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Affordable phones under Php1,000 in the Philippines (2022)

Thinking about having that entry-level phone but with a tighter budget than expected? Fret not, for the phone market in the Philippines also accommodates consumers which have PHP 1,000 or less to spend for a new daily driver. Along with their storage configurations and other features, available phones have their current prices posted.

Affordable phones under Php 1,000 in the Philippines (2022)

Dizo Star 300 | Affordable phones under Php 1,000 in the Philippines (2022)

Photo: DIZO Star 300

DIZO Star 30032MB + 32MB, expandable up to 64GB, 0.3MP camera, 2550mAh batteryPHP 799
Cherry Mobile D2Expandable up to 32GB, 1.3MP camera, 1200mAh batteryPHP 799
Cherry Mobile V5Expandable up to 32GB, cameraPHP 799
Cherry Mobile V6Expandable up to 32GB, cameraPHP 799
MyPhone myF3 TVBuilt-in TV, VGA camera, 1000mAh batteryPHP 799
Cherry Mobile B23Expandable up to 32GB, 1.3MP camera, 1000mAh batteryPHP 739
Cherry Mobile B27Expandable up to 32GB, 1.3MP cameraPHP 739
Cherry Mobile B28Expandable up to 32GB, dual cameraPHP 739
Cherry Mobile B30Expandable up to 32GB, cameraPHP 739
Cherry Mobile B31Expandable up to 32GB, cameraPHP 739
Cherry Mobile C1iExpandable up to 32GB, 1.3MP camera, 1800mAh batteryPHP 739
Cherry Mobile B32Expandable up to 32GB, camera, 1800mAh batteryPHP 699
MyPhone myF2 TVBuilt-in TV, VGA camera, 1000mAh batteryPHP 699
MyPhone myS80.3MP camera, 1400mAh batteryPHP 699
MyPhone myM2VGA camera, 800mAh batteryPHP 549
MyPhone myN6VGA camera, 800mAh batteryPHP 549
Cherry Mobile C32iExpandable up to 32GB, cameraPHP 539
Cherry Mobile C50iExpandable up to 32GB, camera, 980mAh batteryPHP 499
Cherry Mobile C51iExpandable up to 32GB, camera, 980mAh batteryPHP 499
Cherry Mobile C2iExpandable up to 32GB, camera, 980mAh batteryPHP 479
Cherry Mobile C3iExpandable up to 32GB, camera, 980mAh batteryPHP 479
Cherry Mobile C5iExpandable up to 32GB, camera, 980mAh batteryPHP 479
MyPhone myM1VGA camera, 600mAh batteryPHP 459
MyPhone myN5VGA camera, 800mAh batteryPHP 459
Cherry Mobile P1Expandable up to 32GB, cameraPHP 399
Cherry Mobile P1iExpandable up to 32GB, cameraPHP 399

Feature phones do not seem to be going away any time soon despite the dominance of smartphones in the current phone market. After all, if one would need a device that performs the most basic tasks of phones such as calls and messages, feature phones under this category may fit the bill. Notably, feature phones today continue to integrate functions which were otherwise unavailable in earlier models, such as multimedia players or cameras.

Hopefully, this would be of help in your search. On the other hand, if you happen to improve your budget to seek for phones on the higher end, the full list of smartphones released in the Philippines in 2022 can be accessed here.

Please note: The phones listed, while officially released in the Philippines, did not necessarily have to be launched during this year. Rather, the phones are currently priced in the Filipino market. In addition, the phones were organized according to their posted price (from top to bottom).


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  1. Avatar for Absalon Buebos Absalon Buebos says:

    Bought the “Calculator Phone” from CherryMobile after 5 days using (3days lag maybe i type too fast but it said it have 1Gb Ram so it should handle MY FAST TYPING SKILLS 😅 and after it lags my desired photo as wallpaper it will return back to default wallpaper as if its unread the memory card or whatever magic/reboot without shutting off the device… i send it to service center near me and complain of the problem…. after 3 days as i got home the keypad become noisy… like its squeaky sound as i push those little button… after receiving 2 calls, a vertical white line on lcd display 😱 my phone wasn’t dropped or pinned/pressed down so return it back the whole set to service center and given me this accomplishment form for device replacement 🙄) it can do call and text but unfortunately after all the lag and white line problem have to wait for 15 to 30 days device replacement… its been 10 days and receive an email stating that they still have no spare parts to repair the device and will inform me soon after they fix the CalPhone 😣. I have viewed/watched its advertisement and review of those who have bought it but I guess NONE speak the truth… ITS NOT A GOOD PHONE…. its a TOY and like a DISPOSABLE PHONE “1 day use only” device for call and text… DO NOT PERSONALISE ITS WALLPAPER CUZ once it lag, it will goes default… fraustrating

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