Can Windows 7 evade the Vista curse?

Can Windows 7 evade the Vista curse?

A couple weeks back, Microsoft announced that it’s next operating system will be simply named as Windows 7. Can the next Microsoft OS evade the Vista curse?

In the past years since Microsoft Vista was rolled out, it suffered a huge PR problem with perceptions of being too heavy on the system, buggy and annoying. Despite Microsoft’s efforts, the negative impression stuck.

windows 7


The Vista codename has to go. Windows 7 is much simpler and reminds us of the old days when we first saw and used Windows 95 and in later years, Windows XP.

Microsoft needs to go back to the drawing board and rethink their approach for the new OS. It should be lean and mean and would not require some hi-end system configuration to comfortably run. If it can run at 256MB or 512MB RAM, the better.

Eyecandy is good as long as it does not eat up a lot of memory and GPU cycles. Focus on supporting more device drivers (I know this part is also the responsibility of respective manufacturers) as well as pushing more updates/fixes faster.

I’ve been using Windows Vista on my laptop for a year now and haven’t had any problems with it actually. Most of my issues were familiarity with the system rather than bugs or compatibility problems. If MS can learn from their mistakes with Vista, Windows 7 might turn the tides around.

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22 Responses

  1. windows 7 looks good. im going to start saving money so when the windows 7 powered netbook comes out, i can buy it… but if I become a millionaire, I’ll go for a macbook.

  2. Eizan says:

    That’s a screenshot of Windows 7, I presume. Vista was too heavy on system resources that’s why people did not want to embrace it. Why go the trouble of upgrading when you already have a workable OS? (e.g. XP)

  3. Jayjay Montalbo says:


    That is NOT a screenshot of Windows 7, but of what I assume to be an early prototype of Longhorn (which ultimately became Windows Vista). That one was from before “the reset.”

  4. Jayjay Montalbo says:

    Paul Thurrott has a compilation of screenshots of a pre-beta Windows 7 build on his Web site:

  5. Eizan says:

    Oh thanks! I thought it was since the topic was about Windows 7. :)

  6. Alex says:

    I have been using Vista for my two laptops and got no problem with it except for the familiarity of the features since I mostly use my desktop which operates in XP.

    Windows 7 looks better and more simple and easy to use. Yes, it reminds me of the Windows 95 way back then.

  7. Techie says:

    Windows 7 beta versions are already floating in the net and it looks very similar to vista.

  8. Patrick says:

    I don’t quite agree that Microsoft should make Windows 7 “work” in systems with 512MB of RAM or less. That’s a step backward. Memory is so cheap nowadays it’s unforgivable to have less than 1 GB. Besides, it’s not just the eyecandy which uses up all those RAM.

    I use Vista and I seriously think it’s far better than XP. But I’m still excited with the changes in 7 like the new taskbar and the more manageable system tray. I also like what I’ve read of the upcoming WMP 12. :D

  9. Jarod says:

    I think being able to make Win7 run in 512 RAM or less is the way to go. With so much hype of Vista being bloated(according to a Ghertz personnel from SM) & a resource hog this would clean up the mess they’re into right now.This would make people reconsider by trying it in their existing and quite doing well XP box and give MS a much bigger market and not just rely on OEM to force their way into the end users hand.

  10. deuts says:

    Yep, Vista is definitely bloated with features one may not even bother using. As such, the performance suffers. MS should do away with this with the new OS.

    The sooner this new OS goes out, the better!

  11. Lix Tetrax says:

    There’s an article on engadget that shows a netbook with 1 GHz CPU and 1 GB ram running the W7.

  12. jhay says:

    If Windows 7 does inherit the Vista curse, would Apple go mass-market with the OS X? Or will Linux finally capitalize on this? Or will Google fulfill the prophecies and complete its domination of the world via Chrome and Android? I’m just glad I’m alive to experience these things. :D

  13. WEBMASTER says:

    The marketing tactics behind the success of the previous windows OS was it is simple, older type of machines,it is not the complex the ease of use.

    I hope they can return to what they are before.

  14. The screenshot provided above looks like KDE.
    Windows 7 beta screenshots, looks like GNOME.

    If you need an OS that will run on 512kb, go get GNU/Linux, preferably the Ubuntu flavor of the Debian distribution. You can do almost all of what “Vista” and “Windows 7” can do, and more.

  15. Jam says:

    I saw a video of Microsoft Windows 7 and the interface is pretty awesome. Not sure if it will have more bugs though similar to what happened to Windows Vista. I would want this OS to my laptop.

  16. Kuya Kevin says:

    Vista turned me into a Mac User.

  17. Kevin says:

    I don’t think Windows 7 can evade the Vista curse. Microsoft overpromised and underdelivered with Vista which has left a bad taste in people’s mouth. People are aware and they are now very cautious.

    No matter how much people say that Linux is an alternative OS in the form of the ever popular Ubuntu, it’s never going to go mainstream.

    And no, it can’t do everything Windows or OS X can do. If it was able to do EVERYTHING and even more/better, people would have switched a long time ago.

  18. Windows 7 looks better and hoping that it will be a lean and mean OS.

  19. yuga says:

    @Patrick, it needs to if it wants to be the leading OS for future netbooks.

  20. Ja says:

    It still can’t beat the reliability and beauty of OS X.

  21. Unknown Soldier says:


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