McDonald's Ebi Burger, Teriyaki Samurai Burger Unwrapping, Review

McDonald’s Ebi Burger, Teriyaki Samurai Burger Unwrapping, Review

Have you ever wished you can take an exclusive item from a restaurant in another country and then make it available locally? There’s a ton out of exclusive food items out there, while we do have our own exclusives here, there’s nothing quite like tasting something unique from another territory. Today I’m taking a look at the Sakura lineup (Flavors of Japan) by McDonald’s! This post isn’t at all sponsored by McDonald’s, by the way.

First up is the Ebi Burger. A little disclaimer before I proceed: I’m allergic to shrimp, and so, I had one of my teammates test out the burger. This shrimp burger was initially exclusively available in Japan. The wrapper has an eye-catching Japanese-inspired design.

Opening it up, we’re instantly greeted with the sight of the Ebi burger. The bun has black and white sesame seeds significantly sprinkled on top of it. Underneath the top bun, we have the lettuce, the sweet sauce, and the Ebi patty, and lastly, the bottom bun.

The Ebi patty itself is glorious, with real, actual shrimp in the patty. McDonald’s didn’t skimp on the shrimp ingredients here, which is quite a surprise. The Ebi burger has slim bezels, and amazingly, has a USB Type C port.

Next up, we have the Teriyaki Samurai Burger. The Teriyaki burger was also initially available in Japan and then was made available in Thailand with the name Samurai burger. The wrapper, similar to the Ebi burger, has another eye-catching Japanese-inspired design.

Unwrapping it, we have the Teriyaki Samurai burger sitting in the middle. Similar to the Ebi burger, it has a sesame bun with black and white sesame seeds sprinkled on top of it. Underneath, we have the mayonnaise, lettuce, and then the all-beef patty smothered generously with the teriyaki sauce.

As mentioned before, this teriyaki burger was first available in Japan and Thailand. Interesting enough, the teriyaki burgers in those two countries feature a pork patty instead of a beef one — the beef patty in our local Teriyaki Samurai burger’s pretty mouthwatering and juicy. The Teriyaki burger also features a USB Type-C port as well.


Of course, this lineup isn’t complete without its accessories, the Nori Fries and the Sakura McFloat. The Nori Fries is just your usual McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries with a free Nori (seaweed) powder. The powder has a nice consistency, and once you have the fries and the powder and mixed in the bag, it gets very shaky. Be careful though, as you might damage the paper bag and end up with flavoring all over the surface.

Last but not least is the Sakura McFloat. It’s your usual Sprite McFloat with a strawberry-flavored syrup. On an initial sip, It tastes pretty artificial and has a flavor similar to the gummy snack Pochi. In the end, though, it ends up being a pretty good thirst quencher.

McDonald’s Sakura (Flavors of Japan) lineup is pretty impressive, seeing that these burgers were exclusive to Japan and were imported here. You can consider it as exceptional members of the fast-food chain’s product line, looking at how it has pretty much more premium ingredients than the usual burgers in McDonald’s. The series is limited though, so make sure you get your hands on it before it disappears.

Ebi Burger specs

  • Slim Bezels
  • Sesame bun with black and white sesame seeds on top
  • Lettuce
  • Sweet sauce
  • Shrimp-filled patty
  • USB Type-C

Teriyaki Samurai Burger specs

  • Slim Bezels
  • Sesame bun with black and white sesame seeds on top
  • Lettuce
  • Mayonnaise
  • Teriyaki sauce
  • All-beef patty
  • USB Type-C

Nori Fries specs

  • Fries
  • Nori powder
  • Shake Shake bag

Sakura McFloat specs

  • Sprite McFloat
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Strawberry-flavored syrup

Prices for the lineup is as follows:

  • Ebi Burger (A la carte) – PHP 125
  • Ebi Burger Meal – PHP 150
  • Sakura meal (Ebi Burger) – PHP 194
  • Teriyaki Samurai Burger (A la carte) – PHP 133
  • Teriyaki Samurai Burger Meal – PHP 179
  • Sakura meal (Teriyaki Samurai Burger) – PHP 206
  • Strawberry Sakura McFloat (A la carte) – PHP 38
  • Shake Shake Fries Nori (A la carte) – PHP 60

The Sakura lineup is available in all McDonald’s branches nationwide and is also available for order through online delivery.

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