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Level Up Your Freelance Work for 2019: Top Tips to Improve your Services

It’s already 2019, and you probably have big plans for this year especially when it comes to your freelance work. Improving your services is a must if you want to grow your clientele. How do you do that? Let us give you some tips.

Create a business card

A business card is an excellent way to make a good impression especially if you’re meeting new people who could be your future clients. It shows that you are a professional, well-prepared, and serious about what you do which is what clients look for in a freelancer. Think of these little cards as your marketing tools. They are tangible, easy to give out, and it makes first encounters memorable. So always keep some in your pocket, bag, wallet, or car.

Update your portfolio

Your portfolio is one of the first things you show to a potential client, so it’s only logical that you keep it updated, so make sure it includes the projects you have accomplished in the past year. Also, the process of updating your portfolio will help you reflect on the things you have learned in the past year and apply it to your next project. You might also want to update the look of your portfolio to reflect better your business and the services that you offer.

Learn SEO and apply on your website

One of the reasons why you have an online portfolio is to make your services known to other people on the internet. But it won’t reach a lot of people if it’s not easily searchable. That’s where SEO comes in. Your domain name should contain relevant keywords that relate to your business like GraphicsDesignXYZ.com if you’re engaged in graphics design. If you have blog articles, use those keywords on the title, URL, headings, and within the articles as well. There are tons of content online about SEO so take to learn and apply them on your website.

Update your profile photo. Make it look professional

If you have a social media account like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, make sure to use a decent photo. Better yet, a professional-looking one. Some clients tend to search for a freelancer’s social media account, and your profile picture will be one of the first things that will greet them. It will make an impression so make sure to have an updated profile photo. Make it look professional and clean where they can have a good look of your face.

Update and clean your social media

Since we’re already in the topic of social media, you might take the chance to update it with information related to your business, so add the link to your online portfolio or upload some of your sample works there if possible. You might also want to clean your social media accounts of old posts or tweets that might ruin your chances of landing a client.

Upgrade your payments system

If you’re mostly relying on bank-to-bank transfers or local remittance services, now’s the time to upgrade. Worldwide online payments systems like PayPal makes it easier for you to receive payments from clients virtually from almost anywhere in the world. It’s also an indication that your services can-are also available globally. You can sign up for a PayPal account here.

And that sums it up. Leveling up your freelance work is like leveling up yourself as well. Showing that you are a professional and have taken steps to improve your services will help get more clients.

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