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Messaging pioneer ICQ shutting down after almost 30 years

ICQ (aka I Seek You), a pioneer for messaging services, is shutting down after nearly 30 years of operation.

Released in late 1996, ICQ was one of the first platforms to let us talk to people online. Around this time, this was considered a great feat as we only scratched the surface of what the internet offered.

The platform hit a high of a hundred million users, up until other platforms competed with ICQ. While they had a slow decline, it pushed forward as a popular tool in Russia around 2010.

A newer version of their program was released in 2020, but has been neglected since. However, a Techspot report noted that the platform’s last stable desktop release was dated in April 2023. In addition, the mobile versions were retired in favor of their current owner’s own messenger system.

The fall of ICQ was simple, and straight to the point. It’s a two-line message that can be found on their official website 18 before their doors close forever on June 26.

It even advises visitors to try VK Messenger and VK WorkSpace, which belong to the platform’s current owners.

Were any readers able to use ICQ from back then or its last revamp? Let us know what you guys think of the program’s sendoff in the comments.

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