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Emergency Power Stations Under PHP 10,000

We all know how important electricity is, especially in this era that everyone has been reliant on technology. It is also important to keep and power up our connections to our daily responsibilities such as studies, work, businesses, and the like. However, a power outage can happen most probably during times of heavy rains and typhoons. To be ready for this kind of situation, we may invest in buying emergency power stations to save us from losing power and keep us connected in times of need.

Emergency Power Stations Under Php 10K • Emergency Power Stations Under Php 10,000

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Promate 120

Promate 120 Powerstation Emergency Power Stations • Emergency Power Stations Under Php 10,000

The Promate 120 sports a rectangular form compact design protected with rubber-coated guards. It houses connectivity slots such as a 220V AC outlet, three USB ports, and two 12V DC cigarette lighter outlets. Powering this station is a 38,900mAh single-cell powerbank battery. It has dimensions of 245 x 163 x 245mm and weighs 4.95g.

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PHP 6,999 | Buy it here.

Yoobao EN1 Powerbank Power Station

Yoobao En1 Emergency Power Stations • Emergency Power Stations Under Php 10,000

You may also get yourself an upgraded powerbank! The Yoobao EN1 is powered with a 42,000mAh battery capacity and has a total input power of 45W. It also has an AC output with a built-in 220V inverter and 150W high power, and three USB ports that support quick charging. Moreover, it features a digital display, bottom heat dissipation window, an LED light, and a leather handle.

PHP 4,799 | Buy it here.

Portable Outdoor Emergency Power

Portable Outdoor 80000Mah Emergency Power Emergency Power Stations • Emergency Power Stations Under Php 10,000

This one is a portable power station that has a large battery capacity of 80,000mAh. It supports two types of voltage-mode AC and DC to adapt to various electronic product demands. It is geared with lots of connectivity slots such as four USB ports, four DC 12V outputs, two AC outputs, one AC input interface, and one solar car charging interface. This is suitable for charging different equipment such as phones, tablet PCs, laptops, etc. Overall, this power station is ideal for traveling, outdoor working, camping out, and others.

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Realme Philippines

PHP 9,000 |Buy it here.

RAVPower Universal Powerbank

Ravpower 20100Mah Emergency Power Stations • Emergency Power Stations Under Php 10,000

This RAVPower Universal Powerbank is another handy powerbank on the list. This 20,100mAh powerbank is equipped with a built-in 2-Prong AC output, along with type-c and smart USB ports that allow charging two devices at once. The package includes a user guide, a power adapter, two micro USB Cables (20cm & 60cm), and a travel pouch.

PHP 5,299 | Buy it here.

Emergency Camping Portable Power Station

Emergency Camping Portable Power Station Emergency Power Stations • Emergency Power Stations Under Php 10,000

Next on the list is this power station is powered with a built-in lithium polymer battery with 40,800mAh. This unit features two AC outputs, three DC outputs (12V/15A max), one DC input (15V/2A), and two USB ports for charging connectivity. It also works as an emergency light with 3 modes, such as flashlight, strobe, and SOS. It has dimensions of 165 x 175 x 80mm and weighs 1.5g.

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PHP 7,999 | Buy it here.

HODESO Portable Power Supply

Hodeso Portable Power Supply Emergency Power Stations • Emergency Power Stations Under Php 10,000

This HODESO power supply is loaded with a 60,000mAh battery. This unit has multiple output modes, including one AC output, three USB ports, one USB-C port, four DC outputs, and one DC input. This also supports solar energy generation that allows getting electricity from the solar panels. Moreover, this is easy to carry with the folding handle that makes it also ideal for traveling.

PHP 9,399 | Buy it here.

That wraps up our list of some emergency power stations under PHP 10,000 that you can buy online. Getting an emergency station such as these is important to power up our IoTs and sustain connectivity needs anytime. Don’t forget to check the reviews first and think about it thrice, so that you won’t regret any checkout!

If you have any other suggestions, share it with us by leaving a comment down below.

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