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I want this kind of smartphone in 2020

2019 gave us a host of smartphone novelties and features. Pop-up front camera mechanisms became the trend, more and more smartphones started to adopt the under-display fingerprint scanning, notches turned in to hole-punch ones, and so on. As 2020 draws near, we’re hoping to see a couple of innovative features in smartphones that will shake the world. Check them out!

Under-display front camera

Would 2020 be the year we’ll get to see smartphones that have an under-display camera? We certainly hope so. In 2019, both Xiaomi and OPPO teased that they are testing and working on prototypes of under-display smartphone camera technology. It certainly wouldn’t be that far-off until we get an actual working smartphone with an under-display camera. Having the front camera under the display would eliminate notches, elevating mechanism, and hole-punch modules.

Bezel-less display

Speaking of eliminating notches, it would be nice to have a smartphone without any bezels at all. We’re talking about a 100% screen-to-body ratio display here. In 2019, we saw smartphone companies coming up with various ways to make the bezels slimmer and almost unnoticeable. Despite being slimmer nowadays, bezels still exist, and, for some reason, the chin bezel is always more full than the rest. Hopefully, 2020 will deliver the full-screen smartphone of our dreams.

Actual/over-the-air wireless charging

Hear us out, wireless charging does exist, but also, the wireless charging technology we currently have requires devices to be placed on a charging pad. It only eliminates the charging cable, and well, it pretty much has less range than a wired charger because, as mentioned, it has to be on the charging pad. For 2020, we’re hoping that one of the numerous smartphone companies out there can equip their devices with actual, long-range, or over-the-air wireless charging capability.

Creaseless foldable smartphones

Foldable smartphones have become the rage in 2019, from Samsung’s Galaxy Fold to Huawei’s Mate X, to Motorola’s rehash of the Razr. It’s honestly impressive to see the foldable display technology, but since these are pretty much the first generation of these devices, they still have imperfections to them. It’s being reported that Samsung’s currently working on the second generation Galaxy Fold, and we’re hoping that their next will have a creaseless, seamless folding display.

Holographic display

If you’ve seen any Marvel movie, you definitely would have noticed that holographic tech they have almost everywhere. Tony Stark whips a phone out, and instead of a smartphone screen, a hologram of whoever’s calling him appears, and we’ve got to admit, that’s a pretty cool thing. In 2018, the smartphone RED Hydrogen One came out, touting a tagline of “first holographic media machine.” It’s not the Avengers-esque type of hologram though, but more of a “4-view” technology. It utilized 3D without requiring the user to wear 3D glasses; it’s pretty similar to the technology that the Nintendo 3DS uses. We’re crossing our fingers that at some point in 2020, a smartphone company will unleash a smartphone with an actual holographic display. But maybe, until then, we can dream.

What kind of tech would you like to see in smartphones in 2020? Let us know in the comments section!

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