Google Nexus S gets official

Google Nexus S gets official

So Google announced the Nexus S, a handset created in collaboration with Samsung. The smartphone will be the first one to come with Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

The Google Nexus S is basically the Samsung Galaxy S which was modified a bit and added a couple features (like a built-in Flash).

Google Nexus S
4.0″ Super AMOLED @ 480×800 pixels
1GHz Cortex A8 (Hummingbird) processor
16GB iNAND flash memory
HSDPA (7.2Mbps) HSUPA (5.76Mbps)
WiFi 802.11 n/b/g
Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
Near Field Communication (NFC)
Assisted GPS (A-GPS)
microUSB 2.0
5 megapixels camera
720 x 480 video resolution
LED Flash
1500 mAH Lithum Ion
Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)


Like first Nexus phone (Google Nexus One), the Google Nexus S will have the latest Android OS, codenamed Gingerbread.

However, since it has the same genes as the Galaxy S, expect the latter to get Gingerbread one way or another.

What’s curious is why Google went to Samsung for this project after partnering with HTC on the first Nexus phone. The Nexus One didn’t sell as much as Google expected it. It also boosted HTC’s position in the Android line-up. The Galaxy S has about 4 iterations in the US with various carriers taking on a different label for the Galaxy S.

The Google Nexus S will retail for $529, which is the same price as the Nexus One when it came out early this year. The Google Nexus S will start selling in December 16, 2010.

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57 Responses

  1. giogagz says:

    sir yuga, kelan kaya dito sa pinas yan? sana sa december din. hehehe. nagtataka aq dati bakit d tinawag na nexus two ito. ayaw kc ng samsung ang 2. hehehe.

  2. avid0n3 says:

    Sayang, hindi expandable ang memory.

  3. mcometa says:

    I was expecting the price would be at the 30k range. :|

  4. avid0n3 says:

    Yes, similar price of Nexus One up to now in the Android Market (via BrightStar Corp).

  5. sylv3rblade says:

    well at least the screen is different (curved)… not much of an upgrade to those already on Galaxy S and the N1 though

  6. watusi says:

    3 kasi ang samsung eh…hehehehe

  7. bri says:

    the price will be higher than 30k after taxes..

  8. carlosandroid says:

    Sucks in design.. Google should have stayed with HTC..

  9. undetected fanboy says:

    Only 16 GB of built-in storage space?? and no SD-card expansion – anak ng.. parang implementation ng Apple iPhone lang ah hehe, and 5mp camera whattaheck iPhone has 5mp camera too but i still want one because of the 4″ S-Amoled screen and pure unadulterated Gingerbread OS na walang halong skin skin ng mga handset carrier

  10. android button sucks says:

    naiinis ako sa mga button ng android eh[email protected]/5239115217/

  11. Wakocoke says:

    old news na hahaha /jk

    honeycomb announced! google is now showing a motorola tablet running on honeycomb!

    i guess different manufacturers on showing off new iterations of android!

    Nexus One – HTC
    Nexus S – Samsung
    Nexus Tab? – Motorola

  12. chris says:

    would it be compatible to our local networks? Globe – Smart – Sun ?

  13. Whatif says:

    yes kasi t-mobile to.. same with nexus one :)

    $529 X 44 =~ 23K php + (tax depende sa state)

    siguro 25K php…

    yung mga may kakilala sa US pabili na!!!!

  14. johnniee B says:

    if the GSM frequency is Quadband then it’s compatible, don’t know about the 3G frequency used here in ‘Pinas, try to google 3G frequencies being use here.

  15. ICesteam says:

    No SDcard slot. serious downfall.. mas ok pa no internal ram then may card slot!!!!

  16. Ed says:

    Ano ba namang klaseng design yan parang bakyang may mababang takong.

  17. chris says:

    @whatif – lets not forget the tax.. around 7.5% so it comes out 570USD

    @johnniee B – my thoughts exactly.. wondering if the 3G and HSDPA frequencies are the same as here..

  18. Name: Mark says:

    I am very old I only have a phone that was used for getting ahold of me be the transplant center. I don’t know what an android is but I know they are high tech and I would like one but I would never figure out how to use it Yes it will be unveiled today i do believe

  19. johnniee B says:

    @chris – i think the US has a different 3G and HSDPA frequencies compare to the Philippines, but thinking that Nexus One has reached us Filipinos, so they might be producing units that’s compatible to any 3G or HSDPA frequencies around the world. usually Europe & the Philippines has the same 3G & HSDPA frequencies, if i’m not mistaken.

  20. johnniee B says:

    @chris – for further information about GSM/3G Frequencies here a link to help you clear up some doubts.


  21. jv says:

    is this going to be available in pinas?..
    Regarding sa price may nabasa ko it will be around 25-27 k same price ng htc desire z,?…
    Tsaka parang galaxy s lan toh so pag may galaxy s ka na just stick w/it just w8 for 2.3…

    ..w8 q answer niyo..
    Tnx alot in advance

  22. jv says:

    ..what a beast..
    Finally pure google so it means first update reciever from google?…myg..

    .,.pero slight the same w/galaxy s.. if u have galaxy s stick w/ it..

    ..ung price is on the range of 25-27k same sa desire z…

    ..the only question is, is this going to be available on our country?… Phil.,

    ..tnx in advance 2 all.. And merry xmas

  23. avid0n3 says:

    Tsaka hindi ba parang dust-prone itong phone na ‘to? Hindi ba mali-liit na butas yung nasa likod? Contemplating between this and the Nexus One as a developer phone.

  24. misterswabe says:

    Ang daming may misconception sa quadband.
    Ang ibig sabihin ng quadband, ang celfon frequency ay nagoperate sa 4 bands = 800 900 1800 2100 MHz. Sa US 850 tsaka 1900 ang gamit. Low frequency has lower channels so mas prone sa overloading or busy signals. A simple wikipedia search “GSM frequency” will answer all the technicalities.
    Ang CPU ng Nexus S ay gawa ng Samsung, na 1 GHz ARM A8-Cortex “Hummingbird”, na gamit sa Galaxy Tab. Ang Samsung din supplier ng Apple custom chip base dito. Ang pagkakaiba ng Apple custom chip ay may power enhancements.
    Lumalabas tuloy, ginagaya ng Google ang strategy ng Apple: walang SD mem, walang burloloy apps ng telco, parehong CPU, mura ang telco plan sa $199 pero mahal ang unlocked. Kulang na lang ay mag improve quality ng apps sa Android app store.

  25. whatif says:

    @chris and johnnyb
    pag cellphone galing t-mobile sa US swak yan sa pilipinas saka sa europe. based on exp sa nexus one ko na tmob na vers. wala prob sa 3g etc… ATT phones although may signal ka pero baka wala 3G upto 2g lang. verizon and sprint asa pa walang mga sim yun kasi cdma.

    for the prize sabi ko nga with tax papalo ng 25k
    570(sabi mo) * 44 = ~ 25k ?

    or iba rate ng peso mo? :) peace

  26. johnniee B says:

    di naman kami nagtalo kng anong network dapat galing ang phone pag sa US binili, ang gusto lng namin malaman is “On what frequency does 3G here in the philippines operate”

    where not arguing about the quadband man, and we didn’t argue either about 3G/HSDPA, tanong lng naman ng original poster is compatible ba yung 3G/HSDPA dito sa atin, yan lang naman po.

    salamat pa rin sa info, i do know what is “quadband”

  27. johnniee B says:

    di naman kami nagtalo kng anong network dapat galing ang phone pag sa US binili, ang gusto lng namin malaman is “On what frequency does 3G here in the philippines operate”

    where not arguing about the quadband man, and we didn’t argue either about 3G/HSDPA, tanong lng naman ng original poster is compatible ba yung 3G/HSDPA dito sa atin, yan lang naman po.

    salamat pa rin sa info, pero i do know what is “quadband”

  28. johnniee B says:

    cnxa na sa double post nagloko ang net ko.

  29. Jay says:

    There’s something wrong with the pacing of Android’s commercial release dates.

    Kalalabas lang ng Android 2.2 (Froyo) nung November at ngayon, next week na lalabas and Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). Ano ba yan? Suddenly, yung binili mong “latest” last month e hindi na ngayon.

    Pass na lang kaya tayo sa OS na to ngayon? Maghintayan na lang tayo at baka biglang lumabas and Android 3.0 next month.

  30. raymond says:

    This is a windfall for Samsung Galaxy S users. :)

  31. looks great,hope I don’t wait six months to get the upgrade

  32. bryan says:

    nakakaliyo yung video puro paa :D

    pero im sure that would be a great phone.

  33. al says:


    its the os thats updating not the device…its a good thing that they always update, bad if your phone cant handle it

  34. al says:

    actualy its bad if your phone manufacturer wont update it..but you can always root ur phone

  35. light says:

    sayang hindi expandable ang storage. and hindi pa lahat ng models magkaka super AMOLED (

  36. jv says:

    so kelan to magiging available sa philippines? =)

  37. sano says:

    sorry N8-00 pa din me guyz..^_^

  38. Tiger says:

    Question: Sir Abe, Is there Tagalog predictive text input for Android phones? Its a useful Nokia feature that I hope is in Android.

  39. zeil says:

    ah yung galaxy s magkakaroon din ng updated version ng 2.3 version ng android?

  40. Yano says:

    Any idea when this will come out in the Philippines? I visited their store in Galleria last Dec 17 and they still don’t know what a Nexus S is.

  41. ettenoj says:

    gusto ko talaga samsung galaxy s pero mas type ko yung giorgo armani version kasi mas maganda ang looks. sana magkaron na nun. powerful talaga sgs

  42. Hi there, just browsing for information for my Fresno 4g website. Truly more information that you can imagine on the web. Not quite what I was looking for, but great site. Take care.

  43. jisondla says:

    actually it’s around $571 (529+8%tax). I had a friend buy it for me in LA.

    It’s a little weird how they said it was “unlocked” but when i got it outside of the box, it wouldn’t work with our networks here in the Philippines.

    I asked a friend to unlock it for me, been using it for almost week na.

    so far, it does what it says and i’m happy with how it is.

  44. pol says:

    i bought it for about fine with for the other features..ok lng namn..cant conplain..

  45. elijah says:

    why spend your money with this expensive handset. SMART will be releasing the IDEOS phone units from HUAWEI this February 2011, the price would range from PHP 5000-6000.. it runs ANDROID 2.2 (Froyo).. i’ve watched several unboxing and reviews and its excellent compared with other handsets from known manufacturers running android.. hope SMART will stick to the price they’ve announced..

  46. reichnamjel says:

    @pol – san po ninyo nabili ang nexus niyo?

    nagpabili na po ako sa LA. sa end of march po darating unit.. ano po feedback?

    @jisondla – sir, ano po feedback niyo sa phone?

  47. reichnamjel says:

    @elijah – sir masyado na pong mababa yung specs ng ideos na sinasabi niyo. 500 mhz lang poa ang core speed. tapos 256mb lang ang ram. malabo na po ma update. just my thoughts.

  48. reichnamjel says:

    good thing with this phones is – google mismo mag update nito..

  49. jisondla says:


    Ok naman so far. it’s pretty powerful. and usually what my friends notice is that it’s light in terms of weight!

    I had problems with the batteries in the first few weeks because i did not turn of my internet (always online) and i did not deactivate background data… it only lasted for a measly 10hours (even with little talk time, and texting). but it reached a maximum of almost 2 days when i switched off these settings and used internet only when i needed it.

    Overall im still very happy about it.

  50. reichnamjel says:

    @jisondia – thanks po sir sa pagreply, i’ll keep your feedback in mind. i’ll also post a feedback pag dating ngayong katapusan.. tnx po ulet

  51. Randall says:

    I heard 3G only works with T-mobile, you can use other carrier but you wont be able to access 3G on other networks. Is this true? You think it will not work on our local 3G carriers (Smart, Globe, Sun)?

  52. Underdose says:

    Sir, help naman po. I’m on a dilemma on choosing between the Samsung Galaxy S and Google Nexus S. Any opinions? (Hindi naman po importante sa akin yung camera and micro SD card slot). Any problems with both devices?

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