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Globe reveals realities of slow internet in PH

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is currently hosting a summit on “Implementing ICT-Based Solutions to Mitigate Traffic Congestion Nationwide”. Also tackled are the challenges of the broadband industry in the country.

Mr. Gil B. Genio, Globe Telecom’s Chief Technology and Information Officer and Chief Strategy Officer, presented the current constraints of slow internet (mobile) in the Philippines as well as the proposed solutions.

Here are the current constraints of mobile internet as shown in the presentation:
– Not enough cell sites to support mobile data traffic and high-speed internet
– Globe current backlog of 3,000 sites due to permitting issues
– Permits for sites take 8 months
– “Tower fees” for sites range from Php5,000 – Php200,000 per tower depending on LGU
– No standard fees breed corruption
– Despite difficulty in putting up cell sites, HOAs can easily have the sites removed
– Alleged health risks are never substantiated
– Right of way issues for fiber (underground, pole attachments)
– DPWH operations cut fiber cables contributing to service disruptions

Below are the proposed solutions:
– Less bureaucracy for sites and towers
– Less bureaucracy for underground facilities
– Faster approvals for pole attachments
– Government to prioritize and enable the sector to do infrastructure builds
– Close collaboration with DPWH to reduce fiber cuts
– Integrate ICT connectivity in urban planning

Mr. Genio also mentioned in his presentation that the Philippines has relatively few towers compared to other Asian countries. It also takes 8 months and 25+ permits to build 1 cell site:

1. Right of Way – 8 permits | 1 – 2 months
2. Social Acceptability (Barangay, HOA, residents conformity) – 5 permits | 1 – 2 months
3. Various LGU Permits (Zoning, mayor’s permit, etc) – 5 permits | 2 months
4. National Permits (DENR, LLDA, CAB, DOH, etc) – 8 permits | 1 – 2 months
5. Structural permits – 3 permits | 3 – 5 months
6. Construction starts

“Despite our willingness to spend, the fundamental issues of Permit, Right of Way, and Site Acquisition still prevent us from building the much-needed cell towers we need today.”

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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36 Responses

  1. Miss Call says:

    Come on. It is the telecoms’ fault, not the governments. They have the resources to bribe the LGUs to expedite permits and yet they don’t.

  2. Rudy Dirty says:

    Before blaming others, I suggest Mr. Benito try calling Globe hotline and see how long he has to wait.

  3. Darryl says:

    internet is slow because majority of the people resort to Mobile Data when already at their homes instead of connecting to wired DSLs. Connecting to mobile data (LTE and 3G) are causing additional traffic and congestion to people who are needing mobile resources. Alot of people don’t have access to wired DSL and or fiber connections because we don’t have the infrastructure. So yeah, i blame the government for not providing the ICT infrastructure

    • Ruther says:

      Please review your basic law. Government cant build ICT infrastructure and the Globe presentation doesnt say that except permitting issues and uncoordinated road works.

  4. anoni says:

    So Globe is blaming time-consuming government procedures? Hoy Globe, you have been in this industry for decades! Kung gusto niyo talagang magtayo ng maraming cellcites to improve service, you have already done so in less than a year! Ang daming excuses neto! Pwe! bobo lang maloloko nyo…

    • Ace says:

      I think you’re that other bobo na hindi alam ang sinasabi. Maraming legal procedures na dinadaanan pa rin ang telecom to improve its infrastructures. Yes, fault din nila dahil di nila inaayos sa end nila – eg customer services – pero hindi rin sila pwedeng maging kabute na basta na lang sumusulpot at magtatayo ng cell site sa lugar na pagtatayuan. Think before you spout some bs like Trump had been doing.

  5. pak says:

    after all the ads stating fast super fast bla bla blah…and now claiming it slow after all….duhhhhhhhh….

  6. Ernest says:

    “Here the current constraints of mobile internet as shown in the presentation:”
    I suppose you meant “Here are the current…”

  7. And daming may alam na nag comment wala naman facts..sos ko!

  8. ohmyg says:

    the presented facts are true, pero sa laki ng perang nalilikom nila dahil sa mahal ng singil sa ph internet, these are just excuses, may timeline pala eh di sinimulan na nila nuon pa.. they have the money they have the resources tama na ang drama, mas lugi pa ang taong bayan sa mahal ng internet rates..

  9. Denmark says:

    the good thing is, they admitted that the internet here has a problem, then they are trying to fix it. My only wish is, those people born on 000s will say one day. “slowding” only 2000’s kids can relate.

  10. DPTHEDOPE says:

    di nyo kasi alam kung ano talaga ang effect sa health ng tao na nakatira malapit sa mga site kaya marami talagang pagdadaanan bago makapagpatayo ng isang tower.

  11. I understand all these. We are certainly very bureaucratic about it which raises the costs of doing business and opens up a lot of avenues for possible corruption and this can only be addressed by a concerted effort between government and the telecom sector. The fact still remains though that despite these, telecom companies have continued to market their products one way but deliver another – ie market a 5mbps product but provide only about 10% of this actual speed and buffer themselves with fineprint in the contract. This is exacerbated by the fact that exorbitant fees for it are charged making connectivity in the Philippines the most expensive in Asia. This is akin to mislabeling a product and shortchanging consumers and something ought to be done about this too.

  12. Kikomachine says:

    Revealed but got no actions from Globe.. TV commercials looks good but sucks in reality. This revelation just doesnt resolved the poor connections. Globe just pointing fingers and making such reasons for clients to think twice before blaming their company for VERY VERY VERY POOR SERVICE.

  13. May point nga sila pero…nakakabuwisit lang pati sa request service,,,Totally ignored lang, kaya nababastos sila at tadtarin ng negative comments,

  14. Crestfallen says:

    For those not working in the industry, don’t think that you know everything. It is true the government red tapes are hindering the building of more cell sites. And pinoy’s selfish attitude does not help either. It’s simple, you guys want more and more and more with cheap cheap cheap. Government have to do their part too.

  15. rush says:

    Need talaga igrant emergency powers tsk tsk..

  16. ronelm2000 says:

    imho, just streamline the processes and we should be set. No need to point fingers at anyone, and the internet in PH is still …somewhat improving.

  17. Ernie says:

    Andaming nagmamarunong dito di naman alam how the industry works… sa permitting katakot takot na red tape na. Yung ibang local officials gusto sa property nila ipatayo yung cellsites mula brgy kapitan hanggang mayor nag uunahan yan. Haharasin pa mga workers during implementation pati yung mga HOAs or even potential subscribers panay object sa pagpapatayo ng towers malapit sa area nila kesyo radiation daw at health hazard pero cellphone naman napakaraming gamit at latest model pa. Kung ayaw ng radiation wag mag cellphone pucha…

    • DPTHEDOPE says:

      Tama, at wag din lumabas ng bahay para di matamaan ng radiation na galling sa araw pucha. utak gonggong

  18. The Emancipation of Elusive Chanteuse says:

    For me personally ang poblema talaga is mahal ang internet dito sa PH at mababang data allocation. Yang naka point out dyan it’s all about business. Ok na sa akin ang 3mbps pero as long as eh di naapektuhan ang bulsa ko. Masakit isipin na bilang college student eh kailangan ko pang mag-rent sa mga computer shops 15 pesos/hr pero may laptop ako (2nd hand) pero di ko magamit kasi may pocket wifi nga kami at nagpapaload 50 pesos daily pero 800mb data allocation lang at lima pa kaming naghahati-hati sa 800mb. Ang sakit lang kasi kulang ang data allocation na 800mb talaga eh. -_-

  19. NELSON says:

    the reality outside is that, LGU official are CORRUPT, like Municipal Engineer, Sangguniang Panglalawigan Officials, Mayors, even though the President is always saying he is angry in corruption still at present there are CORRUPT OFFICIALS..

  20. Clive E G Porter says:

    I am not Filipino as such I feel I have no right to comment on how supply your internet services. However one of your major driving forces is to encourage international investment as it should be. This is an ambition which overlaps with the above subjects being discussed here, the internet is largely international commerce’s chosen method communication and not just for the commerce but also for it staff and international management team at work and at home. A reliable fast network is an absolute requirement for command and control for and international investor to feel comfortable with investing in any location.

    • Eskalabora says:

      Reply from December 2017: Pres. Duterte called out China to invest a Telecom Company here. It should be done third quarter of 2018

  21. Jano says:

    Don’t even try to make us stupid. You’re bragging about 260mbps speed but the capping is at 800mb? How Ironic.. There is no competition here with these 2 duopoly.. Let’s just open this Internet to foreign investors and We wouldn’t have seconds thoughts about changing networks. You’re just making excuses, If not for Duterte Administration you wouldn’t take actions on this issue.

  22. Grabe talaga dito sa pinas galing ako ng africa mas mahirap na bansa kesa sa atin LIBRE ANG INTERNET isang taon ako doon.

  23. fyi says:

    The Philippines has the quality of internet they deserve.

  24. nevermind says:

    unfortunately this is fake news globe, smart and huawei have approached me time and again the real reason is globe and the other telcos are stingy and do not want to put up capital for cellsites they want free use of land while they overcharge customers they havent even made a deposit

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