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Facebook Groups to follow for home improvement idea

During the lockdown, many people have sought different hobbies and activities to relieve themselves of boredom. This includes home renovation wherein people start old or new projects they have been putting off before the pandemic. With the growing interest in home improvement, many people have been inspired to create Facebook groups to share ideas and opinions on home makeovers.

Home Buddies

Full-time copywriter and the blogger behind Nobi Home, Frances Lim Cabatuando, created Home Buddies–a community of people with the same interest in home improvement. The Facebook group members refer to themselves as “kapitbahays” as they all share different kinds of wholesome content like personal home transformation journeys, store recommendations, and niche memes.

The Facebook group also holds a weekly Monday Market where Home Buddies can buy and sell things through the group. Meanwhile, Friendsgiving is held on the 18th day of each month, where members can hand out anything for free. Lastly, a Budolletin Board is put in place to share promo codes for online stores regularly. All of these are to encourage members to connect with one another and make more sustainable choices. Last month, the group hosted its first giveaway to thank its 100,000 members that have increased fourfold. Home Buddies now has 433.4K members as of the writing.

Home Corners

If you prefer to be a part of a smaller group, you may join Home Corners–a community filled with much younger individuals that wish to share home inspiration and decorations. Like Home Buddies, the group also has a weekly home-related items sale called SatFinds, where members can sell old and new home items. Furthermore, posting giveaways, page promotions, personal home transformations, and helpful articles are encouraged. Recently, the Facebook group held its first giveaway for reaching 5,000 members; now, the group has 8,100 members.


Small Living + Space Design PH

There are also groups that cater to those who love their tiny homes. Small Living + Space Design PH is a public Facebook group that inspires how to maximize the small spaces of one’s home. From container vans to trailer homes and even one-bedroom condominiums, group members also share their own home transformations. Currently, the group has nearly 49,000 members.

Home Decors and Furniture Manila

As the name suggests, Home Decors and Furniture Manila is a Facebook group where one can find a wide range of decorations and furniture such as wooden chairs, wall prints, vases, and even artificial grass. These items, new or old, are sold by the community members and can be found in the buy and sell section along with their price, materials used, and other products’ details. The group currently has 30,000 members.

Boho Philippines (Bohemian Shop & Share Group by BohoVinta)

One of the most famous aesthetics that emerged during the pandemic is the Bohemian or Boho style. It features warm and earthy colors and patterns inspired from all around the world. If you are a free-spirited individual or simply like the aesthetic, you may join Boho Philippines–a local community organized by BohoVinta. The group features posts of Bohemian fashion, decoration, lifestyle, and events. Some of the most famous home decorations available are dreamcatchers, macrame, planters, and rugs made from the different regions of the country. BohoVinta also offers its 11,000 group members, particularly potential Boho product sellers, the opportunity to become partners–allowing the local Boho community to grow even bigger.

Are you part of any of these Facebook groups? Share it with us by leaving a comment down below.

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