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The Ultimate Computer Privacy Protection

People are becoming more conscious about their online privacy nowadays. This concern is more prominent with public computer terminals like net cafes, offices and schools. Dozens of softwares out there are available to help you keep your privacy but this one is something that’s pretty amusing. Check it out after the jump.

Prolly the most effective privacy solution from other peering eyes.



Not sure how much it would cost but I guess one can make a home-made version for cheap. Should come in various colors to suit your personality and wardrobe.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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24 Responses

  1. wahh ayos to a…haha…

  2. Dusty says:

    Great for staying focused on your work …. or for watching pr0n in the office ;)

  3. Ambo says:

    hahahah this is what you call, FOCUS. lols

  4. nice abe..

    heres an info.. actually available to sa CDRking a year ago na… “Anti-Peek Filter”
    the price is ranging from P980-P1280


  5. jhay says:

    Nakita ko rin ito sa SM Manila dati. LOL

    The next ultimate computer privacy protection device would be a “pc-on-a-chip” embedded in your brain! (Yikes!)

  6. ScIoN says:

    I thought this post was a joke… totoo palang may nagbebenta, Cd-R King pa? hahaha

  7. LiNTEK says:

    sarap matulog sa office nyan…. har har har

  8. jamie says:

    nyak! yayaman sa radiation ang mata mo pag gamit yan!

  9. orgl says:

    That one reminds me of someone playing in my shop back in 2002, exactly doing that thing with his shirt.(Lol) while playing CS against another player and yelling “WALANG LIPSI!”. But, unbelievable! I never thought it would become and materialize to an actual product. :)

  10. At least with that you can have all the radiation specially if you are using a crt.

  11. L.A says:

    lol that’s just nasty…someday you will thank radiation for that…

  12. ash says:

    mas maganda nyan, matuto ka gumamit ng pc na walang monitor. kapa-kapa lang. hehe

  13. For sure pagpapawisan ka nyan. Summer pa naman hehe.

  14. Jozzua says:

    Oh, btw I’m selling these on my website. I’ll give you all discounts. 10% off to first 10 buyers.


    Nice one Abe.

  15. Eugene says:

    He must be a very good touch typist. :)

  16. Talk about NDAs taken to the next level.

  17. Dusty says:


    Actually you will notice a small flap open in the bottom somewhere in the middle of the tunnel.

    I think purpose nyan is to see the keyboard.

  18. tomoko says:

    is dz 4 real?!, haha
    khit ata lamok alng lusot..grabe!!

  19. May problema tong setup na ‘to Abe. Do they have other versions/models na pwede pang dual or triple monitor setup?


    Good one Abe ;-)

    Keep em coming ;-)

  20. galing says:

    ang lufet naman nian…
    yan ang masarap pagtripan…
    batukan mo sabay takbo..ahahha

  21. That is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. Good Stuff!

  22. David says:

    Thanks For This Post, was added to my bookmarks

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