MSI-ECS to hold Warehouse Sale on November 16-22

MSI-ECS to hold Warehouse Sale on November 16-22

MSI-ECS will hold a Warehouse Sale on November 16 to 22, 2013, offering up to 30% discount on notebooks and desktops and up to 80% off on peripherals and accessories.

Aside from notebooks and desktops there will be printers, projectors, tablets (including 3rd and 4th-gen iPads), smartphones, software, and networking hardware on sale as well.



The warehouse sale will be from 9AM to 6PM on November 16 (Saturday) to November 22 (Friday) at the Topy IV Bldg., #3 Economia St., Brgy. Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City.

Click here to download the Warehouse Sale price list.


This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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21 Responses

  1. Noir says:

    Nice pricelist already

  2. Zet says:

    is reservation allowed?

  3. Ryan says:

    Whats class B? sorry for the ignorance.

  4. anon says:

    Their prices are rip offs.

    Monitors – They are still selling them even with dead pixels and a very unreasonable price. Would you buy a Php6500 19-inch HP monitor with dead pixel, dents and stains? No, right?

    How about an Ipad 3 with crack on upper right of LCD Frame worth 16k? Crazy, isn’t it?

    These items should not be sold, they deserve to be trashed.

    • vanila says:

      same sentiments when i saw their pricelist. unloading trash on customers in guise of being a warehouse sale. very not unlike black friday sales in the u.s.

    • vanila says:

      the great microwareshouse sale held at decagon city dec 2012 was way way better than this rip-off msi ecs warehouse sale. im disappointed there was no microwareshouse sale this year-end.

  5. wew says:

    i would buy items that are sold here if the problems are just small dents especially phones because they can be covered by using cases hehehe

  6. -Joe says:

    Kaya nga pinangalanan ng “Warehouse” Sale dahil hindi na nakapunta ng retail store dahil mga bulok na items ay na certified na!

    yong name na MSI-ECS ay brand yan eh akala ko tuloy yong lang mga items? Pati yong Apple at HP na brand ginagamit din nila.. isip isip muna bago kayo pumunta dun… Think quality hindi yong class B na drop out sa quality control.. parang suicide yong pera nyo dyan.

  7. Greggie says:

    Do they accept credit card payments? Thanks

  8. deborah says:

    Class B items are those with scratches, deadpixels, dents etc. you can see on the Price list that there are remarks there. Also, on the box on the laptop you’re gonna purchase, remarks are indicated so you’d know what you’ll be buying.

    For those who are not aware, MSI-ECS is a very large IT distribution company here in the Philippines. From vendor (HP/APPLE/SAMSUNG/ACER ETC)production abroad, they sell to retail stores.

    • mongenius says:

      I agree with wew and deborah…I have bought gadgets and will buy again this year at this sale. To tell the truth concerned din ako nung una, two years ago I bought my Nokia C7 here, 2 years on… rocking padin si Nokia! rocking as in tumatalbog, kahit more than 100 times ko na nabagsak ang fone ko ayaw pa din bumigay hahaha! And last year, around this time din, bumili ako ng WD 4 TB internal HDD sa kanila. Eto gumagana pa din. More than 2 TB worth of movies and series galing sa torrent (I Download AND upload files) pero wala pa din bad sectors, di pa din nag slow down transfer rate. Sa palagay ko, yung organization lang sa MSI-ECS Warehouse sale ang problema minsan, but if you know what you want AND you did your research, you will be happy on your find! (c’mon, this is a bargain sale! kung gusto mo pala nung gadget na yun at great/mint/flawless APPEARANCE OR OUTER condition, dapat ata bumili ka at the full SRP)! for the lazy, those who fantasize getting something more for nothing, and for the just the plain IDIOTIC CHEAPSKATES, this sale is not for you

    • vanila says:

      nongenius: More than 2 TB worth of movies and series galing sa torrent (I Download AND upload files) pero wala pa din bad sectors <<< ano sabi mo? this sale is not for cheapskates? so hindi ka cheapskate ha, for downloading movies from torrents instead of buying the legitimate copy?

  9. Mr. Roboto says:

    Hi! Pwede ba credit card installments sa warehouse sale? XD I have my eyes set on a few things, pero gusto ko sana installment :D

    • deborah says:

      like the previous msi-ecs warehouse sale, they accept credit cards but for one-time payment only.

  10. gabriel says:

    lahat po ba ng brand na naka indicate na mag pa participate nandun?

  11. Erik the viking says:

    Been going here for the past 3 years… good deals on new items but…

    This year it’s HORRIBLY HORRIBLY managed!!!

    Just imagine, I queued for a number to get in at 700am. (bad system!)

    My customer number is #91!

    I get called in at 915AM (2 hours + wait).

    Inside their office we sit again for another 30 mins.

    I start shopping at 945AM & finish by 10AM (15mins of shopping in 2 small rooms).

    I queued again to pay (via credit card)& I’m customer #13.

    After waiting 1 hour & 30 mins. at 1130AM I get my turn to pay!

    After another 1 hour +/- at 1230NN I finally get my items & can walk out their office…
    >>Reason for this? They take forever to encode the items you purchased. It was like waiting for a jewelry engraving.

    The very least they tied it up & wrapped it with a clear plastic bag, then sealed it.

    But wait… they have sorry to say a “STUPID protocol” on checking the items you paid for by 3 different people (1 checker & 2 security guards) who opens your closed package one by freaking one to count & see if what’s in the receipt is the same item (after all the efforts of the cashier to & merchandiser to wrap & pack it) on your way out.

    OMG kill me. If you want to waste 5 hours of your life to save a couple of hundred bucks… & skip breakfast & lunch… tis not worth the trip.

    Just sharing my experience today so that those hopeful lots who go may not get dismayed.

    Also, they have another STUPID policy about not being able to bring in any ladies hand-bags or man-bags. I can understand if they want you to deposit your back pack etc. but first of all they don’t have enough space to accommodate all the bags yet they instill on you depositing your bags. Also, if something gets lost in your hand-bag; they wont be responsible for it! OMG as in I had to yell at their guard & their supervisor telling them I had 200K cash in my bag to pay for the stuff I will buy & was not willing to leave it with them unless they will insure it. Really it was not worth it this year.

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