Windows Phone 8.1 file manager coming this June

Windows Phone 8.1 file manager coming this June

One of the promises coming to Windows Phone 8.1 update is a built-in file manager. Though, current users of WP8.1 do not see this feature on their Windows-powered smartphone. According to an admin reply via forum, this feature will be known as “Files.”



As mentioned in an admin’s comment in the Windows Phone forum, the missing file manager will come to Windows Store by June. No specific date was mentioned but at least we have a 30-day time frame. This will be the answer of Microsoft’s inability to release its own file manager through the initial Windows Phone 8.1 beta update.

Based on the screenshots, you can easily dig up your files from either the phone memory or the microSD card. Not only that, you can also create folders according to your liking to keep your files neat and organized.

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This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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8 Responses

  1. romspl says:

    Hope this includes OTG support as well.

  2. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    still the slowpoke phone OS >_<

    • mac says:

      slowpoke? just like android, windows phone already has lots of great file managing apps available for download from the store. However, it’s going to be the FIRST OS (at least, among android, iOS and WP) to have a built-in file manager. I think blackberry also has this built-in feature, but unfortunately neither android nor iOS do. I guess they’re the slowpokes, then?

    • Paupau says:

      out of the box, most android phones have a a built in file manager.

  3. wpfan says:

    If the author of this article did his research well, he should have known that windows phone already has third party file managers available, Microsoft is just going to bake it into the OS itself so that no third party app will be needed.

    • If you’ve even bothered to read the article, you’ll see the word ‘built-in’. You just repeated what was said in the article with the mindset that you were correcting him…

    • wpfan says:

      I am fully aware of what I read. I came to this article because I’m a proud user of Windows Phone, and then a friend of mine, who’s an Android user, told me “ngayon lang magkaka file manager ang windows phone?” and referred me to this article. If you look at the comments, there’s even one saying WP is a slowpoke, likely because after reading this article, he/she thought WP doesn’t have a file manager yet, too! And after reading it myself, I am 100% sure that anyone who doesn’t know about Windows Phone and reads this article wouldn’t know that WP already has a file manager, because this article is written as if it doesn’t. So your argument that the word “built-in” explains it all really doesn’t hold much water, because if it does, then the readers will have known after reading this article, but they obviously haven’t.

  4. cs says:

    How disappointing. Yet another app to further fragment my experience.

    IMO, onedrive should be the ONE place for files. Simple:
    – install it by default
    – add “make available offline” option to keep files fresh for offline consumption.
    – add “This Phone” icon to browse sdcard, IE11 downloads, etc.
    – It’s already a file manager (if above done), why do we need another one?

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