How to check your BIR TIN online

The BIR has released a new feature on their website for people to check their TIN online using a chatbot.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

REVIE is BIR’s very own Digital Assistant or Chatbot and it should be able to answer your questions about tax and the likes, including finding out your own BIR TIN number..

Bir Tin Revie


To check it out, simply visit the BIR website ( and click on REVIE at the bottom right corner of the screen.

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131 Responses

  1. Avatar for Vicente Morana Vicente Morana says:

    Gusto ko Po mavirify Ang aking. Tin #

  2. Avatar for Wilfredo Garovillas rodil Wilfredo Garovillas rodil says:

    Pwede po ba makuha tin number ko…maraming samat po.

  3. Avatar for Ma Patricia flores Ma Patricia flores says:

    Hi po pwedi ko po ba malaman ung tin number ko nawala po kasi wallet ko thanks 🙏🙏🙏

  4. Avatar for sandy bautista sandy bautista says:

    sa mga nag hahanap ng possible way para ma verify ung lost TIN email kayo sa [email protected] tapos request kayo ng verification for lost tin number provide nyo personal details
    last name:
    first name:
    middle name:
    email address:
    permanent address:
    mothers maiden name:
    fathers name:
    contact number:

    Tapos attached kayo Valid Government ID for proof of ownership ng TIN Number.

    mostly 2-3 days bago sila mag response sa Steps na gagawin mo.

    Sana Makatulong

  5. Avatar for Ricky Mabini Ricky Mabini says:

    Pwede po ba pasend ng tin no.ko

  6. Avatar for Enrico T. Celestial Enrico T. Celestial says:

    How can i get the tin number of my brother and sisters…they are in other countries right now…

  7. Avatar for Maria Angel Abad Maria Angel Abad says:

    Hi, May i know my TIN number please..Thank you!

  8. Avatar for Shaun Timothy Lasquite Shaun Timothy Lasquite says:

    pwede pong malaman kung may existing tin number na ko? If yes, pwede po kunin? Shaun Timothy Casoco Lasquite. 06/11/2002

  9. Avatar for Shaun Timothy Shaun Timothy says:

    pwede pong malaman kung may existing email na ko? Shaun Timothy Casoco Lasquite. 06/11/2002

  10. Avatar for Dailyn Montecellanos Dailyn Montecellanos says:

    Hi Good Day!! I need Your help My tin Number.
    I have already Tin Number But I forgot the number. PLEASE email to me.the correct Tin Number of mine .Thank you

  11. Avatar for Jenny Rose Cervantez Alfaro Jenny Rose Cervantez Alfaro says:

    Pwede ko pong malaman Ang tin number q…meron n q dati pero nalimutan q na..hnd q na Matandaan.. thank you ❤️

  12. Avatar for Alfie D. Petallo Alfie D. Petallo says:

    What is my TIN number

  13. Avatar for Lorna s. Indicio Lorna s. Indicio says:

    Nakalimutan ko tin number ko. Pwede ko po ba makuha

  14. Avatar for Joemar Laigo Joemar Laigo says:

    what is my tin number ?

  15. Avatar for eleanor metrio tatlonghari eleanor metrio tatlonghari says:

    im from calapan city oriental mindoro,may i ask my tin number? thank you
    BIR here in our place is off line

  16. Avatar for eleanor m. tatlonghari eleanor m. tatlonghari says:

    what is my tin number?

  17. Avatar for Jeffrey Sarcilla Cox Jeffrey Sarcilla Cox says:


    Good day!
    Kindly check and let me know my TIN number as I forgot my number for the longest time. Appreciate your help!

    Many thanks,

  18. Avatar for Maria deodelle c vasquez Maria deodelle c vasquez says:

    Me i ask my tin number Im very sorry I forgot

  19. Avatar for Remegio t.tosloc Remegio t.tosloc says:

    Pwd po maolanan ang tin nomber ko.

  20. Avatar for John Harvy Culpa John Harvy Culpa says:

    Nakalimutan ko po yung TIN number ko d ako maka koha nga TIN ID sana po matulongan nyo ako.

  21. Avatar for Jelanda Tulio Santiago Jelanda Tulio Santiago says:

    Pwede Po ba pa check Ng tin I’d number ko if meron po

  22. Avatar for Jarrlie sarmiento Jarrlie sarmiento says:

    I forget my tin number..hope you can help me

  23. Avatar for Sonny garil Sonny garil says:

    Sonny garil nawala tin id ko paano Malaman Ang tin id nomber

  24. Avatar for Darwin Valera lucena Darwin Valera lucena says:

    Yun tin ko poh pano ko malalaman

  25. Avatar for Jerome V. Domondon Jerome V. Domondon says:

    Hello po pacheck ko lang po sana yung TIN number ko po.. Thank you

  26. Avatar for Eric Michael C. Oblena Eric Michael C. Oblena says:

    Good afternoon sir / Madan I have already forgotten my TAX number could you help me…

  27. Avatar for Judefer David Judefer David says:

    I forgot my tin number

  28. Avatar for Devina aragon dequino Devina aragon dequino says:

    Tin number

  29. Avatar for marilyn fajardo marilyn fajardo says:

    pano mag kuha ng card nawala po kasi yong tin id ko

  30. Avatar for mheljoe velasco mheljoe velasco says:

    nakalimutan ko po tin number ko

  31. Avatar for CYRIL G. MARMOL CYRIL G. MARMOL says:

    Nakalutan ko ang TIN no ko paano po malalaman .

  32. Avatar for CYRIL G. MARMOL CYRIL G. MARMOL says:

    What is my TIN number

  33. Avatar for Edegyn Siega Edegyn Siega says:

    Good morning nakalimot ko kasi yung TIN number ko paano ba malalaman yung tin number salamat

  34. Avatar for jayson enerio berja jayson enerio berja says:

    paano ko po makuha ulit yung tin number ko po

  35. Avatar for Belma I. Ibañez Belma I. Ibañez says:

    magandang araw po .. pwd po bang makahingi nang TIN Number ko po .. salamat po ..

  36. Avatar for Roland valdeveso Roland valdeveso says: my tin#.roland valdeveso

  37. Avatar for Mylene Paras Marquina Mylene Paras Marquina says:

    Paano ko po malaman kung my tin number n ko, pls reply

  38. Avatar for Mylene Paras Marquina Mylene Paras Marquina says:

    Paano ko po malaman kung my tin number n ko

  39. Avatar for rommel rommel says:

    It should be TIN only for Tax Identification Number, instead of TIN number

  40. Avatar for Rosanna Asiniero Rosanna Asiniero says:

    How to get my tin no# company lang kasi nakaka alam sa tin no# ko nakalimutan kung kunin pagkatapos kung umalis sa company namin

  41. Avatar for Rotchel Bordago Rotchel Bordago says:

    I forgot my tin number

  42. Avatar for Shayne Shayne says:

    Nakalimutan ko yung tin number ko, how to verify?

  43. Avatar for John Harold Galleon John Harold Galleon says:

    pwede ko po malaman kung Ano tin number ko.meron na po akong tin number Kaso Hindi ko naisave.thanks po


    I forgot my tin number. Please i want to know my tin number

  45. Avatar for Harold Malinao Palamos Harold Malinao Palamos says:

    I forgot my tin no.

  46. Avatar for Monique Bianca F .Concon Monique Bianca F .Concon says:

    May I ask what’s my tin number I forgot

  47. Avatar for Ferdinand Capiral Jr Ferdinand Capiral Jr says:

    What is my Tin number

  48. Avatar for Crisologo Eslabra Crisologo Eslabra says:

    I forgot my tin number

  49. Avatar for Aileen C. Permijo Aileen C. Permijo says:

    What is my tin nomber

  50. Avatar for Jessica castillo Jessica castillo says:

    Nlimutan ko po tin id number ko

  51. Avatar for Alison Garnodo Alison Garnodo says:

    I don’t know what it’s my tin number

  52. Avatar for Jodelyn G. Perdido Jodelyn G. Perdido says:

    I want to check my tin id #.pls help me

  53. Avatar for Emilyn Emilyn says:

    Check my TIN ID

  54. Avatar for Jugi lacap Jugi lacap says:

    Paano po malalaman kung legit ang tin id?

  55. Avatar for Cesar julius asbucan Cesar julius asbucan says:

    I forgot my ti nos.

  56. Avatar for Cris Ababat Morata Cris Ababat Morata says:

    Hello good day… I forgot my TIN NUMBER me i know if how to get or to know my tin?

  57. Avatar for Liam Rivera Liam Rivera says:

    What is my TIN

  58. Avatar for Rolando L. Roderos Rolando L. Roderos says:

    what is my TIN

  59. Avatar for Ariel Mendoza Ariel Mendoza says:

    Hello, can I request my TIN number and the date of issuance? Thank you.

  60. Avatar for Richard kien Barreto Richard kien Barreto says:

    How can I check my tin number please help me

  61. Avatar for Jenelita B.constantino Jenelita B.constantino says:

    Good day can i ask how can get my TIN NUMBER COZ I FORGOT IT

  62. Avatar for Marissa R.Cepillo Marissa R.Cepillo says:

    I forget my tin number how to recover my tin?

  63. Avatar for Realyn sadicon Realyn sadicon says:

    Hi can you help me to verify my tin number i forgot slready

  64. Avatar for Amie reyes Amie reyes says:

    Can i check my tin number.because i lost my tin id

  65. Avatar for Aires sequirra Aires sequirra says:

    How to know my TIN# because i forgot

  66. Avatar for Glory joice abdon Glory joice abdon says:

    What is my tin n#? pls reply me automaticaly thank you

  67. Avatar for Junel Elmido Junel Elmido says:

    What is My Tin Number

  68. Avatar for Jaycel cagape Jaycel cagape says:

    Wath is my tin number

  69. Avatar for Rosemie ayo castillo Rosemie ayo castillo says:

    How can get my tin number

  70. Avatar for Cristine Anne B Rodes Cristine Anne B Rodes says:

    I forgot my tin ID

  71. Avatar for Jamesuel P. Jose Jamesuel P. Jose says:

    I’m just only verifying my TIN NO. I hope you can help me, thank you

  72. Avatar for Rochelle Morgado Rochelle Morgado says:

    What is my tin number

  73. Avatar for Katrine Ramos Merciadez Katrine Ramos Merciadez says:

    How to know my ID number because I forgot my tin number

  74. Avatar for Mike Kevin Collamar Mike Kevin Collamar says:

    What is my tin number,I forgot it already

  75. Avatar for Sanny naval galamgam Sanny naval galamgam says:

    Sanny naval galamgam
    Forget my tin number pls

  76. Avatar for Marjorie Llantino Marjorie Llantino says:

    Please how to know my tin number because I forgot

  77. Avatar for John Robert Nicolas John Robert Nicolas says:

    What is my Tin No.

  78. Avatar for Cheryl garsula Cheryl garsula says:

    How to check my tin statur

  79. Avatar for Cheryl Garsula Cheryl Garsula says:

    How can 8 check my tinnstatus

  80. Avatar for Jacky potot Atuel Jacky potot Atuel says:

    What is my TIN number

  81. Avatar for Jacky Potot Atuel Jacky Potot Atuel says:

    How to check my TIN ID number

  82. Avatar for Jacky Potot Atuel Jacky Potot Atuel says:

    My TIN number

  83. Avatar for Ronaldo Dumaran Reyes Ronaldo Dumaran Reyes says:

    How to know my old TIN number i forgot my Tin Number


    How to get my tin number

  85. Avatar for Nina Camporedondo Nina Camporedondo says:

    How I can retrieve my tin Id number?

  86. Avatar for Mark allan Mark allan says:

    How to know my TIN number po mga sir?

  87. Avatar for Mark allan Mark allan says:

    How to know my TIN online pp?

  88. Avatar for Loreta Macabante Loreta Macabante says:

    Good day! I cant remember my tin #, can you help me verify my tin number

  89. Avatar for Laarni F. Royo Laarni F. Royo says:

    How to know my tin number I forgot

  90. Avatar for Roselyn Loquias Villacote Roselyn Loquias Villacote says:

    Can I check my TIN.. I’m already forgot..Name:Roselyn Cabilin Loquias.. thank you

  91. Avatar for Jayson manaig Jayson manaig says:

    Pano marecover any tin nomber

  92. Avatar for Christian Clyde Vallar Pitogo Christian Clyde Vallar Pitogo says:

    I forgot my TIN number

  93. Avatar for leonila Maturan leonila Maturan says:

    what is my tin id no.

  94. Avatar for Mark Anthony basol Mark Anthony basol says:

    How I check my tin number, I lost my copy,please help me

  95. Avatar for jovelle narca jovelle narca says:

    hi bir i need to verify my tin id 611-649-243-00000

  96. Avatar for Mario castillo hernandez Mario castillo hernandez says:

    how to get my bir tin number

  97. Avatar for Arlene Emma Simon Cornejo Arlene Emma Simon Cornejo says:

    Wrong Birthmonth on my tin # Pls. Help thanks

  98. Avatar for Maoche Afable Maoche Afable says:

    Good Day!

    Can you look for my TIN Number I forgot it I no longer in my company for the longest time. Thank you!

  99. Avatar for Maricel Vallecera Felecio Maricel Vallecera Felecio says:

    How to know my ID number because I forgot my tin number

  100. Avatar for Janeth Alberto Carino Janeth Alberto Carino says:

    Hi can you help me to verify my tin number i forgot slready

  101. Avatar for Sarah Mutya Buera Sarah Mutya Buera says:

    how can i check my tin number?

  102. Avatar for Jay-r I. Pablo Jay-r I. Pablo says:

    Check my id no.

  103. Avatar for DANIE-VIE DANIE-VIE says:

    How ican I retrieve my tin number because I lost my ID please help me

  104. Avatar for razel maniquiz razel maniquiz says:

    how can i check my tin i.d?

  105. Avatar for Earthgrace Calibod Earthgrace Calibod says:

    Can I know my tin number,I lost my tin ID and I for got my no.

  106. Avatar for Earthgrace Calibod Earthgrace Calibod says:

    It should be Tin only for Tax indentation number,instead of tin number.

  107. Avatar for Rowena Rowena says:

    Can I check vmy tin #

  108. Avatar for Ritchel bernal Ritchel bernal says:

    How to know my tin number?I already apply.but I forgot d number.

  109. Avatar for Kimberly Reyes Kimberly Reyes says:

    Hello can i know my tin number or if i have tin number because i only apply id online so idunno if its legit thanks

  110. Avatar for Arlon Batingal Arlon Batingal says:

    Good Day ma’am and Sir how can I check my TIN Number.

    thank you.

  111. Avatar for Cel Cel says:

    What is my TIN Number


    Pano po kukuha ng tin namber sa online

  113. Avatar for Mary Ann Morada Silva Mary Ann Morada Silva says:

    Can i know my tin no? I have tin no. But i lost my id

  114. Avatar for Archie Cuerbo Nogra Archie Cuerbo Nogra says:

    Hello bir..

    Please tell me what is my tin number here? i forgot what is my tin number..

  115. Avatar for Norvin Arey Caban Norvin Arey Caban says:

    I lost my id. Please help me get my tin no. Thank you

  116. Avatar for wilma wilma says:


    Please advise how can i check my TIN number.

  117. Avatar for Rafael Calibud Jr. Rafael Calibud Jr. says:

    May I ask for my TIN number, since I lost my TIN ID.

  118. Avatar for ruth patanindagat jemina ruth patanindagat jemina says:

    Can i check my tin.No

  119. Avatar for John Carlo callueng John Carlo callueng says:

    How can I retrieve my tin number
    Because I lost may tin I’d.. please help me

  120. Avatar for Roselyn O. Dy Roselyn O. Dy says:

    What is my TIN number?

    • Avatar for Abog Jurita Abog Jurita says:

      Hello have a good day! May I ask about my tin number. How many i get or check my tin no. Thank you

  121. Avatar for Marilyn Marilyn says:

    What is my tin number

  122. Avatar for Juan Dela Cruz Juan Dela Cruz says:

    It is not automated. You still need to wait for an agent to answer your inquiry which will take some time depending on how many tax payers on queue. It is also availabe during office hours only. I hope they will improve their chatbot so they can answer it promptly without waiting for the lazy government workers to answer your inquiry. Just add a little security measure so not everyone can ask for your TIN.

  123. Avatar for Ramel Antonio Aguinaldo Ramel Antonio Aguinaldo says:

    What is the TIN number?

  124. Avatar for Levi Levi says:

    It should be TIN only for Tax Identification Number, instead of TIN number.

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