Budget phones under Php 2,000 in the Philippines (2022)

Thinking about having that entry-level phone but with a tighter budget than expected? Fret not, for the cheap phone market in the Philippines also accommodates consumers which have PHP 2,000 or less to spend for a new daily driver. Along with their CPU, RAM, and storage configurations, available phones have their current prices posted.

Cheap phones under Php 2,000

Cheap Phones

Cherry Mobile Flare A2Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 210, 1GB + 8GBPHP 1,999
Cherry Mobile Flare J3SQuad-Core Spreadtrum SC7731G, 1GB + 8GBPHP 1,999
Cherry Mobile Flare S7 LiteUnspecified Quad-Core processor, 1GB + 8GBPHP 1,999
Cherry Mobile Flare P3 PlusQuad-Core MediaTek MT6580, 1GB + 8GBPHP 1,899
MyPhone myA1 LiteUnspecified Quad-Core processor, 1GB + 8GBPHP 1,799
Cherry Mobile Flare Lite DTVQuad-Core Spreadtrum SC7731, 512MB + 4GBPHP 1,799
Cherry Mobile Flare Y3 MiniUnspecified Quad-Core processor, 1GB + 8GBPHP 1,499
Cherry Mobile Omega Lite 3SQuad-Core Spreadtrum SC7731, 1GB + 8GBPHP 1,499
MyPhone myA18Unspecified Quad-Core processor, 1GB + 8GBPHP 1,499
Feature phonesConfigurationPrice
Nokia 210Mediatek MT6260A, 16MBPHP 1,990
Nokia 110 4GSPRD 6531E, 4MBPHP 1,990
Nokia 105 4GUnisoc T107, 48MB + 128MBPHP 1,790
Nokia 150Unspecified Mediatek processor, 4MB + 4MBPHP 1,790
Nokia 106Mediatek MT6261D, 4MB + 4MBPHP 1,589
Cherry Mobile WT1Unspecified processor, Micro SD up to 16GBPHP 1,499
Cherry Mobile U8Unspecified processor, Micro SD up to 32GBPHP 1,499
Nokia 105Unspecified processor, 4MB + 4MBPHP 1,489
Cherry Mobile R2Unspecified processor, Micro SD up to 32GBPHP 1,299
DIZO Star 500Unspecified processor, 32MB + 32MBPHP 1,299

Notable in this roster would be the mixture of low-end smartphones, usually released a number of years back, and feature phones, which may provide nostalgia for previous generations who experienced small screens and built-in keypads. Despite having lower battery capacities on paper, feature phones have permeated into popular consciousness as longer-lasting than smartphones, if only because the latter could actually work on more tasks.

While technically outdated when compared to the technological pace of today’s smartphones, these could nonetheless perform the more fundamental functions phones are usually expected of, such as calls and messages. If the perquisites of newer phones are not the most influential in your decision, any of these could be your next choice.

Hopefully, this would be of help in your search. On the other hand, if you happen to improve your budget to seek for phones on the higher end, the full list of smartphones released in the Philippines in 2022 can be accessed here 10.

Please note: The phones listed, while officially released in the Philippines, did not necessarily have to be launched during this year. Rather, the phones are currently priced in the Filipino market. In addition, the phones were organized according to their posted price (from top to bottom).

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