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App-Based Courier Services for Same-Day Deliveries in Metro Manila

The need for on-demand courier services is increasing due to the pandemic. Hence, it is important to know how reliable these services are when it comes to delivering our food, documents, and other valuable items. Fortunately, there are plenty of app-based courier services that offer same-day deliveries in Metro Manila and nearby cities. Check them out below.


GrabExpress is an in-app courier service found in Grab. Their rates are determined by the distance, delivery hours, and vehicle that will be used. Users may choose between instant delivery wherein packages are picked up immediately and delivered within an hour or 4-hour delivery wherein packages are picked up within an hour and delivered within four hours. With instant delivery, users have the option of having their items delivered via motorbike for small parcels (max 20kg) or via multi-purpose vehicle for bigger and fragile items (max 50kg), especially during heavy rainfall. Meanwhile, the 4-hour delivery option only offers motorbike delivery of items with a maximum weight of 5kg. GrabExpress also has a tracking feature for senders and recipients to locate and view their drivers’ estimated arrival time. Either the sender or recipient can pay their drivers using cash or GrabPay.

Download: Android | iOS

Angkas Padala

Contrary to Grab, the rates of Angkas Padala are solely based on the parcels’ pickup and dropoff locations. As they only use motorbikes, they can only accommodate packages up to 10kg; however, you are assured of quick delivery time. Through Angkas Padala, one can also use the tracking feature to follow the location of their drivers. Payments can be made via cash, debit, or credit cards.

Download: Android | iOS


Meanwhile, Lalamove offers instant and scheduled deliveries. With a base rate of PHP 60, one can have packages of up to 20kg delivered via motorbikes. Users may have their parcels delivered through Lalamove’s multi-purpose vehicles or light trucks that allow for multi-stop delivery for larger items. Similar to GrabExpress and Angkas Padala, they also provide users with real-time tracking and ETA information. Lalamove users can pay using cash or the application’s e-wallet.

Download: Android | iOS

JoyRide Delivery

A newer competitor in the industry is JoyRide Delivery from the JoyRide application, initially a motorcycle ride-hailing service only. While food, drinks, medicine, clothing, groceries, and documents can be transported with a maximum weight of 12kg, the company discourages users from delivering items such as money, gadgets, and flammable items for safety reasons. Nevertheless, if users need to have such items delivered, they may use the services of the built-in Happy Move application. JoyRide Delivery also has a tracking feature and supports cash, online transfer, and JoyRide e-wallet payments.

Download: Android | iOS


MyKuya offers a single pick-up and drop-off delivery service with rates that are determined by their distance and vehicle choice. Users are encouraged to use motorbike delivery for items that weigh up to 15kg, car delivery for parcels weighing up to 300kg, and van delivery for those weighing at most 1,000kg. Despite its name, they also have female or ate drivers whose services can be availed and paid for with cash, online transfer, or debit and credit cards.

Download: Android | iOS


Similar to Lalamove, MrSpeedy also provides instant and scheduled deliveries. Users can have their items delivered via motorbike at a starting price of PHP 50 and an additional PHP 6 for every extra kilometer or via car at PHP 130 and an additional PHP 25 for every extra kilometer. Meanwhile, users are charged PHP 40 for every additional stop while still counting PHP 5 per extra kilometer. Aside from providing real-time tracking, the application also has an in-app chat function where users can ask MrSpeedy employees for assistance and other inquiries. Payments can be made via cash or the MrSpeedy e-wallet.

Download: Android | iOS


For small parcels to extremely huge ones that require a ten-wheeler truck, one may employ the services of Transportify. Not only does the application provide users a variety of vehicles to choose from, but they also offer instant and scheduled deliveries. Furthermore, Transportify has  24/7 in-app customer service and a tracking function, assuring its customers a safe and efficient delivery. Transportify drivers collect payments in the form of cash, online or bank transfer, and debit or credit cards.

Download: Android | iOS

Can Can

The CanCan Delivery application is one of the few courier services that cater to retail and business clients with rates that are based on the parcel’s pickup and dropoff locations. Unfortunately, they can only accommodate items that would fit their insulated box with 18” x 18” x 18” dimensions. Payments are also to be made using cash or PayPal only.

Download: Android


Happy Move

Offering a wide variety of automobiles, Happy Move offers instant and scheduled deliveries. Apart from providing one-way delivery, round trips, multi-stop delivery, and real-time tracking, their riders are said to be the most friendly ones in the industry. Either the sender or receiver has the choice of using cash, their Happy Move e-wallet, or their Joy Rider e-wallet to pay their drivers.

Download: Android | iOS

Move It Now

Move It Now’s rates are also dependent on the item’s weight and vehicle choice. For objects with a maximum weight of 20kg, drivers use motorbikes and charge an additional fee of PHP 40 per extra stop and PHP 100 for a round trip. Meanwhile, those with a maximum weight of 1t are charged with an additional PHP 50 for an extra stop. However, it is important to note that these rates become steeper in the evening as well as on Sundays and holidays. Move It Now users can pay their drivers using cash or the application’s e-wallet.

Download: Android | iOS


Mober offers instant and scheduled deliveries with a wide range of available vehicles for transporting your daily items, pets, bazaar needs, and furniture. Unlike other courier services, Mober’s delivery men are accompanied by their very own helper to assist them with loading and delivering your valuables with utmost care. Furthermore, they provide real-time tracking and fare breakdown for safety and transparent pricing purposes. Mober users can easily pay their drivers via cash or the application’s e-wallet.

Download: Android | iOS

GoGo Xpress

Another courier service that mainly caters to small businesses is Gogo Xpress. This curbside delivery service offers free cash-on-delivery (no extra fees) transactions with a base price of PHP 80 for items that weigh up to 3kg and PHP 200 for items weighing at most 6kg. Unfortunately, their same-day delivery services are only offered from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. However, they do make up for it by providing customers rebates for every parcel delivered late. At the moment, Gogo Xpress only offers cash payments that can be made by the sender or recipient.

Download: Android | iOS

Jojo Pasabay

A more sustainable courier service would be Jojo Pasabay which offers deliveries as low as PHP 49 for the first three kilometers. Since its launch in 2019, users have been given three different delivery options–commute for light parcels, motorcycle for small to medium-sized items, and vehicle for large ones. With their commuter option, they give regular citizens an opportunity to earn a quick buck while saving the environment with the reduced carbon footprint of not using any other vehicles for delivery and discouraging the use of plastic pouches. To assure users that their packages are delivered safely, they may use the application’s tracking tool.

Download: Android | iOS

Byaheros Express

With a starting rate of PHP 60 and an additional PHP 6 per extra kilometer, Byaheros Express offers users same-day delivery any time of the day. Similar to Gogo Express, it claims to have no extra fees for its cash-on-delivery transactions as their rates are solely based on the size of their parcel and vehicle of choice. Among other perks, they offer users real-time monitoring, cashback rewards, and free pouches.

Download: Android

MoveOn PH

Another exclusive motorcycle delivery service is MoveOn PH. Their drivers deliver items that weigh at most 20kg at a starting price of PHP 60 with an additional PHP 7 per extra kilometer and PHP 30 per extra stop. MoveOn PH’s payment methods include cash and Gcash to the rider’s account.

Download: Android | iOS


Toktok offers instant and scheduled parcel deliveries. While their rates are based on the sender and recipient’s distance, one can add an additional PHP 40 to their riders to make sure that their orders are placed in a high priority. Like other couriers, one may also use the application’s tracking function to monitor the delivery of their parcels in real-time. Either the sender or recipient may pay their drivers using cash only.

Download: Android | iOS

As responsible citizens, it is important that we curb the outbreak by staying at home and taking advantage of the convenience that technology provides us; in this case, the different courier services that could easily deliver our packages.

Have you tried any of these courier services? Please share your experience with us in the comment section below.

This article was written by Julia Fernando.

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