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Mini vacuum cleaners under PHP 500

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Vacuum cleaners take a great role as our cleaning buddies. As most of us now have our own office or working areas at home, mini vacuum cleaners are indeed must-haves to help keep our desks neat. Apart from their compact design, these are not only cute but could also do their job to clean up the little mess on your station. If you wish to get one, here are some of the mini vacuum cleaners you can buy under PHP 500.

Author’s note: These mini vacuum cleaners have price tags below PHP 500, are available online, and have good reviews. 

Table of Contents

Baseus C2 Mini Vacuum

The Baseus C2 looks dainty with its capsule-like design. It features 1000Pa suction power that’s ideal for cleaning your desktop quickly. It also comes boasts microporous filters with a 200 mesh filter that screens filter the dust as small as 0.063mm.

In addition, you may also choose from two versions: Lithium Battery or Dry Battery. The Lithium Battery Version includes a USB charging cable that’s plug and play. Its built-in 900mAh battery lasts up to 20 minutes of battery life in a single charge. However, the Dry Battery Version needs two 1.5V batteries to deliver up to 40 minutes of battery life. This mini vacuum from Baseus comes in four color options: White, Black, Pink, and Green.

PHP 399 – PHP 499 | Shop here.

EsoGoal Mini Vacuum Cleaner

This EsoGoal Mini Vacuum Cleaner sports a multi-function curved mouth, spiral fan blade strong suction, and a 1200mAh battery. With its handheld design, you can easily hold the device and do the cleaning easily. Additionally, it also comes with a mini brush. This one’s available in either Pink or Blue.

PHP 455 | Shop here.

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Thunlit Desk Vacuum Cleaner

Thunlit’s mini vacuum is capable of removing paper scraps, soot, rubber scraps, dust, etc., on the desktop. It sports a spiral fan blade, nylon brush, high-temperature resistant cloth, and PP injection molding filter. The vacuum’s exhaust port is upward, which prevents the dust and chips from being blown away. Meanwhile, powering the device are two AA batteries. You can have this mini vacuum in Black or Pink.

PHP 319 | Shop here.

Deli Desktop Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Another cute mini vacuum is this Deli Desktop Mini Vacuum Cleaner. It got a strong suction power that cleans up dust, paper scraps, lint, ash, hair, crumbs, and the car’s interior with ease. It also features 360-degree ascendant wind to lock dust. Besides, this mini vacuum is great for removing the dust on the surface of home appliances, laptops, computer keyboards, or furniture despite its diminutive size.

PHP 263 | Shop here.

Fishtail Mini Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

The Fishtail Mini Desktop Vacuum Cleaner has an easy-grip handle that looks like a fishtail. It isn’t just cute but could also be reliable as your mini cleaning buddy. Keeping the device running are two AAA batteries. Furthermore, you have the option to get it in Pink, Gray, Blue, or Yellow.

PHP 310 | Shop here.

There you have it! Cleaning could be fun with these cute little ones. May you enjoy keeping thy working station clean. Don’t forget to check the reviews first, and think about it thrice, so that you won’t regret any checkout.

Did we miss a good one? Let us know in the comment section below!

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