Prices of Starlink Satellite Internet in the Philippines

Starlink has engaged several 3rd-party service providers in the Philippines to resell and deploy their services in the country. One of them is Data Lake, Inc. (part of ALACO Group of Companies) which is based in Biñan, Laguna.

The prices and monthly service fees were shared with us by a reader who paid the pre-order some 18 months ago. Take note that the prices indicated here are for Starlink Enterprise KIT (for SMEs and corporations) and Maritime KIT (for shipping lines). We haven’t seen the residential kits yet.

Starlink Enterprise KIT
Php176,176 (starter kit plus taxes)
Php3,824 (Data Lake & local handling fees)
Php21,600 (VAT)
TOTAL: Php201,600

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Starlink Maritime KIT
Php644,376.99 (starter kit plus taxes)
Php5,624 (Data Lake & local handling fees)
Php78,000 (VAT)
TOTAL: Php728,000

This does not include equipment installation service fees and travel costs of installers.

Once you avail of the KIT, you can choose from various service plans outlined below:

Starlink Enterprise Lite
500GB Data Cap
Unlimited Throttled Data (after the cap)
Php21,100 (Starlink Service Fee and taxes)
Php3,900 (Data Lake and local handling fees)
Php3,000 (VAT)
Total Monthly Fees: Php28,000/month

Starlink Enterprise
1TB Data Cap
Unlimited Throttled Data (after the cap)
Php45,600 (Starlink Service Fee and taxes)
Php4,400 (Data Lake and local handling fees)
Php6,000 (VAT)
Total Monthly Fees: Php56,000/month

Starlink Enterprise Portable Local
1TB Data Cap
Unlimited Throttled Data (after the cap)
Php94,000 (Starlink Service Fee and taxes)
Php1,000 (Data Lake and local handling fees)
Php11,400 (VAT)
Total Monthly Fees: Php106,400/month

Starlink Enterprise Portable Global
5TB Data Cap
Unlimited Throttled Data (after the cap)
Php315,600 (Starlink Service Fee and taxes)
Php11,200 (Data Lake and local handling fees)
Php42,000 (VAT)
Total Monthly Fees: Php392,000/month

All these monthly plans promise a peak of 350Mbps download and 40Mbps upload speeds. Once the Data Cap is reached, throttled speed will just be 1Mbps uplink and 1Mbps downlink.

Data Lake stated the limitations of this service, as quoted:

The Service is a “medium-latency” service given that the satellites are in low earth orbit (LEO) some 1,200 km above the earth. Typical latency is in the range of 20 – 300ms although higher ping times are not uncommon depending on interconnection and ping destination. It may not be suitable for uses such as network arcade gaming, high-speed trading or specialized remote control systems where lower latency may be required.

We reported earlier that the expected monthly service fees for residential kits will be in the Php5,500 range but that figure is now uncertain given the numbers shown here.

It is possible that Residential Kits will remain in the $599 (Router KIT only) and the MSF in the Php6,000 range but the data cap will be much lower than the ones being offered here.

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  1. Avatar for Faizal l Jaji Faizal l Jaji says:

    How to apply/buy unit residing in jolo,sulu do you have nap box i want to share for business purposes.

  2. Avatar for Danny Tagpis Danny Tagpis says:

    How to apply as distritor or reseller

  3. Avatar for ernest ernest says:

    Due to greedy business man in the Philippines they overpriced the equipment and monthly fees. They earned more than the starlink company earned. This is bullshit HOW the fixers of starlink works.

  4. Avatar for Rodney Rodney says:

    How to become a supplier?

  5. Avatar for Jaycee Jaycee says:

    If this goes over 100USD a month, it’s another great technology killed by greed! I was expecting this to be much lower priced.

  6. Avatar for Jason Jason says:

    WHy? “Starlink has engaged several 3rd-party service providers in the Philippines “

  7. Avatar for Secret Secret says:

    i guess we need converge satellites… hahaha

  8. Avatar for Ken putney Ken putney says:

    Will this service be offered in the tiagon Philippines anytime soon.

  9. Avatar for Ramon Fernando De Sequera Ramon Fernando De Sequera says:

    That’s good hope it would work for the best of everyone

  10. Avatar for Simon Simon says:

    Wtf! Starlink in every other country has no data cap! It will fail in Philippines if this is correct info, guaranteed.

  11. Avatar for Jason Shaw Jason Shaw says:

    I am interested In the residential or RV Starlink in the Philippines but I am not sure who to contact or where to buy the kit to start the service. Can you recommend where to find this service.

  12. Avatar for Mister C. Mister C. says:

    Enterprise packages are definitely for moderately sized business usage.

    For those like my family who often had to go between properties and locations with no cell coverage, we still hope starlink residential wouldn’t go beyond it’s initial $99 monthly fees.

  13. Avatar for Bijian Bijian says:

    bait and switch is illegal isn’t it?

  14. Avatar for W Hughes W Hughes says:

    Why so exprendive in the Philippines as it only costs 600.00 dollars for the kit in the usa

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