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  1. Nadia says:

    I want to change my gcash phone no,because i lost my phone,,,i followed the steps online but it doesnt work,, ,am calling your hotline number .for almost a month now still i cant reach your line,,then i went to globe SM NORTH ANNEX branch if they can help me about my problem,but they said that globe is not connected to gcash anymore since 2017,,or if am not mistaken 2016 i dont remembered the year,,exactly,,then they just give your hotline #,,

  2. Paul pelaez says:

    Hope this will enhance the gcash operation as well

  3. RONELLE DE ASIS says:

    It is best before opening gcash account with selfie first.sothat no fraudster will try to open your account

  4. Donald duxk says:

    Telcos like globe and smart should also stop issuing mobile numbers to text blasting service found online

    I have observed scam texts on a daily basis and a majority of these scams seem to be coming from the same network / bulk provider and I believe these scams are being sent using bulk SMS blasting services found online the numbers are very similar in fact linked to Smarts talk n txt as well as until recently the texts appeared scheduled

    Telcos need to actively end this scam problem because they are the only ones able to stop these scams

    There is no valid reason to depend on this stupid sim card registration policy it’s already a failure in other countries and will fail here considering scammers have access to Internet

    Yesterday was the worst day for scam messages I was getting over 15 scam texts throughout the day 6 of them within under an hour

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