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25 Paid iTunes Apps Worth Paying For

Don’t you hate that moment when you’ve tried all free apps but none of them can satisfy your need? By spending a little more on your app store, you may get what you’ve been looking for. Here are 25 of those paid apps that are sure worth paying for.


Apps are the foundations of every mobile operating system. No one can imagine a smartphone’s success without any good applications to run inside an ecosystem and drive potential consumers in. This list is in no particular order, and we’re using the iOS platform, the iTunes specifically, as our source for paid apps. Chances are, there would be an Android or Windows Phone counterpart for it. Icons are from the Apple iTunes Store, by the way, and they are presented in order of mention per section.


If you want a new way to organize and keep your notes, Note’d ($0.99) is the way to go. It keeps your daily scribbles and photos in notes and can be divided into different sections, like a notebook with different covers. There’s also Workflow ($2.99) which connects actions you normally do with your phone everyday and automates it, saving you time in the process. If you need a reliable word processor with PDF functions, I recommend the OfficeSuite Pro + PDF (on sale at $9.99) which is a really useful app for quick document typing and presentation editing on your device.

How about something really cool? There’s Carrot To-Do ($2.99), a to-do list that actually talks and reminds you of things that you need to get done. Slack off for a whole day, and it will be very angry at you. Perfect for lazy humans. CamScanner Pro ($4.99) turns your already-awesome camera into a document scanner, digitizing your papers fast and easy. If you’re a very time-conscious person, Daily Routine ($1.99) is the one for you, with all the exactly-timed activities and flexible schedule management.


Who wouldn’t want a game app or two? Games look and work great on iOS devices. We have Threes! ($1.99) which Apple touted as one of its games of the year for 2014. Threes is the original 2048, albeit you work on exponentials and multitudes of threes, as opposed to twos on 2048. If you’re one who like to discover and create new things, the uber-pixelated Minecraft: Pocket Edition ($6.99) is a must-have. It lets you explore your world and basically create almost anything from scratch.

For the hardcore sports fanatics, there’s NBA 2K15 ($7.99) which brings the popular basketball game franchise to the small mobile screens. Last but not the least, Game of Thrones: A TellTale Game Series ($4.99) is a must-have for fanatics of the book and television series, and follow the Starks and the Targaryens in this compelling episodic telltale game.


Got no time to lift? Try some of the paid fitness apps on the app store, including the 7-minute Workouts ($2.99), a short but intensive training that will give you a sweat. There’s also iSwimLaps ($0.99) for covering distances and records per swimming laps.


For all your private thoughts, Momento ($2.99) is a virtual daily journal that’s meant to keep your rants, random musings, and thoughts in a safe place.


Photo and video apps are some of the App Store’s best applications, and these are some of my personal favorites. One is Afterlight ($0.99), which is a very versatile photo editing application, as well as Over ($0.99) which feature lots of art packs. If you’re one very selfie-loving person, Facie ($2.99) is definitely a tool to enhance those faces and make it perfect for online sharing. Overhead ($0.99) is a great app to check and create that awesome flat photo captured in top view.

If you don’t want to write your personal diary, why not shoot it? 1 Second Everyday ($0.99) allows you to record a second of your life everyday, creating a mini-video diary in the process. Lastly, there’s Fragment ($1.99) which creates cool prismatic effects off your images.


iOS 8 welcomed the support of third-party keyboards, and a lot of them available on the Google Play store for a long time have also made their counterparts for the Cupertino product. A keyboard I personally would like to recommend is Fleksy ($0.99), a keyboard with gesture controls and can be customizable in different colors. There are other keyboards as well such as Swype ($0.99) with gesture-based typing, and minimalist keyboard Minuum ($3.99).


For more detailed information about the current weather, several apps such as Accuweather Platinum ($2.99) and The Weather Channel Max ($3.99) offer comprehensive and up-to-date weather of the day, as well as temperatures and other important weather news.

If you’re worried about a loved one as he travels in the air, why not check the flight’s progress? Flightradar24 ($3.99) offers live flight tracking in real time. Always navigating but not always online? OffMaps2 ($0.99) offers thousands of maps in different location, and can help one to traverse especially when in an unfamiliar territory.

If the lack of credit card is what’s keeping you from getting these apps, try using the GCash American Express Virtual Pay from Globe Telecom. You can actually buy these apps and charge your app purchases to your Globe postpaid bill or prepaid load. This is one unique feature that customers can enjoy when they get the new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus from Globe. Read more about Globe’s iPhone offers here.

The ability to purchase apps from the iTunes store is made possible with the GCash Virtual AMEX card. Once you get it activated, you can now use the details to fill up your credit card information in your iTunes account. Your purchases in the iTunes store are then charged to your virtual AMEX which will eventually reflect in your postpaid bill during the cut-off period.

It will appear as an additional line item in your bill and will have a credit limit of Php500 per month which should be able to let you purchase 5 to 10 paid apps per billing cycle. You can read more about it here.

That’s it for our paid app list that are sure worth paying for. Anything we missed? Share with us some of them at the comments section below.

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  1. phonebuddy says:

    Sir, the keyboard is Fleksy. Not Flesky. I also bought that right away together with nova launcher prime on the day that I got my note 4. Really worth it. Miles ahead than samsung’s offering.

  2. Regular says:

    Telltale’s Game of Thrones follows mainly the story of House Forrester.

  3. igniculus says:

    ma mga counterpart bang android apps yng sa photo and video? tnx

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