BlogCon Aftermath

BlogCon Aftermath


Thanks to everyone who attended the BlogCon last night. I hope everyone had a blast (because I did)!

Though I wasn’t able to meet and greet everyone, that signature-campaign-ala-raffle allowed me to get to know a lot of bloggers even for a short while.


Thanks to Globe Innove for the opportunity to hold this big a gathering and hoping for more of this in the future.

Pictures will follow but you can get updates from people who blogged about it last night here.

I hope those who aren’t as active in blogging will renew their passion for their blogs after the event. :)

Updates from all over the blogosphere:

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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24 Responses

  1. AJ says:

    Thanks for spearheading the event.

    Nice to meet fellow blogges. I even won a USB stick. :D

  2. Kiven says:

    Thanks again Abe =)

  3. kukote says:

    lalo akong na-inspire magblog… dahil ang lalaki na pala ng cheke nyo sa adsense. hehehe! thanks for all the tips. ;)

  4. Noemi says:

    I had fun of course. I have some photos here:

    i still have to label them though.

  5. bimbo says:

    Great event, great speech, wish just being around you can translate into dollars but heck some of us have to work on our skills pa din.


    Good to see you again!

  6. jun says:

    nice to meet u yugz.. and all the bloggers who were there. I can now relate faces with the blogs. Learned lots of lessons too.

    What’s next for the blogsophere?

  7. ka edong says:

    Blog Makeover!
    napaka-kwela! :D
    Fab 3 of philippine blogging.
    Looking forward to the “after” of the makeover. ano na ulit url ni thisgirl ?

  8. Ron says:

    thanks for the food globe! wasn’t able to stay that long :)

  9. Laarni says:

    batet monday?

    anyway, you had a blast huh. Nice!

  10. Alan Ocab says:

    Nice meeting you Yuga.
    The Blogcon was a success.
    Thanks for your efforts and for the rest of your team.

  11. penoi says:

    danda ng event.. lalo n fud!!!! hehehe

  12. ade says:

    Thanks Yuga! See you at the next blogcon!

  13. kutitots says:

    Sayang, I had to leave early! Gumimik pa kayo nila Rico after?

    Si Bimbo kasi eh… Na-corner ako! Literal yan ha, as in, sa CORNER talaga! hehehe Kelan sunod na kita-kits? Punta ka ba sa Isulong event ni Marc this Sat?

  14. Sonnie says:

    You’re the man! Thanks for organizing this and helping bloggers all over.

  15. seav says:

    Thanks for organizing the event. It’s great having an opportunity to meet other bloggers IRL. Sa uulitin! =)

  16. I’m overwhelmed by the number of posts on the topic, but anyway, I’d like to thank you for helping organize such an event.

    See you at the next get-together of the Band of Bloggers a.k.a. Canon Users’ Group!

  17. markku says:

    Panalo! As in nanalo kami! Hahaha. ;)

  18. markku says:

    Elber, the BoB is a by-invitation group with its owns rights of passage. Since you’re invited next time, we expect you to do your “share.” Hehehe. ;)

  19. Anthony says:

    Just want to same more power to Filipino Bloggers.
    Thanks for bringing our country on the Blogospehere map. :)


  20. "ME" says:

    Hi to All,

    It is great to be here.
    It is my first time to post on this program.
    I just singed-up and re-directed here.
    I am a blogger since last 2005.
    But it was an on and off activity of mine.
    I am active just recently becasue of AGLOCO.
    my blog is
    I created this for filipino readers.
    I have several blogs everywhere.
    Maybe I can post them later.
    Hope I pass the “initiation” to become
    a full pledge member of Pinoy Bloggers!

    Thanks and more power to the group!

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