Beeps says:

    Abraham save mo na yung isang laptop saken :-)

  172. LunaTech says:

    ayos, magpapayed off na rin ang ating pagsubaybay kay sir yuga aside from info for gadgets but prizes as well.!!!

  173. nongsky says:

    what a nice way to end the year!!!! and if i get a notebook or any prize, what a way to start the new year!!!

  174. catherine says:

    i badly want the 3G-capable netbook..hihi..
    i’ll join this! :)

  175. liz says:

    cool! sali ako dito… paki-reserved yung msi netbook for me…. hehehe

  176. bursky says:

    biglang buhos ang comments! lol… aabangan ko to. ok na din saken yung Tattoo… pero kung mapunta saken yung mas magandang premyo, di din ako aangal. lol… good luck everyone! :D

  177. cyrelle says:

    wow! I wish I can win kahit MSI netbook.. :P

  178. darky says:

    Sir yuga magsasabit ako ng medyas sa laptop ko….bka sakali

  179. limuel; says:


  180. agin says:

    Christmas is here!!!!!!

  181. jonharules says:

    haha, basta giveaways alert talaga tayong mga pinoy ano? haha

  182. enuj22 says:

    i want them all!! pero kahit ano okay na..

  183. Darius Vanguardia says:

    wow! gadget give aways! Hope to win the MSI netbook or the 3d dongles. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

  184. Manu says:

    dapat manalo ako dito…ehehe

  185. Obed says:

    WOW CONTEST ito ang hinihintay ko….

  186. hidburn says:

    followed @ twitter.
    twitted re: giveaway.

  187. katrina says:

    how to join??

  188. katrina says:

    how to join??..pls pls

  189. parsiphal says:

    just ended 5pm yesterday.. whoever won round1 congrats!!!

  190. dan says:

    sana makuha ko 3G dongles, masaya na ako dun. salamat yugatech

  191. dan says:

    sana makuha ko 3G dongles, masaya na ako dun. salamat ng marami yugatech

  192. Xena Laine says:

    How can I enter? And please send me the game mechanics..

  193. wen uytengsu says:

    i want the hisense mini hb200M headset

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