5 Cool Things We Saw at the Samsung SEA Forum 2016

5 Cool Things We Saw at the Samsung SEA Forum 2016

Samsung recently invited us to their South East Asia Forum 2016 held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where they presented a lot of exciting goodies. From displays and TVs to smart appliances that are slowly becoming the future of home living. Since we can’t show them every bit of them, here are some our picks.


While 4K or UHD TVs are still not a staple resolution among televisions in Filipino households, Samsung is already taking it further to 8K. For starters, 8K has twice the resolution of 4K. The means twice the details, twice the sharpness, and twice the clarity.


Samsung didn’t spill any information regarding their plans with 8K TVs during the forum, what they did is merely a tease of what we can expect soon.

Family Hub Refrigerator

Aside from the TV in the living room, one of the commonly shared appliance in the house is the refrigerator. We all store foods, leftovers, perishables and the like. Also, most of us use the fridge’s door for announcements, letters, or notes using ref magnets. But what if the fridge has a built-in display designed to act as a portal to your digital notes, photos, and more.


With the Family Hub Refrigerator’s 21.5” full HD touch screen, you can stop using paper for notes and do more with your fridge. What’s very interesting about this are the built-in internal cameras used to take snapshots of your fridge’s contents. You can use the display to label them according to expiration and remotely see what’s already missing from your groceries. Speaking of groceries, you can even directly shop from your fridge! Basically, Samsung slapped a big tablet on their fridge and made it a bit smarter.

Interactive Board

Everything is going digital and our trusty whiteboard is no exception. With the Samsung’s Interactive Board, it’s time to keep those stinky ink markers away and greet digital pens for board writing. This is not the first time we saw a whiteboard transformed to be digitally connected but we’re glad to inform everyone that Samsung has already rolled out two of these in the Philippines – one in Philippine Science High School and another in Davao.



It’s a straightforward approach when using the Interactive Board. You use your pen to write on and use the other tip to do erasures. Also, you can use your palm to perform mass erasures just like with conventional whiteboards. You can connect HDMI to this as well for multimedia playback.

UHD Business / Wireless Charging Monitor

Desktop monitors are catching up with the UHD trend wherein Samsung showcased two of them — a 31.5” and 28”. Business offices should also consider checking this out if they are in need of an upgrade. Both are AMD FreeSync capable for smoother gameplay and graphics playback.


Also, in the office or at home, it’s always wonderful to have everything within reach while working. And there’s a monitor plus wireless charging model here that could be a nice investment if your smartphone supports the standard Qi wireless charging.

Transparent OLED Display

There are a lot of signage solutions from Samsung, from tiny and power saving to large and reflective. But, what stands out from the crop is the Transparent OLED Display. Yup, a see-through display with a size of 55 inches.


As Samsung listed, its transparency is at 45%, has a resolution of full HD, and supports 100% of Adobe colors. We’re not expecting to have one at home, but these transparent displays would be eye-catching at airports or restaurants for announcements and even ad placement.

And those are the 5 Samsung hardware that caught our attention. All of these are showcased in the recently concluded South East Asia Forum 2016 in Malaysia. Local availability is still a blur for now, but we are waiting.

This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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