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TM Easy Plan vs Globe MyStarter Plan: Which is better?

We’ve recently discovered TM’s new Easy Plan, a postpaid subscription offer that lets you enjoy the convenience of unlimited calls and texts by just reloading every fifteen days. How does it compare to its sister network Globe’s entry-level MyStarter Plan? Here’s a quick comparison.


 TM Easy PlanGlobe MyStarter Plan 300
Globe MyStarter Plan 500
LTE?Yes *new LTE SIM onlyYesYes
CostPhp150 / 15 days
Php300 per month
Php300 per monthPhp500 per month
Text AllocationsUnlimited to All Networks300 SMS to All NetworksUnlimited to Globe/TM
300 SMS to Other Networks
Call AllocationsUnlimited to Globe/TM300mins to Globe/TMUnlimited to Globe/TM
Data Allocations100MB/day each for Facebook, Viber, select games200MB Data with Free Facebook, Viber, and Spotify access,200MB Data with 1GB Spotify, FB, Viber access
PerksFree mobile data for on-time paymentsFree handset on application or after 6 months for line-only plansFree handset on application or after 6 months for line-only plans

Both are prepaid-postpaid hybrid SIM plans which let you enjoy the convenience of registering for other prepaid promos while having postpaid functionality but for starters, the TM Easy Plan is one of the cheapest postpaid plans that you can get today with a mere Php300 to enjoy unlimited texts to all networks and non-stop calls to Globe and TM subscribers, in addition to the daily mobile data allocation for Facebook, Viber, and selected games at 100MB each.

This is a lot better in comparison to Globe’s MyStarter plan of the same value where it the available number of calls and texts is quantifiable, while the higher-priced one at Php500 has only unlimited calls and texts to Globe and TM. This could make a lot of Globe Starter Plan users groan.

While it may be a lot more affordable, the TM SIMs are generally under 3G networks only, to which you’ll need a new TM LTE SIM card to enjoy better connection speeds. This is where Globe gets its advantage, as the blue network has all recent prepaid and postpaid SIM cards LTE-enabled by default, so switching to a MyStarter Plan is not a problem. TM SIM upgrades are currently on hold according to Globe’s Twitter customer service representatives.

Registration and payment could also bear a factor: For TM, you’ll need to go online to register your SIM Card to enable the plan, or purchase an Easy Plan SIM outright from any authorized retailers. Globe, on the other hand, requires your presence at a Globe Store with all your requirements. You’ll also get to choose your starting day among a few choices since it’s basically a Load Tipid Plan, while TM’s payment scheme is set at the 16th and 1st of the month by default.

The perks in the long run could also be a deal-maker or a deal-breaker depending on how you see it: You can apply for a postpaid plan with a free handset for Globe’s MyStarter plans or wait after six months when you apply for a line-only one, while TM’s Easy Plan only gives you free mobile data allocations for every on-time payment — the more consecutive on-time payments, the bigger the free mobile data rewards.

If you were to decide upon, what would you want as a postpaid option? Let us know in the comments below.

Updated with corrected data allocation

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33 Responses

  1. Dona says:

    I hope Globe will introduce a postpaid plan that is zero based. Then, we can register to Go Sakto promos and will be paid once a month.

    • iconic says:

      my mom postpaid plan is zero based. it was offered by globe nung gusto na ipacut and just to retain the number. you can do that as well =)

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      ^Plan Zero subscribers cannot subscribe to GoSakto and other prepaid promos. GoSurf and select Unli promos lang.

    • Me too! I was enrolled for SMART’s Freedom plan before and it was a nice postpaid plan for cheaps — all-net texts and data allocation for 200 a month was always be the one I’d register. Too bad, I don’t think they have it now in their offerings.

      Wish Globe could offer the same. Twas a nice flexible postpaid plan.

  2. diego delos santos says:

    for my grade 7 daughter we decided to get the p300 globe my starter plan. pang call, text and internet sa school. with hwawei y5II cellphone cash payment P2,500 for the unit and P300 advance billing for 24 months. the unit arrived last friday and the load P300 after two days. you need to enroll it to myplan or other globe plans u like or use it as a regular load. if used as a regular load and there are still remaining balance it will be forwarded to next month and so on. i think this is the cheapest plan around. the unit has 8gb internal and 4gb usable memory. with 32gb sd slot. 1gb ram with around 400mb usable ram out of the box. il try to post next month for the unit’s performance.

  3. SunCell Subscriber says:

    I suggest that you read the FAQs thoroughly first. You missed several mechanics like the data allocation plus free phone.

    “Meron ba akong makukuhang cellphone sa TM Easy Plan?
    Meron! Kailangan lang magbayad nang sunod-sunod at walang palya sa loob ng 12 months, at pwede kang makatanggap ng libreng cell phone mula sa TM.”

    • Still, Globe has the better postpaid plan in terms of handsets because you can get one outright or as early as six months into the plan. Will update, thanks for this!

    • JAMES says:

      Hmm, sounds a deal-maker also, but what handsets may we be getting after a year? I hope they provide those in the same range from Globe MyStarter Plan

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      To be fair, choosing what’s the best plan is very subjective depending on the user.

      With TM, you can get a phone but have to wait AFTER 12 months. After which you could choose to discontinue the plan.
      With Globe, you get a phone OUTRIGHT but you’re locked-up to the plan for 24 months.

      Maybe the deciding factor here eh kung ano ang available phone options. But it would be better if you could’ve included that in the article kasi, that’s why I pointed it out.

    • Krizlay says:

      D ko mabasa kng saan ung mechanics ng free phone..

      Misleading ung “FREE FB” kc may alloted pla with 100MB lng.. dapat nkalagay 100MB FB usage nlng..

  4. Lance says:

    Does TM Easy Plans’s daily 100MB free data includes the Pokemon Go app?

  5. Jondoe says:

    Tanong ko lang po, kung mag subscribe sa mystarter plan 300 ay yung sarili mo bang prepaid number ang gagamitin o bibigyan ka ng bago? Salamat po sa sasagot.

  6. Pocholo says:

    Can you also list what mobile units are up for grabs until you finish the required number of months to pay for these plans?

  7. JAMES says:

    I will be subscribing to this feature once it offers upgrade of SIM cards. I don’t want to lose my long time number, and this is a great news for me. TM since 2010, then it can have LTE, good plan features fits my needs.

    Looking forward to the SIM upgrade.

  8. goodha says:

    I bought the TM LTE easy plan sim (php 149.00) from a Globe business center. Then I applied online via republika ng TM’s website and after filling up the form and submitting id with pic, Voila! After an hour and a half, approved na yung plan. Habol ko lang yung free unlicalls to Globe/TM at tsaka unli text to all network for just php 300.00 per month. Of course my primary data online is gosakto prepaid.

    • renan says:

      hi unli call po ba itong easy plan ng TM as in continues tlga walang cut off like every 10min.?

  9. Roberto bandin says:

    How to use the call.. It didnt work for my tm lte

  10. tet tet says:

    sure po bang may makukuhang free phone if na avail na yung 12 months na right pay sa tm easy plan?

  11. Krizlay says:

    Thanks for sharing.. paano pla sa globe kahit ubos na ung data alloted na 200MB pwede pa rin mg FB? how about sa TM? 100MB saglit lng un mauubos sa FB..

  12. Del Ty says:

    This article is not accurate, the my starter plan auto credit 300pesos of load a month to use any way you please. The TM you need to to pay 150 every 15 days for the unli services, which can be done with gosakto at less price with cumulative unused minutes and texts.
    Yes your beloved prepaid number becomes post paid with loss protection and LTE capability.

  13. Venus Laureen Millet says:

    can I use other social media accounts for example Instagram or twitter with the plan?

  14. Jennifer Insigne says:


  15. Juan says:

    Sure bang walang extra charge yung mystarter plan? I mean baka umabot ng 2k+ imbis na 500 lang. Pasagot naman po. Thanks

    • Subscribed to MyStarterPlan here. No additional charges since it’s basically a Load Tipid Plan with a preferred prepaid subscription plan you need to register monthly (you can use your existing Globe Prepaid number to upgrade to MSP). If you need more than the allocated amount, you can always reload like prepaid numbers do to avail of those services, which would not appear on your billing.

      You’ll start off with no credit limit, so it’s best if you have a competitor bill ready to raise up your limit if you don’t want to be bombarded with calls as early as 1 week before your due date.

  16. julie so says:

    pag di ba naubos ung free text sa my starter plan ng previous month mag carry over sa next month? thanks

  17. edwin says:

    sabi nung agent sa TM Chat, system generated daw na kapag na -reach na ang 10 mins of call, automatic na titigil ang calls. kahit sa prepaid or Tm Easy Plan ganun din po ba?

  18. ralphsilverio says:

    Meron bang data allocation ang free fb/viber ni mystarter plan or unlimited mo syang magagamit for fb and viber?

  19. KSA says:

    Ten minutes my foot! 7 minutes Lang cut off na yung calls ko palagi sa unlimited plans ng TM. If you register to the c10 c15 or c20 with the 120 minutes to Globe/TM you can use it straight through.

  20. Akala ko- ok yon easy plan yon pala hinde…pag nagamit mo na yon 100mb minsan feeling ko di pa umabot Ng 100…Wala na…sayang talaga I gave up my globe no. just for this…pero di ko nagagamit Ang data ko…laging Wala akong magamit it’s either walang connection o di about Ng signal…di ako nasiyahan…may limit Kasi Ang internet…Gaya this month October 24 pa lng Wala na akong magamit na net…haaaaay ayoko na!

  21. with the tm easy plan mas magandang eto dikana ma charge ng exxtra txt to other network .with the unit 4 sure asic phone bibigay nyan., good thing about easy plan walang lock in contract secondly unli txt to all network, kung phone gusto mo mag homecredit k nlang of credit card , 6 or 9 months tapos kana sa unit mo.

  22. Marian says:

    Tm easy plan user po ako concern ko lang bakit hindi na ako makapag online games simula noong nag update po kau. Kaya huminto po ako sa pagbayad po dahil lang Don. Tapos ngayon nag bayad po ako 150 for 15 days but ganun parin. Paano po ba ito ma resolve syang yung bayad ko. Salmat

  23. andrew says:

    kahit naka lte ka na mabagl pa rin,ilang games lang sa ml kahit naka gs50 ka walang kwenta,lalag,
    kala ko sa phone diperensya sa network ng sim yung problema tapos lagi pang kinakain loadko if dko agad maregister sa 50 tapos my add na 300mb tapos 3 games lang maayos tapos the next game lag na.
    nakaka 200 pesos ako tatlong araw kasi gs 50 gs 50, kala ko loc. din my problema pero wala wh parang scam naman

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