Massage Chairs You Can Buy Online Under PHP 35K

Massage Chairs You Can Buy Online Under PHP 35K

Despite being costly, massage chairs deliver a lot of benefits that people may get to enjoy in the comfort of their homes. These help people relax and have a moment of pause from the everyday responsibilities that may tire or exhaust them. These are also believed to relieve body pain, improve blood circulation and reduce stress. That is why investing in a good massage chair could actually be a great option since it could also be an alternative instead of often availing of massage services. In case you have decided to invest in one, here are some massage chairs under PHP 35K that you may purchase online!

(Note: Prices are subject to change.)

BENBO Massage Chair

This BENBO Massage Chair boasts an ergonomic design. It comes with heat dissipation mode, adjustable intensity, adjustable angle, and flexible massage roller direction. The 3D massage roller boasts elasticity, making the massage feel comfortable. It comes geared with a vibration massage motor for the foot, two extended massage rollers for the neck, and 18 massage balls for the back. Moreover, its back heating system helps improve blood circulation. Lastly, this massage chair has wheels and can be easily moved.

PHP 13,765 | Shop here.

BENBO Suspended Cabin Massage Chair

Another massage chair from BENBO is this Suspended Cabin with high-grade leather that sports elegance in Black. It offers a variety of massage techniques. The massage chair is covered with airbags, which can alleviate the sore body caused by long working hours. It has an 8D manipulator covering the whole body, 20 artificial massage modes, a three-speed adjustment system, and an adjustable angle and height. The curve of this massage chair conforms to the curve of the human body for comfort.

PHP 28,014 | Shop here.

JSK SD-Q6 Massage Chair


This massage chair has a leather material, flaunting a luxurious design in Flame Red. It claims to target multiple points of the body: an 8D manipulator on the back, kneading massage on the cervical spine, warming the back of the waist, pressing the feet’ soles, and airbag massage for the head. Plus, it also has adjustable velocity, speed, and temperature that can be customized with the included remote control. Aside from various massage techniques, it also comes with a Bluetooth system, allowing users to listen to music or charge their phones during the massage.

PHP 29,990 | Shop here.

KEMILNG Whole Body Massage Chair

This KEMILNG massage chair also looks premium with a luxurious design in Brown. It has four rollers that can provide 15 different combinations like kneading, Shiatsu, Knocking Stretch, and flapping, among others. It also comes with a zero-gravity feature, smart body scan detection, and self-adjustment function. Besides, this massage chair is an all-in-one machine that can be used easily, without the need to assemble.

PHP 29,989 | Shop here.

Xiaomi Mi Massage Chair

The Xiaomi Mi Massage Chair, on the other hand, features a minimalist appearance. It has a unique shoulder and neck 3D massage and leg and foot massage function made possible by its six massage wheels and 12 lower airbags. It also lets users relieve stress, enjoy a twisting massage, experience a deep kneading and twisting massage, try a fixed long sliding massage to calm the body or adjust massage options to whichever suits users’ preference.

PHP 34,990 | Shop here.

There you have it! Those are some of the massage chairs that you may purchase online. Please do know that you deserve that ultimate massage experience you might badly need! However, since getting a massage chair is costly, it is also best to always check the reviews first and think of it repeatedly so that you won’t regret any checkout.

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