Internet providers in the Philippines with 100 Mbps plans

Internet providers in the Philippines with 100 Mbps plans

Tired of your basic internet connection and want to upgrade to something that is blazing fast? Then you should go for internet plans that have speeds of at least 100 Mbps. If you’re wondering which internet service provider can offer that kind of connection, here are a few. Here are the internet providers in the Philippines with 100 Mbps plans.


PLDT’s 100 Mbps offering falls under their Fibr Plan 2899. It has unlimited data and comes with a free modem. However, it is actually a 50 Mbps connection that is doubled for the first 6 months only. This means that the speed reverts to 50 Mbps starting on the 7th month. The promo is available to new Home Fibr subscribers only.


Globe has a 100 Mbps unlimited Fiber connection under their Broadband Plan 2899. Subscribers have an option to go for a “No Lock-Up!” subscription with a one-time modem fee of Plan 2899 + P2,500 (DSL) or P4,500 (vDSL/Fiber), or “24 Months Lock-Up” with an installation fee of Plan 2899 + P1,000 (payable in 3 months, charged to bill). In addition, Globe also has a 100 Mbps with 1TB data for Php2,499 per month, 200 Mbps with 1.5TB data for Php4,499 per month, 500 Mbps with 3TB data for Php6,999 per month, and 1Gbps with 6TB data for Php9,499 per month.

Converge ICT

Converge ICT also has a 100 Mbps plan under the FiberX 3500. It has unlimited volume allowance with a lock-in period of 24 months. An installation free of Php2,500 is required.



Skycable offers 100 Mbps internet under two different plans. One is Unlimited a Php3,899 MSF with unlimited data, free Sky On Demand service, and Php999 cashout. The other one is Consumable with Php2,899 MSF but with 300GB data allowance, free Sky On Demand service, and a Php3,898 cash-out.

Planet Cable

Another cable internet provider with a 100 Mbps connection is Planet Cable. However, their offerings are way more expensive at Php12,000 a month. They also offer a 100 Mbps connection to businesses with their FTTX (Fiber-to-the-Office) plans for Php20,000 a month with free Cable TV subscription.


PT&T offers residential plans, however, it maxes out at 15 Mbps. Their 100 Mbps offering is reserved for businesses. The company didn’t disclose how much but it starts at Php1,899 for the 2Mbps connection.

Eastern Communications

Eastern Communications have their Fiber1 services, but for Corporate and SOHO (Small Office and Home Office) customers. They offer shared burstable bandwidth from 10 Mbps to 100Mbps and Shared Connection up to 100Mbps to the Internet via Eastern Communications Internet Exchange.


Rise offers high-speed internet, but for the enterprise. They offer up to 150 Mbps internet for large businesses for USD 3,800 per month. Customers may also opt for a custom plan with 175+ Mbps connection. It has 100% Committed Information Rate (CIR) and unlimited data.

Did we miss any internet service provider? Let us know in the comments below.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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34 Responses

  1. jones says:

    how about click internet

  2. Jay Ar says:

    can you review which ISP provider that gives high upload speed for content creators and streamers

    • aa says:

      1 ping lol. haha

    • ted says:

      Try RISE Inc. Their upload and download are symmetrical, so if you get a speed of 50mbps download your upload is 50Mbps also.

      call: (02) 907 3144
      Look for Terence Balisi

  3. John says:

    We are connected to PLDT Fiber upto 300Mbps…

    see link for proof…

  4. dmZ says:

    comclark, weavetech, mountainview

  5. Hi, have you ever hear the services of
    they offer dedicated fiber internet for businesses

  6. Ted says:

    RISE Inc. – is underrated! They provide great support and they are so transparent with their customer.

  7. menchie gatoc says:

    what is the best ISP to use in computer shop with 218 computers. i really need help for our infrastructure defense in school please. . .

  8. Mike says:

    DO NOT GET PLDT FIBER PLANS. I got a 20mbps plan, gives me 0.8mbps speed only. This is after 2 weeks they installed it, and placed me under 2yr contract. Support is non-existent too. Lousiest ISP in Phils

  9. Khim says:

    “They offer up to 150 Mbps internet for large businesses for USD 3,800 per month”

    Holy shit , thats f*cking expensive, 200,000 php for 150 Mbps…… haha

  10. APEX says:

    Pldt is the worst .. Terrible costumer service and stupidly weak internet speed

  11. Ea Yan says:

    Converge ICT is The Best & Affordable Internet Provider Yet!

  12. Ted says:

    RISE Inc – they put the VALUE to what they offer!

    When they say fast: Choose your dedicated plan from 20Mbps to what ever speed you like.
    (oh! these are symmetrical speed for upload and download!)

    When they say Reliable: they have 99.9% SLA

    When they say support: They send advisories even in the slightest change of latency.
    Very proactive!!!
    When they say installation: they mean it, they install, test and done!!!

    CALL NOW and make your company’s internet great!!!
    call: (02) 907 3144

  13. jo villamiel says:

    How can this service be so expensive? Niloloko nyo nmn ang mga pilipino! Sa sg ang Net nmin last time I was there 2016, Sg60.00 lang fibre optics pa un at 100mbps.. dito triple the price and only 60mbps FIbre din. Why!!!

  14. Lophils says:

    Has anyone had any problems with Eastern Telecom in Manila Philippines? This is their website

  15. Cecil says:

    Who can offer a good quality net at my home but not so expensive

  16. We are service provider for trade product from across the world.

  17. Dave Christian Ting says:

    Converge is meh, yes it is affordable but there’s a feature that will make you lose your mind. I only have it for 3 months and they cannot solve my Intermittent Connection problem. Now I’m on the search for a new isp again. Yes converge already waived the termination fee so we’re free to leave without pay. Also, they’re compensating us for the 3 months of inconvenience.

  18. – offering fiber plans to enterprises only

  19. Pick Slick says:

    Ted seems like an agent from Rise

  20. Happy Tabali says:

    Infinivan is the game changer

  21. PT&T-100% Pure Fiber says:

    Try me. Pure fiber internet for home but especially designed for business. 0917-5272284.

  22. Do you have internet service in Baroc Philippines? if so, where is the closest store to Baroc? How much a month for the fastest service? If not, who do you recommend.

  23. fyi says:

    Guess the timeline before most major cities see fiber. Globe doesn’t have any idea. Going to be years most likely.

  1. September 22, 2018

    […] must AT LEAST have 5Mbps download speed and it must be reliable. According to the top 5 Internet Service Providers here in the Philippines are Globe, PLDT and Converge ICT […]

  2. September 22, 2018

    […] must AT LEAST have 5Mbps download speed and it must be reliable. According to the top 5 Internet Service Providers here in the Philippines are Globe, PLDT and Converge ICT […]

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