Globe Prepaid Home WiFi Review

Globe Prepaid Home WiFi Review

Globe Telecom released a new product called Globe Home Prepaid WiFi a few months ago. It’s basically an LTE WiFi router that comes bundled with a Globe prepaid SIM card.

We’ve been using the device for about a month now so we’ve pretty much had a good grasp of its purpose and value. This is actually the 3rd model we bought in the past 3 months (one in the office, another in our video studio and one in my condo).


The modem is a small, white plastic router which is about 6 by 6 inches in size and about an inch thick with the base slightly thicker in order for it to stand upright.

We’re not sure who manufactured the device (not Huawei, ZTE or Zyxel) actually and Globe merely attached a logo sticker in front and instruction manual at the back. (Update: We’ve been told by the supplier that the manufacturer is the Shanghai Boost Even Technology Co.)

Up at the front are LED lights for power, internet, WiFi, LAN and cellular signal. There’s a WPS/Restore switch up top along the ventilation grills.

At the back are the power port, the single LAN port, an NTC sticker and the “How to” guide for reloading and surfing promos you can subscribe to. The mobile number is also written there so you don’t have to remember it.

The prepaid SIM card is already inserted in the tray at the bottom of the device with a “Do not tamper” sticker. Globe claims you can’t just put any other SIM card in there as the device has been configured to work with the SIM it came with.

Features and Administration

Administration and control of the WiFi router can be done via the browser of any device connected to the router. The admin page is accessible via the local IP ( and the default username and password (admin/admin) are indicated in the sticker at the bottom of the device.

Once logged in, all the settings are already pre-configured. The main page will show the status of the cellular connection (and signal strength), router status/information and network information. You don’t need to touch anything here are everything is all set up for you.

The only section that you will have to regularly use would be the built-in SMS feature. this is where you send out text messages to subscribe to GOSURF and SURPERSURF promos.

The kit comes with 10GB of data allocation that lasts for 7 days from the day of activation. After that, you can just reload it and subscribe to specific Globe GoSurf promos. This is what Globe is pushing but they never say that you can actually also subscribe to SuperSurf promos (SUPERSURF 50 for 1 day, SUPERSURF 120 for 3 days and SUPERSURF200 for 5 days). Of course, it is limited (1GB per day) by Globe’s FUP for prepaid users.

Speed and Coverage


Since this is still a wireless connection, the speed is very dependent on your location and the time fo the day. It could be faster at certain times of the day due to the peak hours of network usage. This is the same as with your mobile internet connection.

Globe Prepaid Home WiFi (left) vs. Globe Postpaid on LG G6 (right). Testing was done in the same location in the same time frame.

During our 1 month of testing, we’ve only used it in Taguig City, Makati City, and Pasay City. We have not had a chance to take it outside Metro Manila. In the locations that we’ve tested it, the results varied from 4Mbps all the way to 23Mbps.

We noticed that adjusting the placement of the LTE router within the house (or even the mere repositioning) would also yield different results.

Globe also claims the WiFi signal strength is 50% better than typical mobile WiFi devices and this is generally true since pocket WiFi tends to reduce WiFi strength to conserve battery life. Fortunately, the device does support the 700MHz (Band 28) LTE frequency.


As for cost implications, the mobile internet that’s offered via Globe Home Prepaid WiFi is more expensive compared to the bandwidth you are paying if you are on DSL or fiber.

The device itself can be had from any Globe Business Centers for Php1,999 and it comes with 10GB free data upon activation.

I have a vDSL connection at home and while the download speed is fairly good (10Mbps), the upload speed leaves a lot to be desired. In some cases where I needed to upload a huge video on YouTube (for the 7-9 minute full HD video reviews), I resort to a different connection. Normally, my mobile internet is faster and can go between 10 – 15Mbps on a normal day. But that would mean I have to leave my smartphone as a mobile hotspot and home I don’t receive any phone calls during the session (LTE drops when you receive calls).

The pricing structure for the Globe Home WiFi is basically the same as mobile prepaid plans. There’s a flat rate of Php5 per 15 minutes if you do not subscribe to any GoSurf or SuperSurf promos. The GoSurf pricing scheme might be good if your activity is time-bound, like downloading a large file, streaming videos or you just want to work for a specific number of hours without worrying about how much data has been consumed. This option is also better if there are several devices or users connecting to the router.

SuperSurf may be a good alternative option if you want to stretch the usage from an entire day to several days (maximum of SuperSurf200) with light usage.


The Globe Prepaid Home WiFi is not meant to be the primary source of internet at home or in the office. What it offers is a cost-effective, portable, and easily configurable ad-hoc internet connection during emergencies (when you main wired internet is down or slow).

What we find it very useful is for fast upload speeds and, though not everyone is in the habit of uploading gigabytes of content online, our line of work here calls for it very often (Dropbox syncing of raw photos and videos, uploading to YouTube of finished 1080p video reviews).

In a way, the device is a reasonable alternative to the pocket WiFi since it’s more robust and affordable. There are other similar LTE WiFi devices out there (made by Huawei and ZTE) but this one is fairly affordable.

What we liked about it:

  • Flexible usage allowance
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Affordable device
  • No lock-in period

What we did not like:

  • No unlimited data option
  • Does not support external antenna

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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169 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    with that admin interface. i say the manufacturer is evoluzn

    • cris says:

      If your planing to have a GLOBE internet provider at home,.better don’t, you will REGRET!!!i mean it, I am certain because i myself have a very weird expereince with GLOBE.

    • michael says:

      made in china, regardless, there is a lot of mis-information sloppy incompetent reviews about globe, 1st you need a globe sim-card to use there wi-fi? I tried my t-mobile samsung wifi app does NOT work! There sloppy webloading page does not accept usa credit cards! Even worse is that idiotic version of going to a obscured UNSECURED web address, this does NOT tell you your usage! These clumsy review websites probally globe employees, obvious there NOT telling the truth about everything and/or the glitches/problems that everyone has with globe period! My globe at home wifi hardware, sloppily called a modem or router, has to be a combination modem/router in order to magically connect to 5 seperate devices! Obviously you have to have a globe sim card android phone before it works, if it works, there is NO intelligent reviews or anyone actually telling the real facts or constant problems you have here in the philippines with globe and smart! MY globe at home prepaid wifi works good here in tunga leyte, only because the globe tower is 1 mile away, NO direct hardwiring here, everyone else has there globe hardware mounted on a stick or bar outside facing the tower

    • Wynn says:

      Hi, does globeathome wont work in areas with 3g signals only?

  2. Al says:

    It was inially offered at 1499 with 5GB data in Feb, then it’s now 1999 with 10GB data.

  3. LouieBeton says:

    Hi Abe! I’m considering buying this for my condo, but I wanted to ask if the 15 mins/5php rate of Globe also works for the device? Thanks! :D

  4. ronron says:

    How Much is this? Didn’t see the price in the article…

  5. Ron says:

    Hi. Pwede kaya ang Gosurf999 dito? Or lahat ng prepaid promo ay pwede? Salamat po.

  6. miyo says:

    will those combos (e.g. GOTSCOMBODD70) also work in this prepaid home wi-fi?

  7. Jesriel says:

    Mas gusto ko yung sa Smart kasi may Flexitime sila.

  8. Ferdz says:

    Sir Abe how much is the cost of of this prepaid home Wi-Fi?

  9. Omar Jafar says:

    The manufacturer is SHANGHAI BOOST Technologies, ive checked the IMEI.

  10. Chris says:

    You may add that this is also subjected to FUP unlike the home DSL.

  11. sensei says:

    The manufacturer/vendor is Shanghai Notion Information Technology CO.,LTD. See link:

  12. Mark Stephen says:

    I have been using this device in my location at home & it’s really working for me. From my point of view Globe Prepaid Home wifi is the best one, among all. It simply have make my life so smooth and pain free.

  13. Jeff says:

    Can you use your Globe postpaid sim card in this device? If yes, what is the price for unit only?

    • Jeremy says:

      Kindly read again bro. The answer’s already up there.

    • Patricia says:

      My postpaid plan modem is not working in my room so I tried using my old prepaid modem. I inserted my postpaid sim into the prepaid modem and it works!!!

  14. Me says:

    “In a way, the device is a reasonable alternative to the pocket WiFi since it’s more robust and affordable. There are other similar LTE WiFi devices out there (made by Huawei and ZTE) but this one is fairly affordable.” Asan ang Price?

    • el gato says:

      “The devixe itself can be had from any Globe Business Centers for Php1,999 and it comes with 10GB free data upon activation.”
      typo error yung device.

  15. Takasugi says:

    I’ll just wait for an openline unit of this, so I can use my Smart LTE sim on UNLISURF promo. smart’s unlisurf is still the best promo out there, no capping and no FUP.

  16. AA says:

    No SuperSurf 1 month promo?

  17. Ube Ohhla says:

    Where’s the SRP?

  18. Joms says:

    Could you try playing some online games using this? Thanks!

  19. Sunburn says:

    All surf promo is dependent on the total gigabyte provided not necessarily number of days. Ours is a 2 user, moderate use that is consuming the 1 gig surf promo (supposedly for 3 days) that is used up by day 2.

  20. Gamit ko Globe LTE Postalid ko dyan. Pinalitan ko un sim gumagana naman po although void na un warranty. Speed is blazing fast lalo dito sa area namin sa Bulacan.

    • Gomer Magtibay says:

      Tips naman po dyan paano nyo ginawa yan. Sinubukan ko po kasi ilipat yun postpaid LTE sim, ayaw po gumana. PDP Connection Status: Disconnected. Then yun IPv4 DNS at Default Gateway numbers na parang mga IP addresses ay blangko. Ano po dapat gawin? Ano dapat i set?

    • misbibimbap says:

      Pano po tanggalin ung sim para mapalitan? i tried removing the sim cover pero ayaw.. do i have to force it out?to the point of destroying the cover? please reply thanks

    • Shana says:

      Hi, gusto ko din sana gamitan ng postpaid LTE itong prepaid modem.. may iseset pa ba para gumana? If so, patulong naman po kung anong gagawin.. salamat

    • Anj says:

      How about streaming netflix? Madali po ba maubos yung consumables?

  21. Ritche says:

    Hi! Have you tried using other data promos like GOTSCOMBODD70 (1 GB/week) with this device? If you did, how did it go?

  22. Gomer Magtibay says:

    What will happen if 3G lang ang signal (H+) then through the LAN port ikabit ko sya sa hub/switch serving 4 PCs? Pwede kaya pang Google at pang Facebook ng mga students dito sa aking munting comp shop?

    • Boy says:

      Ginamit ko sa lan mabagal siya 1.5 mbps lng speed pero sa wireless 18 mbps Bulacan

  23. Jules says:

    Just got mine today cash on delivery 1999php. Free10GB is no longer available. 8080 Will reply promo for selected users only. Very unfair globe

    • Lloyd says:

      Same here. Got mine last May 15 and got no free 10GB… got same sms.

    • inhin_yero says:

      Under “network mode” or “connection mode” were you able to change from 3G to LTE? or even lock it to 3G network. Just curious. Thanks.

  24. Lloyd says:

    Got mine last May 15. Got sms too that the free 10GB is only available to selected user. I send a compliant thru Glovbe’s twittwr account and got dm asking me details, etc. i think they’re trying to escalate the complain to their support group. I hope they reaaolve this. The free 10GB is their value proposition to the 1,999 cost of the unit.

    • inhin_yero says:

      Under “network mode” or “connection mode” were you able to change from 3G to LTE? or even lock it to 3G network. Just curious. Thanks.

  25. Lloyd says:

    The unit works fine. Fast internet in both city and out of town locations.

  26. Marlone says:

    Gagana po ba yan dito sa amin na hspa+ lng gumaganda kasi medyo bundok sa amin

    • Stoix says:

      May reset button sa taas ng device sa may WPS. Reset nyo yun then babalik yung dating credentials: admin admin yata yung username and password.

  27. daryl says:

    max speed / model no. ?

  28. Dim says:

    “vDSL connection at home and while the download speed is fairly good (10Mbps), the upload speed leaves a lot to be desired.”
    You may be on ADSL instead of VDSL. I’m on VDSL at home on 100 MBps Globe Broadband and I get 94 Mbps down/50 Mbps up.

  29. Mico says:

    Hi, how can we utilize the other internet promos, like for instance the 1day net promo or the supersurf 200? Are we just gonna load the device or have it logged inat the ip address and subscribe it?

    • Melvin says:

      Hi, Sir.
      I believe that’s right.
      Just like on our mobile phones, via e-load or call cards. Log-in then subscribe on a promo via GUI.

      I’m curious if this particular device (or sim) allows the regular rate. The one without subscriptions.
      I prefer the no subscription since I’m grabbing games from Steam or GOG.

    • If you don’t subscribe, you will be charged the regular rate.

    • Melvin says:

      Great, Sir Abe.

      Thanks. I’d prefer that instead of GoSurf :D

  30. karl ernest noble says:

    can i connect to the wifi eventhough i’m not connected to the router?

  31. skeith says:

    Have you tried using GoSAKTO promos on this? Does it work?

  32. Teddy says:

    Is that router has dmz setting? I badly need it for my online gaming, especially TEKKEN 7.

  33. Christie says:

    Bumili ako nyan globe home wifi sa laoag city 3000 kasama load sabi ng globe malakas daw at aabot ng 1 month PERO after 2 weeks ubos na ang load .So nagpunta ang ate ko sa laoag service center ng globe nagcomplain bkit ganun kadali.ETO ANG SAGOTTT! KASI DAW 8 GIGS LANG DAW YONG 1000 AT KUNG GAGAMITIN ANG U TUBE A MALAKAS DAW MAUBOS ANG LOAD e 3 lang nman ang gumagamit sa bahay ng wifi . 2 cp at isang tablet GRABE NAMAN YAN . PANG FACEBOOK LANG PALA .PANG TSISMIS LANG PALA ANG GAMIT NG NYAN WALANG KWENTA !!

    • I think you were misled. The usage is volume-based so it really depends on your usage behavior if it can last your entire family for a month or not.

  34. Edna f. Pascua says:

    Hello sir pwede po mag order ulit,kc po ung pinagorderan ko ng prepaid home wifi no response po, tnatawagan ko d sumasagot at no reply po, edna f. Pascua po ang nym ko

  35. Osbot says:

    May built in battery ba ito? Kung wala mas maganda pa rin ang pocket wifi.. pwede kahit saan. Yung pocket wifi pwede lagyan ng ibang sim ito hindi. Saka mas mura ang pocket wifi tanong tanong k lang sa mga kaibigan mo panigurado may nagbebenta nito.

  36. oculus mort says:

    this device can work with postpaid plan sim??

  37. oculus mort says:

    this device can work with postpaid plan sim?? .

    • Gomer Magtibay says:

      I tried it with a postpaid LTE sim that came from my Globe Home Broadband B315 modem. Hindi po gumagana kapag HSPA+ ang signal. Siguro kung post paid sim na pang phone, gagana yan. Pero kung galing sa postpaid LTE sim na naka-install sa B315 modems? Hindi yan gagana.

  38. Johnsann D says:

    Dual band po ba to? My iphone needs 5ghz band. Kc router namin 2.4 ghz lang kaya 3 meters away sa router wala ng signal masagap iphone 6 q dahil di compatible sa signal

  39. Ramil says:

    Sabi pwd sa supersurf50 bat ung sa amin ayaw mg avail ng supersurf50

  40. Anonymous says:

    Can I connect this to my regularwifi router?

  41. Diosdado julaton says:

    sir pinalitan ko po ang admin pass pagkatapos di na sya mapasok paano kami makaka pag register sa globe ng promo nila paano po i restore sa factory setting.slamat po sa tulong

  42. Chad says:

    gumagana kaya ang SUPERSURF ? TIA

  43. Alexis Rose says:

    Pwde ba magload nang gotscombo? which do you prefer smart prepaid lte o ito?

    • Stoix says:

      I tried registering to gotscombodd90 but Globe’s system wouldn’t allow me. Madami siguro nagregister.

  44. Stoix says:

    Sir, have you tried using the primary and secondary DNS under Home Network after logging in to 192.168.1 1? Mine is not working when I type in DNS values from Norton connectsafe family nor the OpenDNS family. However, when I use Globe Tattoo, the DNS works by blocking sites. Do you have the same experience with this wifi prepaid broadband device?

  45. Alfiya says:

    Its too bad that we din get any response since 1 month from the globe office other than please wait maam. The wifi is down from the 3rd day of installation. Its showing sign in..

  46. Alvin says:

    Pwede po ba palitan sim nito ng other globe sim? Baka kasi hindi pwede yung gosakto promos e

  47. Kathleen says:

    Hi, I would like to ask if after the 7days 10gb free data and you load it with a supersurf200 or GOSurf, are there a cup per day? Because I did buy an LTE sim from globe and every-time I registered a SuperSurf 200 they have 1GB cup per day, and once you’ve got that limit you cannot use it anymore and you have to wait again for another day.

    • Gomer Magtibay says:

      I resold mine and bought an “open-line” B315 modem from Lazada. Better alternative. Then use “GOTSCOMBODD90” promo, 2GB for 7 days and no capping.

  48. Jordan says:

    Yugatech please edit your above post, globe will not allow the usage of supersurf promo with this device only gosurf. Iam very disappointed with device because of this. Will resell it, and just use my usual phone for wifi hotspot, atleast i can use supersurf on my phone

  49. Raffles Rina Mendoza says:

    I bought my Home Wifi last week amd I’m on my last day of the free 10 gb that came with it. I have a homebased job that uses a virtual office which typically uses a lot of data. Will I be able to use the gotscombodd90 here? 1gb is technically not enough for me to last the day. Thanks in advance.

  50. me-an says:

    hi, bakit di po sya maregister on surfpromos? :( pls response. asap.

  51. Mark says:

    Maximum of Supersurf200? So that means I WON’T be able to subscribe to Supersurf999? I plan to use this as a backup connection for mobile work and would rather not have to load and subscribe to it every week. Is the Supersurf200 maximum for sure?

  52. Julie says:

    IN what area are you using that Wi-fi?

    How about the Speed of 3G?

    here at Mindanao, but sad there is no 4G. Only 3G.
    I am outside Davao.

    Your ping ms was good really good for facebook & online games.

    10-15mbps is great when have good signal.

  53. Joseph says:


    Does the device work with gosakto status? Would appreciate your response.

    Thank you very much!

  54. Tristan says:

    I disable the dhcp server then i unplug it.
    When I’m ready to use it again. It does not working what should i do?

  55. cristian paringit says:

    Pwede gotscombodd?

  56. Allan says:

    May I ask if this will work in a “3G only” area where LTE signal is NOT avaialble?

  57. Stephanie Advincula says:

    I cannot log in because the username and password indicated is said to be invalid. I had many attempts but still didn’t work. Help please.

    • Vaughn Chua says:

      The default username and password for the Home Wifi’s browser address is “admin” “admin”. As for the router, you can check out at the bottom of your router to see the default password.

  58. Ken says:

    Good day. I log in at globe at home app and put the prepaid wifi no. but said that my prepaid wifi no. is invalid. Please help.

  59. don says:

    where is the sim???

  60. von eric says:

    is it possible that i connect a wifi camera to the device?

  61. Miraluna says:

    How to register prepaid home wifi thrue sms.please help

    • Vaughn Chua says:

      Right now, you’ll have to use another sim card in order to do register for a Homesurf 15. It will consume the other sim card’s load so watch out for that.

  62. ciikhae says:

    Im only using Fb lite and messngr lite. and i dont posts. just scrolling down and up.. then 2-3 hrs on video call using google duo.. i registered on their 15 gb promo yesterday.. now i only have 12gb.. Ang dali naman nyang mag consume ng data..

  63. Cath says:

    I topped up the sim card number of the unit itself, how would i be able to subscribe using that number? I was not informed. They told me it will be straight at the app! Would there be an option to use the load of that number, not my phone’s prepaid number?

    • Edna Castillo says:

      There is a manual guide inside..try to read and understand..all your questions are on there to answer..

  64. Noel says:

    GOTSCOMBODD ? Working

  65. stoneage2k18 says:

    How to retrieve password on cause i have forgot after changing

  66. Anilyn says:

    How to register this home prepaid wifi using another simcard?

  67. mark says:

    can be connected to pc?

  68. sharina merculio says:

    what is the purpose of the mini usb slot beside the sim slot?

    • Lloyd Aaron says:

      To date, I’m still wondering of its relevance. Haha!

    • Jonathan Barroga says:

      subukan mo saksakan ng usb charger baka alternative powersource xa pag nasira ung adapter nya sa likod.

  69. Allen says:

    How to change the APN settings in this home prepaid wifi? Help me. Thanks.

  70. Axel Ace says:

    I think i would go to PLDT. They say you only pay monthly with the amount of data you use, no F.U.P. handicap, just true UNLIMITED WIFI.

  71. Neil says:

    Pwede ho ba ditto ung Gotscombodd??

  72. chito santos says:

    up to what mbps isthe device? whats the range distance that a wireless device can connect?

  73. Bernardo says:

    Panu po bumili globe at home prepaid wifi gaano ba kalaki Yan?pocket wifi po ba Yan??need ko po sagot Nyo may balak kme bumili e tnx po?

  74. Angelica says:

    Sir bat gnun mg 4 months plng nggmit ung home WiFi n binili q di n ggna ..ung network mode indictor red ang kulay

  75. linss says:

    i have one but itst sucks a lot !

  76. Ceferino Ilar says:

    I have balance of 715 Php in globe at home SIM card , but I can not avail it because everytime I attempt to do it following the steps given to me by the seller. I just end up to input the verification code which I do not where I can search it..pls help me

  77. Marizon says:

    Sa umpisa lang siya mabilis. After 2 months sobrang bagal na. nag load ako noong July 2 ng 599 for 15g ang natira na lang sa load ko ngayon ay 8.4g. Wala man lang ako na download na articles para sa research ko. Super bagal sayang lang pera!

  78. Anne says:

    Hi can i use it hard wired to my computer? Or just wireless lng po?

  79. christian says:

    can i use supersurf999 in this Globe home prepid wifi or not? 15gb ay napakadali maubos . ;(

  80. Tommy Gunn says:

    Hello. Excellent review, thank you. Question for those of us who want to use SmartDNS…does the interface allow the user to configure DNS servers? Thx very much!

  81. Loloy says:

    Di ako maka log in sa globe. Ano po ba yong user name and password nato?

  82. JIGZ OLARTE says:


  83. josjos says:

    panget pala yan

  84. Fel says:

    Hi questions po regarding dito nag load ako ng 100 hindi dumating pero may confirmation naman sa reloader paano sya ma trace? Hindi rin maka send ng SMS? anong problema sa Sim?

  85. ar aii says:

    Hello is it transferrable ? I currently live in negros oriental and I want to bring this modem at cebu city so is it? Is there any promo except homesurf 599?

  86. rhea says:

    i cant connect to my globe at hime wifi after i change the SSID.. what will i do?

  87. Oliver says:

    Useless. After a couple of weeks using the device, it does not detect signal anymore. Internet light is RED! Resetting the modem to defaults does not help. So frustrating. Don’t get scammed. It’s useless and disposable!

  88. Rayan says:

    Pwede bang gamitin to as Wifi extender? Katulad ng Globe LTE pocket Wifi?

  89. Anonymous says:

    Nasira yung akin after ilang buwan lang. Red na yung light. Pahirapan sa support. Ang masakit pa nakakapagload kapa sa app pero mismong modem nakared light na. Ang saklap bes kakaload lang nasira na. Hindi nagamit hanggat nagexpire nalang ang load. Puputi mata mo kakatawag sa support nila. Wala din sasagot sayo ng maayos. Kuha kayo kung gusto niyo ng sakit ng ulo.

  90. Anonymous says:

    Disposable. Masisira after ilang months lang.

  91. mbryan says:

    hi! can i subscribe supersurf 999 using this?

  92. hell says:


  93. Ian says:

    Bakit po hindi maproseso ung register ko ng gotscombo tama naman po register ko please pakitulong naman po

  94. bryan says:

    can i subscribe to supersurf 999 using this?

  95. Karen Cruz says:

    how many devices can connect to the globe wifi at the same time?

  96. nardo says:

    I suggest dont buy this one, I have it, 1st day used, its really good, the signal bar is full, yes its really fast even inside or out in your home but after 2 months used, the signal bar maintain 1 bar sometimes nothing the signal became really weak and also you cant redeem your rewards point even in globe rewards app, its wasting money and time.

  97. Randy says:

    Pwede po ba sa smart tv ang globe home prepaid?

  98. Nice says:

    Ok ky ito im planing to apply on line teaching and plan ko gumamit nito…

  99. Dodoy Vinz says:

    Sir sasagap kaya to ng signal samin. Pocket wifi gamit ko dito samin mysignal. Mas malakas ba ito sumagap ng signal kysa s pocket wifi

  100. Myra says:

    Guys I really need your help now for I badly forgot my wifi password..How to recover it guys I tried already the password written in the bottom area but still it womt work..pls. Help me.thanks

  101. Garry says:

    Magisip-isip kayo kung balak nyo bumili nito bec there are a lot of disadvantages na hindi nyo alam tungkol sa home prepaid modem na ito. First, this is a disposable unit. Swerte ng umabot sa inyo ito ng 1 yr at masisira rin. Sa iba 2 months wala na hindi na maka connect. Second, limited ang surfing usage nyo dito. Loading it 599 pesos maximum will only give you 15GB cap so it does not matter kung ano pang promo gamitin mo, still, 15GB pa rin ang allotted sayo. Kung 3 or more kayong gagamit sa bahay at may nag Youtube pa, baka 2 days ubos na ang 15GB na yan. Paano pa kaya pag ginamit mo sa video streaming or gaming? Third, strong signal may only be availed for days and after that magkakaproblema na – red light. That means it’s either the network or the modem itself gone bad. And lastly, hindi kayo matutulungan ng globe customer service dito bec nakafocus lang sila sa mga postpaid nila. Kaya kung may budget din lang kayo, mag broadband postpaid na lang kayo at malalaking cap pa ang inooffer ng globe. Ours is 1,299 a month for 150GB per month with 10mbps though up to ave 7mbps lang nakukuha namin. No installation fee. Ask them kung anong options meron sila depende sa gamit nyo for postpaid. Ang problema nga lang pag ang location nyo ay unserviceable, d kayo makakabitan nito kasi iaasses pa ng globe yan. However, i think mas pinupush ngayon ng globe ang home prepaid na yan kasi nga mas kumikita ang company nila sa load ka ng load and selling you disposable modem units na 1 yr lang ang warranty. So my advice is you look for other net service provider jan sa location nyo na mas dependable at tatagal unlike this home prepaid na ito pag unserviceable location nyo for postpaid. Once you buy this, there’s no coming back. Speaking for my friends’ experience and checking on reviews, these are the infos i got. So speak about your exp if you want to share it too.

  102. Dwayne says:

    Globe home WiFi is the worst thing ever half the time I can get on the Internet and other half of the time I cannot. This is a big company and it’s a shame that this company sucks like that. The Internet is like they are in the dark days when Internet just started remember When you used your phone to dial into the company just to get 48k dialup speed. Globe telecom is worse than that The sad part is there is no other company out there to challenge them beside smart Communications so they really don’t have a need to upgrade their services To bring you a quality Internet speed like the rest of the world. My advice is to go with smart communication and to be honest They are not that good either but they’re better than Globe Telecom. So if you want to send an email to someone it would get there faster if you tape a note on to a pigeon than waiting on Globe Telecom to connect.

  103. Elle says:

    minsan kelangan ulit-ulitin ON and OFF. kasi kahit malakas ang signal, after 10 minutes RED pa din. 2weeks ago ko lang binili to tas ganun na.

  104. Leah says:

    Hello po ask ko lang Kung yung home internet po na modem yung sim niya po ba pwding isalpak at gamitin sa poket wifi need kolang po ng sagot kc everytime na gusto ko pong magwork sa ibang lugar problema ko yung wifi po kc Di po magagamit sa bahay Lang..

  105. raquel says:

    i want to know the meaning of every symbol/indicators from the power button to the right. can someone help me identify?

  106. Abhijeet says:

    Lanja globe , it is the waste Sim and waste network that I have seen and never seen this type or worst network in my life in any country the one who invented globe is a great mother fucker lanja koduku kuthana madda kojja lanja koduku vaadu dhengipoothaadu kojja naayaala kojjalanja koduku vaadu pedha kojja na modaa??????

  107. Marco says:

    Is the globe at home broadband plans (e.g. 20mbps 600GB DATA CAP for 1699/mo.) applicable for this router?

  108. BUTANDING TINAY says:


  109. Lychee says:

    Hello po! I need help.
    I’m planning to get an antenna for it, a type that you can put outside then connect to the router. But the antenna is a SMA male connector. Where can I connect it to the device? It doesn’t have an existing antenna kasi…. I want to open the back but I’m afraid. :'( Help!

  110. del says:

    hello abe, i have a question.. should i need to buy a modem first before buying this globe at home prepaid wifi router???

  111. cy says:

    4g signal namin dito Malate pero 4 kbps lang ang speed ni Globe and nasa 27flr pa kami with mimo antenna but still 4 kbps lang sya pina open line ko and put Smart sim and now the speed is 40 mbps

  112. Jeffrey lowe says:

    They should not sell this on provinces on provinces. Especially here at my town san antonio nueva ecija. More people here are kinda force to buy these kinds of home internet devices hoping to have a good internet connection, because here there are only few slots for postpaid internet line. So not everybody can actually have a fast internet connection. But having these things are like same when you are using your mobile data. Same speed. If your location doesn’t have lte coverage the device can’t force to allocate lte. It only gives you a 3g or 2g speed. Is there any way to force it to find lte only frequency? I mean i can force lte to my phone even if the lte signal is not strong but even with 1 signal of lte would be enough to have a good experience sufing the net even play games. Does anyone knows how tonforce lte this device?

  113. unknown says:

    bulok naman pang isahan lng pla tong wifi na to eh 4g nman sa amin saka mas mlakas pa data bat ganun shet

  114. nani says:

    wlang kwenta globe hina ng signal scammer

  115. Dean says:

    Don’t Buy! I bought the prepaid Wifi that is supposed to be fast than the data on my Globe cell phone, well guess what, it’s 4 times slower and so is actually unusesable. I returned and after spending an hour and them and I both talking on the phone to customer service they finally gave me another. We tested both in the store and proved that neither worked. My cell phone was getting 45mbps and the best the wif fi unit got was 5. And then after they now know both of them don’t work and probably none of them work, they still won’t refund my money and will continue to rip people off and keep selling units that they know don’t work. Globe company is probably making millions while ripping everyone off.

  116. Yen says:

    I can’t load my Home globe prepaid wifi

  117. Jedai says:

    A total waste of money. It’s connection is very unstable. You can rarely get good connection and most of the day, it’s bad. The modem shows full signal strength, but it will only give you a false hope and break your heart when you can’t connect. DON’T BUY IT!

  118. FactCheck says:

    (After waiting many hours to get my FACTS posted and seem to be rejected because I post FACTS, I upload my comment again. This is about facts people! No one likes facts, but I post them anyway)

    So I did some extensive testing in Irisan, Baguio.
    Between 00:00 and 5:00 AM the speed goes up by the hour.
    It peaks around 5AM at 16 Mbps down and 3 Mbps Up
    Then it goes down like a brick. At 5:30 I’m already down to 2 Mbps and 2Mbps
    Then it goes down further after this drop. Between 6 AM in the morning and 10 PM
    in the evening the speed varies between 0 Mbps and 0.5 Mbps
    The peak of 0.5Mbps is rare, some times of the day for 5-10 minutes you get that.

    Most of the time it’s around 0.01Mbps with occasionally for 10-15 minutes a 0.00Mbps (meaning the connection is there, the light is blue, all the 5 bars on the web-interface of the unit are lit, but there’s simply no data transmission.

    Basically between 6 AM and 10 PM you can’t use it.
    You can only use it between 10 PM and 6 AM really.

    My values are:
    RSRQ -9dB
    RSRP -95dBm
    RSSI -71dBm
    SINR 11dB
    PhysCellId 187
    CELL ID 0335975 – 043 (this sometimes changes to 033 or 75, has no effect on the speed though)

    So if you want to use it between 10 PM and 6 AM, go ahead, you can!
    If you want to use it between 6 AM and 10 PM, I strongly recommend burning the 1000 pesos bills of your wallet, that’s less waste of money.

  119. Rene says:

    Thank you for this helpful review!

  120. jorence says:

    I bought when 2 days ago.
    Before, i was using my old phone as wifi hotspot and use globe for browsing the internet but i dont want to always check if its lowbat si i decided to buy this and was disappointed because speed was slower compared to the wifi hotspot from my old vivo phone.

  121. LORENZ says:


  122. Rowel publico says:

    Paano sir hind na kami makalog in sir kc sir ilang beses na kmi napindot ung 4 digit pin at na bago bago na ITO sir papalitan sana sir ung
    Server na phone thank u sir

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