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What happens after you reach the Data Cap?

Using multiple internet services has its benefits. I have 2 DSL providers at home, a postpaid mobile WiFi plan, and 2 smartphone subscriptions with mobile internet plans. As such, I am able to dedicate one line to a specific task or purpose.

At home, the two DSL connections are divided between the media server and the general WiFi internet use. The mobile hotspot subscription is generally used to power internet inside the car and the two smartphone subscriptions with LTE service are my primary source everywhere else I go.

It is almost impossible to imagine that with this setup, I would hit the wall and still hit that data cap. That’s what happens if you rely too much on your LTE connection. And indeed, two of my smartphone subscriptions finally met their match last month.

My iPhone 5 subscription comes with unlimited surfing plans from Globe. Within the month of April, I hit the data cap with an estimated bandwidth consumption of 6GB. Not bad, even for heavy phone usage. Had this for 4 years and this is the first time I hit the cap. The culprit — using LTE and sharing the hotspot with 4 other devices.

My LG Optimus G LTE was also on postpaid subscription (Plan 2500) but does not have any mobile surfing plans and is fully consumable. What I do is subscribe to PowerSurf 99 and just let is consume as much bandwidth as it can. Incidentally, I also use this phone as my primary hotspot service even at home (forgoing the much slower DSL connection). The result, almost 94GB of bandwidth consumed in less than 30 days.

Fortunately, Globe’s No Bill Shock policy saved me from a Php118,000 data charge (computed on a per KB basis) beyond the PowerSurf 99 consumption and billed me just Php999 (plus VAT).

What is noteworthy to share in this experience is how the telco engineered the appropriation of bandwidth once the soft limit is crossed. In this instance, we saw two different techniques.

1) For the iPhone 5, once you reach the bandwidth limit of your plan, the telco will cut off service to the Personal Hotspot. This means you can no longer share your phone’s internet to other devices. They will still give you fast LTE access on the phone.

Whenever you hit the Personal Hotspot toggle on the iPhone 5, it will freeze and prompt you with a message that you need to call them to re-activate the hotspot feature. Fair enough.


This restriction method emphasizes that the internet subscription plan for your phone should be just for the phone only, not 12 other laptops, smartphones or tablets that you or your family owns.

2) For the LG Optimus G LTE, it’s a different story. Since I was using the per-KB charging, there’s technically no data cap. The idea is that you are charged by the amount of bandwidth that you download so it’s up to you how much you want to consume and be charged accordingly.

That is probably the reason why I was able to consume over 90GB in less than a month and almost got away with it. So why did I think I hit the cap? I guess it’s probably because the postpaid account has a certain credit limit and once that credit limit is breached, they need to throttle you down with the charging (just a theory).

My download speeds can sometimes reach up to 3.1MB per second (~24 Megabits per second).

Unlike the iPhone 5 where the Personal Hotspot is disabled, the Android device can still use the WiFi hotspot feature.

However, what the telco will do is kick you out of their LTE frequency and dumps you back into the 3G/EDGE network. The network checks your phone’s settings every 30 seconds and switches you automatically from GSM/WCDMA/LTE to WCDA only.

To overcome this, I would create a shortcut to the mobile network settings and manually switch back to LTE (yeah, it’s a switching back game every 30 seconds or so!). The experience was pretty interesting as it gives us an idea how the telco manages the network among users (especially the heavy users like me).

I have no experience with Smart (my only subscription is a Smart Bro Plan 999 on a pocket WiFi) with how they manage their networks so I assume that those on Unli Data Plans (attached to a smartphone subscriptions) have that 1.5GB monthly data cap (based on their Fair Usage Policy) and utilizes almost the same techniques as well (we need to do some more actual research on this one though and share with you our results).

Nevertheless, this is something a number of our readers have experienced too but did not realized. So the next time you suddenly noticed that you’re getting EDGE signal from your smartphone instead of the usual LTE or HSPA+, then it’s possible you’ve hit your monthly quota and they’re kicking you out of the data “skyway” back to the slower “service road”.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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65 Responses

  1. emignatius says:

    I thought Globe postpaid plans don’t have cap? I’m a smart postpaid UNLI 2000 subscriber and I use more than 1.5 gb a month. Last month alone, I used about 20 gb when we went to the province. At least 5 devices connected to my personal hotspot. I just downloaded a 3 gb file yesterday. If they did slow down my connection, I hardly noticed it. 3G speed is about 3-5 mbps. LTE here in Baguio is around 15 mbps. We have free LTE I think until June. Although Smart does have a 1.5 gb cap a month policy, I don’t think they strictly implement it or if they do slow it down, the subscriber would hardly notice it based on my experience of course.

    • itachi1 says:

      Powersurf has a cap. Supersurf on Prepaid has a cap. Supersurf on Postpaid does not.

  2. Ajcalderonmd says:

    That’s a quite expensive setup, ive been using a 5mb speed at home, and a portable lte prepaid from smartbro at 995 a month(NO DATACAP) for the past 3 weeks ive downloaded around 400gb (mostly from personal cloud storage at home), and about 6 devices attached to it

    • Yusuf says:

      400 GB from LTE? Or on 5 Mbps?

    • Ajcalderonmd says:

      400gb in 3 weeks sa lte smartbro prepaid, di ko sya sinara simula ng binili ko hehe, just breaking it in and testing its limits and so far im happy with it, and that’s only 995 a month ha, samantalang postpaid lte nila na 3500 a month e me datacap na 30gb yata, my 5mbs connection at home e mostly utilized kse me synology cloud dn ako but im planning to downgrade it kse nga mas matipid at mabilis tng lte na prepaid, i just hope na sana ganito lagi

  3. meh says:

    Must be some way to freeze the preferred network mode, it has to be possible. Maybe use greenify as root and freeze the switcher app on LTE

  4. Yusuf says:

    I’m subscribed to Globe WiMax at 2 Mbps per month. I have downloaded 127 GB for the past 20 days. Last April, I’ve been throttled to 0.20 Mbps for consuming 200 GB. Yup, I’m a data hog. When Globe LTE comes in my area (presumably next year), I’m buying a new phone that’s LTE-capable and it’ll probably be my main source of internet.

  5. Yusuf says:

    I also think Smart’s 1.5 GB/month data cap is absurd. It’s 2013 for fuck’s sake. Technically, they’re actually worse than AT&T and even Verizon.

  6. Billy says:

    Unlimited data cap means unlimited. Globe does not have a written policy on caps for postpaid, LTE/3g/edge. Prepaid has an *unlimited surf as much as you want for 24 hours* datacap of I think 800mb though.

    I have mine saying I’ve sent 8.1gb of data and recieved 91.7gb. That’s from april 9, 2013 to right this moment.

    • yuga says:

      The difference in interpretation here is between “unlimited bandwidth” and “unlimited connection time”.

    • Billy says:


      Well, I seem to have both unlimited connection time and bandwidth. I’m running under that 999 monthly subscription on my iphone 5. It might be possible that we have different caps [yours being 6gb + unlimited connection time against my unlimited everything] because we have a different setup.

      You said your iphone 5 subs came with that unlimited plan. if my comprehension is right, you got your phone straight from globe.

      I got my phone, an iphone 5, from an external unofficial source. I got my post paid plan/sim from globe as a sim-only kind of thing. I think it’s called my super combo or something.

      Yes, I abuse LTE. Yes, I abuse 3g. Heck I got it specifically for the personal hotspot feature which I normally use download 15gb++ files overnight if I get impatient. That + consistent live streams on twitch, random youtube trips, vita/psn game downloads. All on personal hotspot.

      Yet, I’ve never ever had this cap you speak of.

      For the record, I don’t use a jailbroken OS. I get updates straight from apple if that even matters.

    • Z-man says:

      I think Globe will throttle down their LTE speed with unli data plans.
      a. At 7mbps max mostly for free LTE
      b pay a premium pay per use for 21mbps or 42mbps.

      Honestly most of area here i got mostly 7mbps and highest i got 28mbps(very rare) in 1 particular area for GLOBE.

      For Smart has most area covered even in our area, has better speed, but the downside is free LTE speed until June only, has to pay per use also after the promo period.

  7. Minxwin says:

    Question? How fast is your LTE Connection when in makati? I’m using Iphone 5 plan 1799 with Globe but I only get a maximum of 6 mbps in speedtest. I work @ Ayala ave where i always have full LTE signal?

    • same says:

      Same.. pero sa Rockwell area minsan umaabot ako ng 13mbps. Pinakamabilis na natry ko sa Katipunan with 19mbps.. :)

    • thecorrescode says:

      And you call that LTE. With that speed, nasa range lang yan ng HSDPA+ lang ah. Nandaya na naman ang Smart saka Globe, gesh…

    • Calvin says:

      thecorrescode, those are the theoretical speeds of 3G. kung iilan lang kayo ang nakaconnect sa 3G. since congested na tayo, that speed is uncommon sa 3G.

      Anyway, using Smart sa ayala im reaching 2Mbps download speed pag matino mga seeders. hehehe. I dont rely much on speedtest kasi burst lang eh. pero speed test for me is 29mbps in case you’re curious.

    • palmaliciousdef says:

      Along Buendia-Makati, I was able to get as high as 37mbps. I’m on Globe Postpaid and I’m using GS4. pero along Ayala Ave., I rarely get that much speed. I usually get 3-10mbps (and that’s LTE).

  8. asdfghj says:

    I’ve been looking all over the net for info about data caps in telcos because I plan to apply for one. And so far, these are the info I found out.

    For Smart. Users loved their UnliSurf plans on both prepaid and postpaid before the cap happened but now, everyone is complaining about it, I even saw a petition for it to be removed.

    For Globe. Prepaid users are irritated with the 800mb per day limit and I saw some postpaid users complaining about it too. But majority of the postpaid users say that the cap is not implemented on postpaid. I asked Globe’s twitter CS about the cap and they said that they implement it on both postpaid and prepaid users, and on both UNLISURF and SUPERSURF.
    But according to the majority, I think they’re only applying it to SUPERSURF and those subscribed to UNLISURF postpaid are safe from the 800mb limit.

    As for Sun, I stopped researching once I learned that Torrent downloading and file-sharing sites are throttled. So meh…

    For me, I think I’ll be applying for an Unlisurf Globe for a cellular iPad Mini and use it as a hotspot. And since there are no contracts, I can terminate it anytime. (I’m going for the sim only plan)

  9. Lezure2010 says:

    This topic is interesting since we recently experienced the data capping on our Smartbro canopy last month. We’ve had it for years and years but we’ve never been affected by this cap. For the record though, Smart’s monthly data cap is 15GB not 1.5GB. That isn’t to say that 15GB isn’t ridiculous. Our usual 2Mbps speed was lowered to 20kbps in the middle of April and came back at the start of May. On May 6, the connection went back down to 20kbps from 2Mbps. This is just ridiculous for a 999 home internet subscription. 15GB is way too small. Even without downloading anything, constant youtube, facebook, and Internet Gaming will use up that 15GB in no time. We are definitely thinking about getting a new subscription from another telco.

    For info though, I have a mobile Sun broadband subscription as well at 799 since it’s tied up to my postpaid phone. The subscription doesn’t seem to have a data cap since I’m always getting about 60 to 100 GB a month from it. Torrents and downloads are throttled from 6am to 1am, but the connection is at a workable 50kbps to 100kbps. From 1am to 6am, Sun releases the throttle and I can get up to 3.2Mbps. It doesn’t always go up to 3.2Mbps but from 1am to 6am, the speed is always above 1Mbps. This is when I start my downloads.

    I think sun is truly unlimited and doesn’t have a data cap. I’d recommend this subscription any day compared to the 15GB Smart and 800Mb Globe poistpaid subscription.

    I’m surprised to see here that there are actually still some postpaid plans on globe and smart that aren’t capped. It isn’t clear which ones are though. So if anyone can clearly say which has a true unlimited plan, please give a holler here since we really need to replace the old Smartbro Canopy.

    • Yusuf says:

      Globe postpaid doesn’t have a cap. It was confirmed to me by a rep of theirs. Smart postpaid has, according to their website and it’s at 1.5 GB per month. On home internet, Globe has. Their fair usage policy states that you will be throttled once you go beyond 20 GB+. But as tested and proven, this isn’t true at all. The cap is actually 120 GB and throttling would have been started by then.

    • Yup says:

      Globe Postpaid unlisurf 999 already has a cap… even now that I havent reached 1gb, the speed has been sucked away somewhere. I was so happy with the previous Globe service, and now I’m actually looking for an alternative for the postpaid I got, so I can transfer right after I cut my line after my lock in period.

  10. Jun_pas says:

    I am curious with the kind of set up you have…we’ve been using the Globe 1Mbps white modem for more than 3 years now and the connection is terrible. Well anyway how or which package is your post paid plan/sim?? I plan to shift to that kind of connection and I will be using my Huawei 4G/LTE wifi usb modem instead that will serve as hotspot. I play online games and most of the time had to go outside to the compushops just to have an hour or so of decent gaming.

  11. Roms says:

    Interesting article. You’ve gotta love all the speed and juice, right? But I’m a little concerned with how battery plays out for you? Where are you physically; to get such good LTE performance. Nevermind that you’re using iPhone 5 which has a sucker of a battery when using a 4G/LTE signals since it uses 2 antennas.

    I’m using a Note 2 and mine only lasts for about 14 hours, heavy usage, with WCDMA only (my device is not LTE capable).

    I hate to steer the topic away, but LTE is already out there, and 4G connection still Sucks!! :(

  12. rotero says:

    did anyone here familiar or aware how telcos charge us our data usage. or how they measure our internet connection?
    Does this telco charge us by using the actual internet connection (by actually connected to the hosted server) or by simple connecting to the telco APN

  13. Eco838 says:

    Off topic sir Yuga, since you mentioned about iPhone 5, did you experience weaker wifi signal compared to other idevices? Bec. when I put my itouch 4 and iPhone 5 side by side I got 3 bars on itouch while only 1 to 2 bars on iphone 5. does someone experienced this also or my device had a defect?

  14. ocommon says:

    Use Sun Prepaid 3days P100 so P990/month unli on home,work,car etc.. Tapos ang usapan!

    • Yusuf says:

      Won’t work for data hogs. Sun throttles when it comes to downloading torrents. And no LTE.

  15. engrjayze says:

    please also review other offers for internet like smart’s canopy 999

    i’ve been a subscriber for a long time since our home cannot be reached by dsl line

    this april they introduced fair user policy that throttles connection speed when a user consumes “unannounced/unspecified” speed or data allocation, then it will reset in a MONTH!

    their csr can’t even give any concrete data why the speed was throttled. they just said that the system do it automatically

    speed turned from decent to dial-up speed..

  16. Carl L says:

    Well I have a Globe DSL (currently 1mbps+landline) at home and I kept on wondering why my internet kept on throttling after a year into my 24-month contract. Turns out I’m being capped 3GB everyday, I found out through one of Globe’s twitter reps. If I go beyond that bandwidth limit in one day, my speed would decrease. They’d reset the speed 12:01am the next day anyway so I’m fine with it. Gonna upgrade it to 2mbps soon since the plan we got was really dated.

  17. Danny says:

    Stupid of globe where you have to subscribe to PowerSurf first before you can have an Anti-Bill Shock.

    Unlike smart and sun its automatic to have anti-bill shock.

  18. R-a-M-u-J says:

    I really have no idea about this CAP thing but I think SmartBro started in implementing this to our connection 2 months ago… I am a torrent sucker and downloads around 10-15 videos of tv series and movies almost every night but 2 months ago (around middle of March), our connection is only 0.08mbps… Tinalo pa ang dial-up… ahahahaha…

    I’m still a student and I’m paying my connection through my allowance so 512kbps lang muna ang kaya ko ngayon… :P Pero umaabot naman siya ng 1.6mbps or 2mbps sa normal speed niya around 12am-6am… :)

    6 years na ako sa SmartbBro at sa daming videos na nadownload ko, ok na sigurong medyo pigil-pigilan ako nila ng kunti… hehehehehe….

  19. Arjay says:

    Planning to apply for UnliData Plan 2000 sa Smart. May data cap din po kaya ito? Ok po ba itong UnliData Plan 2000 with free Galaxy S4? TIA!

  20. Julio Marco says:

    We only have one internet connection in our home which is Globe’s dsl. Our speed never slows down even if there are 3 laptops, 4 phones, and a pc connected simultaneously to the network. I did however notice that Globe throttles down the speed whenever someone would download torrents. It is not just slow, it’s excruciatingly slow. Reading this article, I surmise that maybe data caps have something to do with this because this is the first time we’ve experienced this.

    • dadsdasd says:

      I think what you’re experiencing has nothing to do with data caps. When downloading torrents, I think it’s just prioritized. If the download speed of your torrent downloads is the same as the speed of your internet plan, then it’s the case. And I bet it is. I’d recommend you to apply for a separate plan for torrent downloads if you’re heavy on downloading but if you just download once in a while, I guess the best you could do is set a limit in the DL speed your torrent client is getting so that there is more room for web browsing on your other devices or just download at night when noone’s using the net.

  21. pfb says:

    i’m using cable internet at home at the 1mbps plan, as far as i know – there’s no cap for the service.

    i just notice that there are certain days that connection are quite slower.

    i can just live with it. what i love about it is i can download enormous data without worrying about getting over the limit.

    i was tempted to switch to sky’s internet service & wi-tribe; yes they got the speed – but the cap is big turn-off.

    great responses, guys. nosebleed mode.

  22. Verbl Kint says:

    The sad part here is that the local telcos seem to be copying the capitalist stance of the American telcos, as opposed to that of, say, Scandinavia.

    There needs to be overarching legislation with regard to throttling and capping bandwidth. There has to be a balance between building a profitable and sustainable marketplace and equity for the paying customers.

  23. kuya bong says:

    Sabi nga ni Enrile gusto ko hapi kayo.

    prang umorder ka ng unli kanin. pagkatapos ng pangatlongg refill mo, kanin tutong na ibibigay sayo.

  24. carlo says:

    i have a globe wimax connection at home i’ve never experienced any decrease in speed other than the slow connection at peak hours. i usually download 2 movies a day and i reach speed of 4mbps. i also have a mobile data plan from globe,i was thinking if i can use this sim with a pocket wifi?

  25. dan says:

    Anyone knows what’s the 24h data cap for smart prepaid unlisurf?

  26. Dietmar says:

    As a foreigner I do not want to say anything against th ephilippines. But there are some strage business behaviours. Im Germany I was able to consume 16MB line 24 hours with no limits – and that is normal for everybody. Capping? Hell no! We would send our government to the telcos. Unili- palns mit capping? Hell no! We would send them dozens of lawyers…! But in the Philippinnes… I think the people are thankful that they are allowed to buy something and whatever they get. I hope that my daughter will learn to say “Hell no!” and that this country might change with a new generation in government.

    • Touko Akimoto says:

      Lets just call a spade a spade…

      The People in the Philippines are a very patient, forgiving lot, so corporations and other assorted crooks have an easy time riding roughshod over them.


      1) Telcos – no accountability. Paid for internet but service was down? forget about a refund, you won’t see jack. 3GB per month on a 1GB per day plan? Someone failing at math. Windows update can use up half that allotment during some months. That’s NOT heavy usage on customer’s part, thats just a feeble network.

      2) Spaniards stole all Filipino’s land and distributed it among 10 Spanish Governor families 300 Years ago. Since then, the Philippines have a phony “independence” but the land is still largely owned by the same 10 families and every land reform has been foiled by – well, the “owners” who should have been chased out of the country not decades but centuries ago.

      3) Pawnshops in the Philippines advertise 5% interest – but its per Month! Yep, that’s 60% interest per Year. Anywhere in Europe or America, you’d be in Jail and your fraudulent shop would be closed for good.

      Here’ the people are so good and patient to a fault, I never saw a story of a pawnshop being burned to the ground.

      How exactly did all the religious people forget that lending money for interest is not something God wants – according to all three, Christian, Moslem and Jewish religions. Well, there’s that well known change in the Talmud, where at first it was illegal to lend money for interest to anybody, but later on someone hacked the book and made it legal to lend to non-jewish people.

      But maybe it wasn’t God anyway, maybe some earlier human society had debt-based interest-money before and figured out that ownership of everything ends up accumulating with just 1% of the people while the rest starves. After all, that’s not a random, accidental outcome, but one determined by fairly simple math.

    • Julian says:

      In Philippines, if you voice up even for a legitimate reason, you are viewed as troublemaker.

  27. Guus says:

    I am also surprised with all these data caps I entered into recently. I have a Smartbro connection for around seven years now and it has always worked fine and today I just heard I was ‘throttled’, meaning I basically can’t use the internet anymore. And our other connection is Globe and it seems they do the same. The sad thing is my business and my income depend on it. And I thought bringing some money into The Philippines, but the Filipino’s don’t seem to want it as virtually all my business ventures end in some kind of ‘throttling’, meaning virtually impossible to sustain. Sad, for me as well as for Filipino’s who I might be able to give decent jobs.

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    • Touko Akimoto says:

      Or, you could actually do something with your life…

      Android games are like the Matrix, your mind gets trapped in a repetitive behavior, robbing you of your actual life, your chances to move something that could use moving. I do realize that in this country, like any other, the odds are stacked against you.

      Still more than being what you eat, you are what you do.

      Like stop allowing corporations to poison you killing your brain cells with excito-toxins like Glutamate (MSG containing food, Magic Sarap etc etc).

      If you google the list with the ~60 or so different names they hide MSG under and stay away from food containing it for a few months, maybe you’ll notice a certain, previously not recognized fog lifting… And wonder how it could ever happen that you got sucked into something like Farmville.

  29. anon says:

    Throttling is shit! And so is this country!

  30. mike pier says:

    globes is master thief,,,fucking company, which all pilippino died,,,,fucking contry…….you always be poor , small timer contry,

  31. Manong says:

    hey mike pier…don’t belittle the Philippines…does it even occur to you that filipinos were the ones who made the concept for the moon buggy, the florescent light just to name a few…

    …and at least we know how to spell country correctly (plus the wrong english grammar that you have on your sentence). Pathetic!

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope my fellow Filipinos would verify information first before buying into it. The fluorescent lamp was NOT invented by Agapito Flores as is widely believed by Filipinos. When he presented the idea to President Quezon, the fluorescent lamp had already been publicized in the US.

      Don’t just believe stuff. That’s exactly why other countries are calling Filipinos the most gullible people in the world.

    • jxzero says:

      You know… Saying “wrong english grammar” is actually… Well, wrong.

  32. Jltacs says:

    You may need a dedicated leased line ????

  33. mon says:

    Globe implemented download limit.just last jan 26. di pa nila inaamin sabi may sira daw. napuno na nila yng system nila kaya mabagal na pag peak hours. their solution is to throttle all downloads and invent a so called “fair use policy”. so called “unlimited internet” in their advertising is now limited.BEWARE, WAG NA KAYONG MABIKTIMA

  34. ae lhan says:

    i have signed my contract to pay 999/month for unlimited browsing,pero ngaun anong pinaggagawa ng GLOBE,andami sinasabi…kung anu ano..limited na pla ung plan 999,pag nareached na ung 1GB sa isang araw wla na connection..postpaid naging consumable putang inang globe..what a fuck….1GB/999,1mb n lang/1php.

  35. Ian says:

    This throttling sucks big time. Rather than invest to increase their network capacities, they rather shove everyone to shitty service and run away with our money.

    They should remove that “unlimited” label because it is NOT unlimited.

    Globe’s 3 gig per month limit / 1 gig per day limit is not realistic with today’s devices. My laptop syncs a lot with cloud storage service and so does my phone. I’m not using torrent or sharing files but I often hit 1 gig a day just by researching and letting my computer and devices update themselves. If you happen to use skype or other telephony service, then you’re screwed.

    You can’t do anything when you are throttled down. Most sites time out. I don’t know, maybe in the mid 1990s you can browse with the throttled speed that they have. Today’s sites just wont load when you are throttled down.

    Their caps are unrealistic! The limits are debilitating to businesses and power users – which by definition given today’s devices and software means almost everyone.

    • As what I experienced with Globe’s Tattoo service. All I did was to watch a bunch of YouTube videos, applied a few Windows updates, and browsed a dozen or so websites, and yet it hit the roof all of a sudden. Globe’s 1GB ceiling is too unrealistic in this day and age indeed.

      They ran an advertisement where they show the games you can download at Google Play, GTA San Andreas included. Considering how big the assets are, I doubt you’d be even able to download such games without restriction.

  36. Scott says:

    If what Mon stated is correct (implemented FUP on Jan. 26), we should make a petition; that’s not what we agreed and signed with Globe. What’s so irritating is that I seldom reach 1 Gb and then it’s still very slooooow. This is not the 90s.

    Unfortunately, the TelCo boards have relatives in the senate or congress. Some of these law-makers have a stake in this business so if even if we create a petition, it may go nowhere or it’ll take years before they entertain us.

    We should go to the streets!

  37. anonymous says:

    I’ve been thinking of suing these FUCKERS over this. I mean, the advertisements say “unlimited”. You know what their arguments are?? That after you reach 1GB, you still have unlimited access to the internet except you’re throttled down. To 2g. LIKE WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?? What part of “NOTHING LOADS” and “EVERYTHING TIME’S OUT” don’t you understand??? ARE YOU REALLY THAT STUPID??? I mean, normally I get almost 1mb/s. I would be fine with this retarded policy if it would slow down to like 300kb/s but it slows down to FUCKING ~10kb/s!!

    –rant over–

    • J says:

      Good for you! While you get ~10kb/s, I get a blazing bleeding edge ~700b/s.

      This throttling this is less than stupid.

  38. bob hardy says:

    agree the more you spend the less service you get anywhere these days.False advertising,maybe we can make a case.Unlimited is unlimited, this is an Asian thing, just say what you have OK don,t f lie,easier to except at least,ppl in HK are like this but least the filipinas are more polite and nicer.

  39. bob hardy says:

    accept not except.and connection is very bad just gets worse every day.Once capped then it becomes worse even you don;t go over the limit,Bastards.

  40. Terry says:

    Same story as the others. Update me when there’s someway we can bypass the throttling. It is SO unfair. Why put unlimited when it’s not true? Yeah, you put a little asterisk, but it’s still marketed as UNLIMITED

  41. rommel b says:

    i receive various letter from smartbro’s lawyers. either i pay 3000 pesos or pay 100 k in litigation.
    i had use smartbro for 10 days even though i paid 2 months in advanced. i just got so exasperated that i enroll for globe connection when i found out that i had reach their internet capping. if i haven’t research for it i will never know that their is internet capping. they should inform their customers before asking for application fee. also their technician that installed their antenna should inform their customers, im sure even though the customers would lost their nonrefundable application fee- they would not go through with this measly capping.(globes capping for 2 days is smartbro capping for 1 month with the same monthly bill). i should be the one that should ask for a refund instead im the one facing litigation.

  42. Tsonggo says:

    This country and its leaders are all bullshit! Big corporations are protected by the government and not its people. Politicians in all levels are corrupt. People are stupid in every way. They embrace corruption as normal. Corporate people are corrupt too. I believe that the Philippines is a God-forsaken country.

  43. U.P says:

    alam nio po sa pilipinas… walang forver. haha. kaya gnyan po ang mga telco dati wala nman capping. pero ngaun. unli daw.. putang ina.. unli ba ang may capping.? ung mga may under sa smart and globe tulad ng NTC and other government. bulag cla.. AS IN LITERAL NA BULAG. putang ina.. ee kau ba nman tapalan ng tig isang libo sa muka kung hnd ka ba naman mabulag.in short pera pera lang yan. so khit mag complain ang customer sa NTC. aba puta!complain VS pera equals useless complain… pera pera lang yan.

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