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:: Educational Background

Realme Philippines

Tertiary :
Ateneo de Manila University
1995 – 2000, B.S. Chemistry w/ Computer Engineering
Freshman Merit Scholar
SEI-DOST Scholar
Ateneo College Scholar (100% T&F+Stipend)
Ateneo Residence Hall Scholar
President, Ateneo Disaster Assistance Organization, OSCI Base Group, 1999 – 2000
Presiding Officer, Blue Ribbon Committee, CERSA Quasi-judicial Body, 1999 – 2000
Executive Director, Cultural Show 2000, Cervini-Eliazo Resident Students’ Association
Head for Cervini & Ex-officio Arbiter, CERSA Academics Committee (1996-98/98-99)
Computer Department Supervisor, CERSA Aerie ‘99
Digital Aerie Head, CERSA Aerie ‘99 CD-ROM
Logistics Coordinator, Ateneo Alternative Class Program, Fiesta ’98
Facilitator, Expo Filipino Tour, Alternative Class Program ’98 (ACP)
Technical Supervisor & Promotions Head, HEKASI Bingo!, ACP ’98
Promotions Head, Centennial Committee, Dept. of External Affairs, Central Board (1998)
Team Supervisor & Recruitment Officer, Operation Quick Count, NAMFREL Quezon City (1998)
Promotions & Packaging Head, Rizal Premiere, Sanggunian-Sentenaryo (1998)
Production Assistant, CERSA OpenHouse ‘98
Promotions & Packaging Head, 1st Catholic Student Leaders’ Association, UCSC, 1998
Head, Dorm Medics Group (1998-99)
Director, Cultural Show, Sentenaryo & CERSA, Dept. of External Affairs, Central Board (1997)

Secondary :
1991 – 1995, Iloilo National High School – Special Science Class
Special Science Class
(DOST Scholar)
3rd Honorable Mention
Math & Science Excellence Award 1995
DOST Region 6 Harvest of Excellence Award 1994
Philippine Math Olympiad – National Level, Team Competition
Super Science Quiz Bee – Regional Level, Individual Competition

Primary :
1986 – 1991, Nueva Valencia Elementary School
Class Valedictorian

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13 years ago

wow, yuga i’m one of your fan! Before I don’t understand the word “Blog”, but when I hear about you and your work, it looks like I’am enlightened. I wish you can share some of your secrets on your achievements..Congrats!!

14 years ago

Hey Yuga there is something that i cant understand clearly… can you please share a details on how Blogs work.. and how does it generates money..


Jehzeel Laurente
15 years ago

naks! parang LinkedIn Profile!! hehehee :) keep it up! :) weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

15 years ago

MBB ka dapat? Wow wow wow. :p

Jay Dejaresco
15 years ago

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I would like to help you by extending my unsolicited legal services for free.
But let me just say that while I have handled libel cases, blog-libel is something new to me, as it is generally new in law practice.
That sparked my interest.
I am a blogger myself but a crude one. I am still groping in the world of blogging.
I assume you have already have engaged the services of a lawyer.
That’s alright. That shouldn’t be an obstacle in extending whatever (free) legal counsel that I can provide you.
I do not know exactly why you were sued.
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Also I am not sure whether you were sued criminally or civilly.
If sued criminally, there is some novelty in your case and it will provide a new perspective of several provisions of our libel law particularly Article 360 of he Revised Penal Code.
I am not prepared to accept that a web host is similar to a “publisher” (in terms of causing the publication or exhibition)
In my limited knowledge of blogging, I see a webhost as someone passive, as opposed to a publisher who has control in the publication of “writings”
Anyway, I hope to be informed more about your case.
I have done lectures abot libel and some of the talk materials have been posted in my blog.
In any event, please view my offer to help as part of a concern of one eagle to another.

16 years ago

you are one hell of a blogger! i am still trying to learn how to blog and create a website and you’re already an expert.

can i ask what kind of softwares do you use?


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