5 Reasons To Get A Flagship Smartphone

5 Reasons To Get A Flagship Smartphone


Last week, we gave you reasons why it’s better to buy older flagships than the latest ones. The response from readers are great and has sparked a discussion. Now let’s explore the other side of the coin and see why we should opt for the latest flagship in the market.

Here are some reasons we thought about getting a flagship smartphone.

1. Superior hardware and latest software

The latest is synonymous to greatest, especially when it comes to smartphones which are mostly updated every year.  A chipset manufacturer announces a new beastly mobile processor and of course, the brands will follow suit in getting that silicon inside their handset, along with the other best components available. From speedy processors, large memory, spacious storage, crisp display, and all the cherries on top like waterproofing and quality materials.

Samsung Galaxy S7 advanced features and Game Launcher / Android 6.0 Marshmallow

When it comes to software, the latest Android versions come first to the most recent device rather than the former flagship, unless you’re using a Nexus. Apple iOS updates, on the other hand, doesn’t have the fragmentation issues found on Android. As for Windows, well, they do take their time.

2. Early adopters enjoy the newest feature

There are some who wish to have first dibs on new gadgets and they are the ones who, if possible, line up for the initial release or spend cash for pre-orders. That doesn’t mean they splurge around but they are just enthusiastic about the newest feature and tech and can’t wait to tinker with it.

LG G5’s friends

In addition, some features are first found on flagships before heading to the lower range. You also get some bragging rights.


3. You are future-proofed

Antutu v6.0 Top 10 SoCs (Q1 2016)

Since you have the best hardware available, you are not required to upgrade soon. Your big RAM is still good for the years to come, and that brand new processing unit inside won’t sink on benchmark tests by a lot. Let’s just say it will have stages, i.e. upon purchase, it’s a flagship. Then a year after, it will sit in the group of mid-rangers, but it won’t go budget-level after that. We promise that you don’t have to buy a brand new phone for 2 years, or more if you’re a casual user.

4. Telecoms offer the best postpaid deals available

Telecommunication companies battle head to head to attract potential subscribers to choose their monthly plan offering over the competition. This includes handset cost subsidy, freebies, and the best calls, texts, and data allocation they can give at a certain price. Some are loyal to their provider, thus, the loyalty program, while others try to go for the better deal.


Smart’s FREE Gear VR bundle for Galaxy S7 pre-orders

Either way, it’s a win-win scenario since you’re getting the most out of your postpaid plan while having to spend less for a the latest smartphone around.

5. Great options from case manufacturers

Dressing up a smartphone is a thing for consumers. It’s a way of expressing individual style, and also for the protection of their investment. One of the downsides of having a cheap, unknown smartphone in the market is the lack of third-party support. While there are a lot of knock-off cases being sold in the streets, the design and quality of the branded cases is miles ahead.


LuMee for iPhone 6/6s

Too bad they only do it for the flagships and some well-received mid-rangers. True enough, iPhones gets the best cases compared to Android flagships.

And that’s our 5 reasons why you should go for a flagship smartphone. If we missed anything, just hit the comments below. We all have good reasons why we buy such devices, right?

This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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