Windows Phone 9: What We Think It Should Be

Windows Phone 9: What We Think It Should Be

We have been playing around with Windows Phone 8 for quite a while and we had different views on Microsoft’s mobile platform. It turns out that there is a ton of room for improvement. Check out what we think it should improve on after the break.

1. Unification of Windows 8, RT and Phone.

First off, there are rumors going around that Windows Blue might unify the platforms of Microsoft: Windows Phone, Windows RT and Windows 8. It is very likely for this to happen, and we are welcoming this idea as well.

The Next Windows

After all, a single store for all the apps & less compatibility problems will work for their advantage. If Windows RT can run on the HTC HD2, then what stops this idea from coming true?

2. Changing of the Windows Name

However, I think it would be a good idea if Microsoft were to rebrand Windows.

Surface OS logo

The probability of this happening is very low, but what makes me say this is because Windows has lost its hype – especially among the new generation. Only a few would call it ‘in’ or cool’.

Also, Windows Phone isn’t as catchy as Android. Maybe for it to gain traction, they need a new naming scheme.

3. More Personalization

Come on. Almost everyone wants to feel unique and special. Maybe that is why Android has become very successful and why iOS is getting a lot of hate. People want their devices to stand out – which Nokia and HTC tried to capitalize on with all the colorful handsets, but it’s still not enough.

personalized screenshot

Windows Phone might attract several people such as the minimalists, but for it to be successful – there should be at least more personalization options.


4. A More Flexible Start Screen

Remember Grid OS, Fusion Garage’s OS that had Android in its core but never was? Well, we talked about the flexibility of that OS’ homescreen and we found it most suitable for Microsoft’s Live Tiles.

Grid OS

Grid OS makes use of a very wide space where similar tiles can be found, and by pressing the home button, you’ll be redirected to the center. It seems like a more practical UI than simple vertical and horizontal sliding.


5. A Choice Between Grid and List App Drawers

Everyone uses grids for their app drawers, so why not Windows Phone? iOS is a grid of apps. Android has a grid for its app drawer (some skins even add the option to choose). Even Symbian had this.

6. An Improvement of The Little Things

While Windows Phone does a lot of things well, there are a lot of things that need improvement. For example, to reset the live account – you need to do a full reset of the phone.


They could also improve on their services like Bing, SkyDrive, Live and etc., especially since they are forcing you to use them throughout the experience.

Perhaps we could also capitalize on the existence of the search button, which we barely used on our days with Windows Phone devices.

Surface S

Don’t get us the wrong way. Windows Phone is a wonderful OS; in fact, we all saw potential in it since day one, but it still has a long way to go. Is there anything that we missed? What about you? What would you add to Windows Phone to make it truly competitive with iOS and Android?

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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16 Responses

  1. wtf69 says:

    the only thing i would agree with this article ia the personalization, give us the option to have wallpaper on background not only on lockscreen, an option to integrate animation on live tiles, customize live tiles and option not only to resize but to design it the way user want it. Thats all. Other than that, the os is just amazing.

  2. happynewyear says:

    Go to MSFT Phil or its partners… ang dami naka iphone. Hahahahahhaa.

  3. edisson says:

    ^ I agree to have an opition to change the background. The live tiles may be cool at first but it may get boring and be get used too.

  4. Ghost Riley says:

    “What would you add to Windows Phone to make it truly competitive with iOS and Android?”

    Have themselves bought by Microsoft. There are rumors about Microsoft producing their own hardware. So why not just buy Nokia instead?

    Don’t get me wrong. I have no idea about the possible downfalls of buying a big company like Nokia. But I think unifying the two will help them figure things out. This will fasten the “idea -> execution” process. With their relationship right now, a lot of things are being considered like the WIIFM of both Nokia and Microsoft.

    So yeah, IMHO, being ONE big company _might_ make them more competitive in terms of overall execution.

  5. thecorrescode says:

    Lessen the diskstorage used by the operating system. For a 32GB Surface tablet, only 16GB is available, and the rest is being used by the OS. See, 16GB for the OS alone. Sa Android hindi naman ganyan.

  6. Roc says:

    edi kase SOS? Surface OS? :\

  7. mc11102007 says:

    they should make the os more open like android. high customization and developer support is what android has over windows phone

  8. allen83 says:

    Windows phone wag na lang. Siguro yung Jolla-Sailfish o kaya yung TIzen okay sa akin pero windows no way. Di naman sa ayoko ng windows ang panget lang kasi ng background check niya eh especially Steve Balmer na mahilig manira

  9. marlon says:

    That’s the ugliest home screen I’ve ever seen! There’s a reason customization is limited in Windows Phone.

    • Ron says:

      I cannot agree more. I choose Windows Phone because of its minimalistic design and priority for information.

  10. Nette says:

    IMHO, most will reconsider to use WP if Microsoft considers below
    1. flexible personalization (background, grid/list view, flexible tile size, etc. like the Symbian Belle FP2 and notification bar of Android/iOS) other than those than by OEM makers
    2. the creation of many common apps for Win8/RT/WP/Xbox from Windows Store
    3. many OEM phone selection from entry level to high specs to have a wide range of prices (feature phone, smartphone, phablet, tablet, hybrid PC, all in one, etc.)
    4. guaranteed upgradeable to at least 3 future WPx versions
    5. minimal memory footprint
    6. support for full HD (1080p) resolution
    7. Pureview HD camera like Nokia 808 (13MP or above)
    8. true multitasking capability with minimal battery consumption (2 days without recharging is great deal of marketing)
    9. rebranding to Surface or Slate or One or Multiverse :)
    10. more freem intensive and complete development tools
    11. strong local support among telecom providers
    12. built-in cloud support other than Skydrive expanding more byte size
    13. built-in back-up of paid apps to reinstall in case of factory reset, repair, etc.
    14. support for new technologies on screen, connectivity (network/DLNA, multimedia, etc.), user input like pen/digitizer, exchangeable battery other than the model’s supported one

    The above is other than the presently supported NFC, free voice navigation, LTE/WiFi (add an standard), etc.

    This will do to change some appeal and consumer perspective in buying one.

  11. lupin says:

    great article from isheep

  12. Ron says:

    That proposed new start screen with that background is offensive to the eyes.

  13. direk opang says:

    this is the reason why i dont like the metro UI, it supposed to be look minimal but in reality it looks dirty and ugly/

    • Kyle says:

      in reality it’s simple and very minimalistic. Less clutter compared to android and iOS. The picture are just concept art.

  14. Kyle says:

    Microsoft should ditch the $99 annual payment and make it a one shot payment. Seriously! you can’t compile your application even if you own the phone unless you’ve payeed for the $99 fee! Goodluck to that! That’s why there’s only a few apps out there in the Microsoft Store

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