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Globe, PLDT, Converge, SKY: Unli Fiber Internet Plans Compared (2022)

Internet providers in the Philippines have been upgrading their unlimited fiber internet plans in response to growing competition and to satisfy the demand of subscribers. It makes you wonder, how do these plans compare nowadays, and which one should you get or upgrade to? Check out the comparison of fiber plans between Globe 31 , PLDT 29, Converge 38, and SKY 26.

UPDATED: December 12, 2023 – SKY Fiber has upgraded their speed boost promo with added speeds and extended until May 31, 2023.
UPDATED: November 12, 2022 – Converge upgraded its current plans with additional speeds and free mesh routers for some of its XCLSV plans. SKY, on the other hand, extended its promos until December 31, 2022.
UPDATED: October 18, 2022 – added PLDT’s Speed Add-on options and 25 Mbps plan. Adjusted Converge’s Fiber X, ToD, GameChanger plans. Added Converge’s Fiber X XCLSV plans.
UPDATED: June 21, 2022 – includes new adjusted plans from Globe and updated Speed Boost promo for SKY.
UPDATED: June 22, 2022 – Globe has removed Plan 1299 – 50 Mbps. GFiber Unli plans now start at Plan 1699 – 150 Mbps.
UPDATED: July 15, 2022 – PLDT updated its plans starting at Plan 1699 for 100 Mbps.
UPDATED: August 5, 2022 – Converge introduced its new GameChanger plans for gamers.

99920 Mbps
129925 Mbps30 Mbps (45 Mbps until May 31, 2023)
134950 Mbps (1299 + PHP 50 Speed Add on) w/ 2 WiFi Mesh
1500200 Mbps (Fiber X)
1699150 Mbps100 Mbps400 Mbps / 200 Mbps (ToD)50 Mbps (150 Mbps until May 31, 2023) w/ 2 WiFi Mesh
1749150 Mbps (1699 + PHP 50 Speed Add on) w/ 2 WiFi Mesh
2000400 Mbps
2099300 Mbps200 Mbps
2199300 Mbps (2099 + PHP 100 Speed Add On) w/ 2 WiFi Mesh
2299100 Mbps (200 Mbps until May 31, 2023) w/ 2 WiFi Mesh
2499500 Mbps
2500• 600 Mbps (Fiber X)
• 400 Mbps (GameChanger PRO ENTRY w/ ASUS TUF GAMING AX5400 Router)
2699400 Mbps
2799600 Mbps (2699 + PHP 100 Speed Add On) w/ 2 WiFi Mesh
3000• 800 Mbps / 600 Mbps (ToD)
• 600 Mbps (GameChanger PRO MID w/ ASUS TUF GAMING AX5400 Router)
3499800 Mbps
3500• 800 Mbps (Fiber X XCLSV) w/ free Linksys mesh routers
• 800 Mbps / 600 Mbps (GameChanger PRO HIGH w/ ASUS TUF GAMING AX5400 Router)
5000800 Mbps (GameChanger ELITE w/ ASUS ROG RAPTURE GT-AX6000 Router)
74991 Gbps1 Gbps (Fiber X XCLSV) w/ free Linksys mesh routers
1Gbps (Price upon request)

A month after Converge upgraded its plans, SKY Fiber gave its plans additional speed boosts and extended the promo until May 31, 2023.

Among the four ISPs, SKY Fiber offers the most affordable plan with 20Mbps for PHP 999/mo. Its upgrades also improved its next affordable plan, providing 45Mbps for PHP 1,299/mo.

The improved speed boost made SKY Fiber’s Plan 1699 more competitive as it now provides 150Mbps (from 50Mbps), making it better than PLDT’s Plan 1699 with 100 Mbps, and at par with Globe’s Plan 1699 at 150Mbps. Although we have the remember that SKY Fiber’s offering is a temporary boost until May 31, 2023.

SKY Fiber’s Plan 2299 also got improved speed boosts of up to 200Mbps (from 100 Mbps) but at this point, the offer of its competitors are much more attractive. Converge already offers 200Mbps at PHP 1,500/mo.

We hope that SKY continues to provide these speed boosts even after the promo period.

Taking a look at all ISPs, Coverge’s new plans still appear to be the most attractive. Its Plan 1500 starts at 200 Mbps which gives it a huge advantage over Globe’s Plan 1699 with 150 Mbps and PLDT’s Plan 1699 at 100 Mbps.

Speaking of Plan 1699, Converge’s offering is even more attractive with its Time of Day Plan which offers 400 Mbps and 200 Mbps.

If you want to go for a full 400 Mbps, you can go with Converge’s Plan 2000, which is still better than Globe’s Plan 2099 at 300 Mbps and PLDT’s Plan 2099 at 200 Mbps.

Globe’s Plan 2499 is still the most affordable 500 Mbps plan. However, just add PHP 1 and you can get Converge’s Plan 2500 with 600 Mbps.

Converge offers the most affordable 800 Mbps plan with Plan 3000 with 800 Mbps / 600 Mbps Time of Day. Globe offers a full 800 Mbps plan with Plan 3499, although you can avail of Converge’s Fiber X XCLSV 3500, which also offers 800 Mbps and comes with free Linksys mesh routers.

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49 Responses

  1. Avatar for Dennisovan Dennisovan says:

    Converge plan 200 doesn’t really give you 200 Mbps. Usually it’s just 70 to 120 Mbps. Very seldom does it even reach 170, which is the fastest speed I’ve seen with this plan 200. New user here.

  2. Avatar for Ryan Ryan says:

    Good day, paano po mag apply nito at magpalagay sana ako ng wifi saming bahay. Thank you po

  3. Avatar for Ryan Ryan says:

    Good day, How to apply at saka gusto ko magpakabit ng wifi sa bhouse namin Thank you.

  4. Avatar for mark.jaco mark.jaco says:

    It’s time for an update! PLDT updated their speeds.

  5. Avatar for Dina Bautista Dina Bautista says:

    How to apply?

  6. Avatar for George George says:

    Mahal pa rin masyado ang internet ng Pinas compared sa ASEAN neaighbors. Dito sa Thailand ang package na gamit ko 3BB Fiber ay 700 baht plus 7% VAT., ang package ay 1 Gbps unli. 749 baht @ baht to peso rate na 1.59 = 1,141 pesos lang ang 1Gbps na fiber.

    • Avatar for PaulB PaulB says:

      Isa na yan sa mga nagpapahirap sa mga pnoy , paris ng Electricity , mabagal na internet mahal pa , only in the Phils.

  7. Avatar for anonymouse anonymouse says:

    great info. thank you

  8. Avatar for R. Elias R. Elias says:

    Converge seemed the best option on paper.

    First wrong modem was installed replaced by the correct one.

    Fiber 2500 should be producing 600mbps but is it is only producing 190 at best on 5g band, like 35 (?? – that is a hell of a difference) on the 2.4g band, and oddly enough less than 5g’s speed when connected directly to an Ethernet port. Anything connected on an Ethernet port is on a different Network ID than a device using WIFI for whatever reason.

    We spoke to a Supervisor immediately when the correct modem was installed and noted the speed issues, we followed it by a request on their website, and eventually by an email. At least the email request was given a ticket number but no changes so far from all efforts.

    When plans in PH indicate “30% of Minimum Speed” does that mean that they only guarantee/are required to provide 30% of the plans’ speed?


  9. Avatar for Arya Arya says:

    Hello po

    Been wondering if how ISP works.
    I’m 19 y.o po kasi planning to live alone and rent an apartment.

    For sure kasi mabagal wi-fi if available dun sa apartment.

    I’ve been doing wfh since and i was confused kung paano po process if ever magpakabit ako own internet kasi i’m just renting the apartment.

    May contract po ba or mininum years for ISP?

  10. Avatar for Ed Ed says:

    UPDATE: Received an email from Converge saying that their current free speed upgrade is only good for one month and that covered Plan 1500 and 1599 subscribers should call to make the upgraded speeds permanent after December 12, 2022 and after that they will be charged additional on top of the monthly fees they are paying at the moment. The catch is for these subscribers to upgrade their modem to a WIFI 6 model. Please read their offers cautiously.

    • Avatar for Jeff Jeff says:

      You have 2 options pag nag-apply ka dun sa opt-in nila ng speed upgrade:

      1) get the wifi-6 router (+88/month)
      2) speed increase only (same monthly)

      Pero both requires relock-in of 24 months

  11. Avatar for Martin Martin says:

    as someone na palipat lipat ng isp dahil sa poor reliability. mas hiyang ako sa converge. based sa experience ko sila yung di masyado nawawaln ng connection at kung mawala man nababalik agad. di tulad sa ibang natry ko na inaabot pa ng 1 week bago bumalik sayang sa bayad per month

  12. Avatar for Martin Martin says:

    converge lang may gaming plans. pinepersonalize na nila experience ng each user deoende sa needs nila. galing

  13. Avatar for HumbleDaks HumbleDaks says:

    Luging-lugi ako sa Skycable eh malapit na matapos itong contract ko sakanila kaya nagccompare ako ng mga plans. Couple of my perosnal considerations:

    • Si PLDT hindi ko gusto yung router but does offer mesh and cam na pwede ko iadd sa current ecosystem ko sa bahay. My parents has long standing relationship dito sa provider na ito so our houses up north are on PLDT.
    • Si Globe madaling kausapin since majority of our postpaid lines are from them.
    • Si Converge while too good to be true and to mitigate that kailangan mo ng back-up.
    • Si SkyCable naman kahit matagal na ako na customer nila hindi padin fibre yung nakakabit samen kahit yung plan na namin is most expensive and then super horrible din ng customer service nila kahit may concierge kame. Pero lugi ka kasi si Globe sa same presyo 800mbps.

    As of now medyo katig ako kay Globe. Pero bigyan ko pa one month in time sa recontracting.

  14. Avatar for lee lee says:

    same speed usad pagong ang pldc 1699 namin 20mbps lower luge pag singilan ang bibilis nila

  15. Avatar for nai cee nai cee says:

    [spoiler title=”Globe Gfiber All Plans”] [/spoiler]

    • Avatar for James James says:

      Pag existing subscribers ka yan ang pwede mo pagpilian pero pag new subscriber ka ay onti lang pwede mong kunin pero competitive pa din ang price.

    • Avatar for nai cee nai cee says:

      I disagree.nakapag apply ng new plan 129950 mbps yung in law ko.yan ang full list ng plans nila.outdated tong thread na to

    • Avatar for Renard Renard says:

      yung plan1299/50mbps di nila pinapublish sa website nila but you can request it.

  16. Avatar for nai cee nai cee says:

    Globe has 1499 75 mbps, 1599 100 mbps, 1899 200 mbps 2199 350 mbps

    Your update is incomplete

  17. Avatar for Poseidon33 Poseidon33 says:

    sadly, these are still monopolized by condo management where they only allow you to choose certain isp.

  18. Avatar for boy manga boy manga says:

    strong ang connection ng converge dito sa manggahan, pasig. i’ve tried PLDT useless hanggang ngayon copper cable pa din, skycable copper cable pa din. lagi pang naddc.

  19. Avatar for woowoo woowoo says:

    PLDT is good here but the problem is the slot and they wont install if theres no other person in your area wil buy as well

  20. Avatar for Joiko Joiko says:

    In terms of 50mbps. Yes, go to Converge. But in terms of reliability. Globe Fiber is the best. Aanhin mo ang murang internet kung teka teka nmn. Special in the whole NCR

    • Avatar for Martin Martin says:

      so far mas stable yung connection namin sa converge. ginagawang back up nalang namin yung dati naming globe

  21. Avatar for G G says:

    PLDT selling “upgraded” speeds but won’t implement it for all subscribers, even if their FAQs state that all existing subscribers will be upgraded. I’ve constantly asked then since late last year and the only answer they gave was that there are no existing ports/old copper cables. I would assume that if they are offering this then they would upgrade infrastructure. But I dont think they’re willing to spend for that. I’m on PLAN 2099 but only still getting 50mbps.

  22. Avatar for G G says:

    PLDT upgraded their speeds but won’t implement it for all subscribers, even if their FAQs state that all existing subscribers will be upgraded. I’ve constantly asked then since late last year ( and the only answer they gave was that there are no existing ports/old copper cables). I would assume that if they are offering this then they would upgrade infrastructure. But I dont think they’re willing to spend for that.

  23. Avatar for ena ena says:

    Which of these offer the most reliable connection?

  24. Avatar for Neil Neil says:

    Bakit wala sa converge yun 1599 na 60mbps?

    • Avatar for JuanDC JuanDC says:

      Hindi po sya ino-offer para sa lahat, for select subscribers lang po yata yan. parang promo lang tapos kailangan mo mag subscribe sa promo.

    • Avatar for Martin Martin says:

      di na siya siguro inooffer nung nagdoble na yung base speed nila to 100mbps for 1500. free upgrade din yun for existing subscribers

  25. Avatar for SherrylynSD SherrylynSD says:

    Is this for real? Globe is charging me Php 2299 + landline NDD for a max speed of 50 mbps only, while Sky at Php 1999 for the same speed which we barely use as we only get to use them for back up. ?. Globe would even call me all the time for an upgrade (which means higher payment). Customer Service is also terrible.

    • Avatar for Renard Renard says:

      If you are already out of contract, contact Globe and adjust your plan/ speed to current offers.

  26. Avatar for Mike Mike says:

    For real, I love the service of globe in my area but the only issue is their Customer service. You ni longer have an option to reach them via phone call. Sad to say I need to leave them now. ?

  27. Avatar for Chris Chris says:

    150mbps of sky is at plan 1,999 broadband only. Looks like outdated research niyo.

  28. Avatar for Ramoncito Mendoza Ramoncito Mendoza says:

    Do a Reliable Service comparison.

    • Avatar for Pia Yy Pia Yy says:

      Soooooo agree! Been wanting to switch to a different provider but scared of poor(er)? reliability

  29. Avatar for Jon Jon says:

    Plan 2699 – 300Mbps of Globe is a steal – but it’s obviously a plan to make sure their average internet speeds will increase. They made it look irresistible to people… like that large drink because you just add a few hundreds. It’s what most people will get. I just don’t like that they didn’t change the 4999 plan… it’s out of place right now.
    Make that 500Mbps plan 3499 and it’s golden.

  30. Avatar for Mika Mika says:

    Globe prices are the worst here. If only I can port my landline to PLDT.. it’s too much hassle to update contact details everywhere.

  31. Avatar for Andrew Andrew says:

    What is wrong with Globe?? There’s no 3k PHP range plan. And who would pay 4699 for the 500 MBPS plan? LOL. They hate the upper middle subscribers so much.

  32. Avatar for Dim Dim says:

    Data for Globe is no longer updated. Globe just updated their plan offerings this midnight.

  33. Avatar for b1twise b1twise says:

    Upload speeds are missing, which are important with the current WFH situation. It would also be nice to have transfer caps–Sky has them for sure. I would also consider Smart’s 5G router in this list as well. It didn’t perform as well for you as it did for me–I see a solid 300 down and 80 up. Did PLDT take it’s 10G connections live in December as announced?

    • Avatar for Mike Mike says:

      Very true ?

    • Avatar for Louie Diangson Louie Diangson says:

      Hoping that telcos can also release this info and not just download speeds.

    • Avatar for Kevin Kevin says:

      This super important, what sky isn’t telling you is there connection isn’t really fiber or fully fiber and even if your download speed is at 200mbps, your upload usually sits at 20mbps or less.

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